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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks Michelle & Bridget- Yes, we've tried Pediasure (and meal replacement bars, and protein powder....) and he simply is not going for it. When I try to slip him something in his juice he just sniffs it, then hands it back to me. He is really incredibly willful (late talkers usually are) but I can't tell if this is something he'll grow out of. And in the meantime, he still has to eat, right? I know I need to make an appt. w/ a nutritionist, but I'm fairly certain insurance won't cover that, and I quit working when we realized something was wrong with Kent.... AAARRRGH! Jen
  2. Greetings! My son (3) has been gluten-free since May and he's been doing great. He's grown four inches, his gas pains and behavior problems are GONE, and his speech is improving daily. (though still significantly delayed.) The problem is he has gradually eliminated almost everything from his diet. He now refuses to eat meat, eggs, and vegetables! For the past couple of months his dinner has consisted of "power balls": peanut butter, tofu, pureed apples and ground almonds. Weird maybe, but nutritious! Now he refuses everything except dry cereal, veggie chips and gluten-free cookies and he won't drink rice or soy or almond milk! (even chocolate.) I know most of this is a food-phobia- he was in pain for so long, and now he's afraid to eat. But because of the speech delay it's impossible to discuss this with him. Has anyone else had this problem? What the heck can I do? (and by the way, his ped. was no help at all. The man knows squat about nutrition.) Jennifer
  3. My husband and I went gluten-free after my son did- it seemed cruel to have things in the house he wasn't allowed to eat. (I really miss Krispy Kreme donuts!) The only thing that seems expensive to me is Gluten-Free Pantry mixes- but I buy them anyway. My attempts at scratch baking were not terribly successful.
  4. Your daughter has the same symptoms my son did. When I asked his ped. to test for celiac, he blew me off, and said he was certain Kent did not have it. At the time of the appt, my son had grown 1/2 inch IN A YEAR. I ignored the doctor, figured a change in diet couldn't hurt, and took Kent off of gluten. He grew three inches in three months, no longer wakes up screaming from gas pain, and his speech continues to improve. I just need to find a new pediatrician before his yearly check up! Good luck!
  5. Greetings all! My son is almost three, and has been diagnosed with a developmental delay. He doesn't talk much, and when he does, his speech is at an 18 month level. He has none of the sensory issues or repetitive motions associated with autism spectrum disorders. Is it possible to have Celiac disease without the skin problems? Also he rarely has constipation or diarrhea. He does, however, have painful gas and loss of tooth enamel; he's very pale and small for his age; he's an incredibly picky eater, and he's only grown an inch and a half and gained three pounds in the past year. I'm going to ask the ped. about this at Kent's appointment in two weeks, but the responses to this query will determine how hard I push for a referral. Is a biopsy really the only valid diagnostic tool? Thanks, Jen