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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I am too, but I've been cooking, baking and brewing for a long time and have always been free and easy with substitutions of many kinds. (DH isn't, sad to say...) If I were making an apple crisp, I would use any other kind of flour- so far, in this gluten free exploration, I've used rice, corn and buckwheat. I liked the zucchini bread I made with a combination of those 3 (and yogurt) but didn't like the one with only rice flour (but with eggs) since it fell apart. I think some people avoid buckwheat- and if you don't like the strong flavor, certainly don't use it. Rice seems common. I plan to try teff, potato starch and ..... oh- quinoa flour if I can get it. "authentic foods" seem to have a lot of choices. so far I've googled specific recipes, read a bunch to see if I have the ingredients on hand, and if it sounds appealing but haven't made it to the bookstore to browse cookbooks.
  3. I don't know- but I have fibromyalgia/brain fog/maybe ADD and am now trying gluten free to see if anything changes. I take Addarall XR and find it helps with the brain fog and some of the pain and depression. (hard to not get depressed when life is disorganised and can't cope with the various messes around me!) It's great to not fall asleep in class- I got my BS in the 80's and struggled with falling asleep in class all the time, getting antsy while studying- yuck. hated it. I knew then that exercise would help (Nia is a Goddesssend to me now!) and I often sensed that eating would make me feel worse so I always got frustrated that I had to eat something. Now my biggest challenge wrt studying is the pain in my back from sitting- but that was in summer school when I had a mere 5 weeks to study anatomy and there weren't enough hours in the day!) so far, gluten free hasn't changed a thing. I'm tired, my feet still burn when I get out of bed in the morning, my back hurts, knuckles are swollen, had a tiny bout of IBS (or stomach flu- dd had an upset stomach over the weekend). the good thing about ADD/ADHD meds is that you know pretty fast if they work or don't work for you. with some meds you have to build up before you see clinical benefit- like SSRI's especially- but you could try something for ADD, a day or three later have a sense if it helps, try another if you need.... good luck. I don't believe all meds are evil and that taking them is horrible- but I do notice trying to stay at the absolute lowest dose of Addarall possible.
  4. I've been wondering for a long time..... I've heard there are high rates of celiac disease in Ireland, and gluten free meals are readily (?) available so people must be fairly aware of a celiac diet. But, the stereotype of Irish people includes a lot of time at pubs, lots of beer or other drinking- generally it seems Irish whiskey comes to mind. I've explored gluten free beer (and found most to be thin with poor mouth-feel and underhopped)- so I assume the Irish celiacs aren't rushing out to the pubs to drink sorghum beer. Having met some alcoholics or heavy drinkers, I can't imagine a lot of the ones I've met giving up drinking for a flimsy reason like celiacs so I wonder what they're drinking? Are there lots of people who are just ignoring the barley content and enjoying their stout anyway? Please forgive me if this is a doofus question- I tried to google it but of course it didn't really work since the search terms are too vague for this query. I'm really curious about this- I brewed for a long time, quit when my daughter was born and may start again in order to brew some good gluten free beer. (I have ideas already...) thanks for your help!