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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi everybody, I'm a bit late in posting but I did weigh myself on Friday and in two weeks I have lost about 2.5kgs (about 5 pounds I think). I've been very disciplined; walking every morning for about an hour, and I'm very pleased that the weight is beginning to come off.. I have another 9.5kgs to go... I'm being very optimistic and hoping it'll be gone by Christmas (so I can put it all back on I guess!) Good luck to all of you.. Kathleen
  2. I'll be your friend Kaycee! I'm 77kgs at the moment... hoping to get down to 65 eventually (I was there last year before being diagnosed with coeliac disease) good for you for losing some weight My mini-goal is to be lighter than my partner too; so it sounds like we are in the same boat. I went for a really big walk this morning and got up a big sweat.. I had to take a stick with me because it is magpie season already here and they are crazy, so I looked like a bit of a knob but who cares? Still not weighing until the Friday after next though - I get too disheartned if I get on the scale and don't see a loss. Kathleen.
  3. Hello again, it is Friday night in Australia so I am being accountable and reporting that there has been no change in my weight this week... at least it didn't go up I suppose.. I've had a bit of a low week this week; I just feel as though everything is working against me and my attempt to shed this weight! I am doing a phd so I am constantly sitting at a computer.. I broke my exercise bike... my partner made a carrot cake tonight... plus today was so hot (even though it is the last day of winter here) that I had to pull out clothes that to my horror don't fit anymore... WHINGE WHINGE WHINGE... Right, back on the horse and all that... So I am not going to post until a fortnight from today... the Friday after next; and I am determined to post a loss. On the upside having looked at what some of you eat I am very pleased I live in Australia; we don't have half the gluten-free goodies and temptations that it sounds like you guys have in the states.. In an average supermarket there would be one shelf or two dedicated to gluten-free stuff; like one brand of flour; two brands of biscuits (which taste like arse anyway). By the way I noticed trawling through the posts that a few of you have said to steer clear of diet fizzy drink (what you call soda) if trying to lose weight, would the rest of you concur? Also I am beginning to wonder if I am dairy intolerant too now.. I wonder how many of you are hit with the coeliac stick + the dairy one too?? My biggest weakness at the moment is a total uncontrollable obsession with Indian food... curries, rice, papadums... can't get enough of the stuff.. Plus I am also having difficulty with alcohol; I am quite partial to one drink a night (I never have more than just one).. not sure if this makes a difference to my weight?? Well I have vented my spleen for the week... Perhaps we should create a coeliac-fatties commune so that we can all go there and eat and drink and be merry and not give a damn what non-coaeliacs think, cause they don't understand anyway... Kathleen
  4. Hello, I'm from Australia... and this is the first time I have ever been on a discussion board / forum about anything! But like many of you I am totally frustrated with my weight at the moment. Here is the abbreviated version of my story: Have always been an enormous eater, was slightly overweight when growing up but never obese - I averaged a size 12/14 Australian (which I think is a 8-10 in the US). I weighed 77kg (I think that's 170 pounds) in my early 20s, dieted and exercised for a year and got down to 64kg (140 Ibs). Then about six months ago I was diagnosed with coeliac disease (that's how we spell it in Australia) and I have regained all that weight plus a bit more... I'm so devastated, especially since I didn't even have any of the conventional syptoms of coeliac disease to start with! So here I am... I've been exercising and eating relatively well for the last two weeks in an effort to start to lose some of this weight.. hopefully I can lose 15kgs (33Ibs) by summer (that's December here... so time's a ticking!) I guess I'm not here for advice (though I will take any I can get), mostly for support and to vent my spleen every now and then... Nobody told me this would happen on a gluten-free diet!! ARGHHHH!!!! Kathleen