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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Flylady

    Kassandra, Hi, my daughter insisted I check out the flylady after a carwreck sent me into a tailspin and my spotless home went into dissaray. I was a perfectionist that did nothing because I didn't have a month to get it all done. and the flylady was the kindest person in my life. My home is now a home again. All the health issues of Celiac impacted the projects i wanted to do also, but she gave me a vision and encouragement with out the criticism or guilt, for improvement. the 5 minute timer works wonders. and the longer you stick with it the easier life in the home cleaning arena gets. I love the fact that now I can take a play day and feal good about it. You don't have to buy a thing from her and she will still help you. If it is the same as a couple years ago. Best of Flylady Spirit of the Home
  2. Teeth Grinding In Sleep

    Hi Sinenox I have learned a couple new tidbits of info from this thread. thanks for the question. Just a couple extra bits of info. I went to a specialist for TMJ and for a year was fitted at diferent times as my teeth moved. but the greatest part was the physical thereapy where they used a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator. It relieved the pain so much that I said I wish I had one of these at home!!!!! That was all it took for them to give me one to take home. It was a very special tool for my pain relief. I used it on my jaw. It worked so well I decided to try it on my shoulders and back which hurt so bad at the time also.[ don,t know if that is recommended but it was great for me] After a couple years of gluten free and a lot of other changes I don't seem to need it. Also the relaxing info I recieved in therapy was helpful as I was told to press my toungue tip up into the roof of my mouth and slack the jaw. this is helpful for me. I don't know about the bruxism but the TMJ if memory serves me has to do with the padding in the jaw joint slipping. It causes a lot of pain. There is a surgury they can do but at the time I was being treated they said it could slip again. I decided not to have the surgury. I have not heard of anyone using natural thereapy and repaing it but if the info is out there I would be interested. Spirit of the Home
  3. Anyone Ever Try Eating At Whataburger?

    For all the fast food chain burger stops my daughter and I ask what they do with the oil from the day before.. Some have said they pour the leftovers all together and use it the next day. That is a flag for me. I just don't eat at them for the most part. I have the hamburger patty at Jack in the Box and their Ice Tea. with the veggies on the burger. I have found that to be safe for me. I eat that when I am traveling. Good luck on finding the places where you can eat in your area. Spirit of the Home
  4. Lone Star Steakhouse - Anyone Been?

    buffettbride hello, I have been eating at the Glendale Az Lonestar for at least 2 years and the manager at the time I first tried it had a relative that is celiac and so had made up a special menu and even had it laminated, with specific instructions and also trained the staff. it is always a good experience to eat there without a lot of the normal concerns that go with eating out. I went to a different Lonestar in Az and had to give the normal explicit instruction talk to a waiter that at least admitted that he had no idea what gluten was. He did take care to insure our meal was safe. Spirit of the Home
  5. Hi DianaH I am new to the Celiac message board but I am gluten free for about 5 years. for over 50 years I was congested and would check for kleenex first thing on entering a room. I found after the first year of gluten free I was experiencing a lot of relief but untill I also gave up corn, dairy, and chocolate I was not totally congestion free. But I am breathing easy for the first time in my life and loving the freedom. i sleep a lot better also. Spirit of the Home
  6. Breastfeeding..

    Hello Dionnek- my daughter had similar problems with her first baby. I called a lactation consultant and we spent some time with her and she helped my daughter work out all the problems. We found out when he was a little older that they both had Celiac and still she had sucessfully breastfed him for over a year. Spirit of the Home