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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Fructose from Wheat?? OMG what next? I am very new to all of this and have been on this website nearly all night reading and reading and learning a lot of new stuff. I have only been diagnosed for about 3 months now with celiac disease and was eating Mento's in the box because I thought they were okay. The ones in the rolls for some weird reasons have colorants added but the ones in the boxes are colored with veggie dyes, like beet juice etc. Go figure? Well, so much for Mento's. I have come to the conclusion that if it tastes good, its probably got wheat or gluten in it somewhere!
  2. I have just recently been diagnosed with Celiac disease but have always had a problem with bruising easily. You can just touch me and it seems I will have a bruise there. I am just wondering if this is also part of Celiac disease and goes along with the anemia and related problems ? Anyone else have this? Thanks
  3. My experience was that if you have a low acid stomach the vinegar may help but if you had over active stomach acidity it could make it worse. I did the Bragg's Vinegar thing in the water and my stomach got Much worse. I have been too scared to try it again for the acid reflux, so now I am trying the Organic Aloe Vera juice and organic raw garlic cloves and plain Dannon yogurt. I eat about 4 Tbsps. of the yogurt every other day as sometimes the yogurt (dairy thing) can cause a mucous over-reaction which makes my nose start to run etc. I wish I could find a natural cure for my acid reflux. It comes and goes and sometimes I don't have it for several days at a time, then other times its there every day all day no matter what I try.
  4. Yes Yes Yes!! Took me forever to figure this one out though. I thought it was the milk if I had mashed potatoes, then I thought it must be the butter if I had baked potatoes, then I thought maybe it was something in the Combo of the Starch and Protein together issue (the Macrobiotic method of eating says this is a big No No), finally after being diagnosed with Celiac disease 3 months ago and being Totally Gluten-Free (to my knowledge anyway), I was Still having Horrid pains in my stomach, but I noticed this only happened with a meal that contained Potatoes or anything with Tomato base...sauces or whatever. I made a mock Spanish Rice meal one night that tasted soooo good going down with ground turkey and a tomato based sauce that all gluten free and fresh ingredients etc., I had the Worst Reaction I've had in ages from that and was 3 days getting over it and then had Acid Reflux for a week after that. So, I guess I they aren't called the "deadly nightshades" for nothing...that night I thought I was dying. Yeowwwy! So now I have scratched potatoes and tomatoes off my list...two of absolute favorite veggies in the world. Just my luck.
  5. Flashing Lights

    I have had those Zig-Zag half-moon flashes across my eyes for years and my Eye doctor told me they can happen if I've eaten too much chocolate or cheese. She said that for me at least it was nothing to worry about that sometimes the blood vessels get stressed and dialated after chocolate or cheese consumption and causes this reaction. Hopefully it will be the same for those of you who reported what sounded like the same thing I have experienced.
  6. My husband was telling me something about this which I half listened to at the time, but this ~might~ explain why when I used to be preparing certain foods (I am newly diagnosed Celiac 3 months ago), that just smelling and handling certain foods my stomach would start to swell up so bad that by the time supper rolled around I couldn't eat because I felt like I was going to explode inside if I put one mouthful of food in there. My upper back would hurt so bad from the swelling of my stomach that I was Miserable! Now that our house is completely Gluten-Free I don't have that happen anymore and this leads me to believe that perhaps there is more to this "gut-brain" thing to be learned about. Thanks for posting this, it reminded me that I should search this one out.
  7. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease in 1991 and they started me out on Synthroid which my heart decided I was not going to be able to tolerate. I had heart palpitaions galore while on that stuff. After almost of Year of being on Synthroid and suffering through many odd things, my Endo. switched me to Levothroid. YAY, no problems ever since. There was some sort of Class Action Lawsuit involving Synthroid a few years ago as I recall, but since I wasn't taking it anymore I didn't pay much attention to it, but it might be worth Googling to see what all that hoopla was about just for your own safety's sake. Good Luck and welcome to the Dead Thyroid Club.
  8. Gerd

    I am so sorry to hear of al of the troubles you are having with your acid reflux. I never had any troubles with this until about a year ago, which was about 9 months before I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. Pills and surgeries are not an option for me as I'm the biggest chicken on the planet when it comes to going to doctors and I have full blown panic attacks every time I have to go, but that's a whole 'nuther issue. I google'd natural cures for acid reflux and found 2 that have worked for me so far (knocking on wood)...raw garlic cloves and plain yogurt. I know its a milk product and some can't tolerate it, but I eat about 4 tablespoons of Dannon plain yogurt about every other day and it has helped me. I add the raw Organic clove of garlic to my foods and yes I probably stink to high heaven but who cares when you're my age those things don't matter anymore (to me anyway). If I feel better, I'm a lot happier person. I also eat Very small portions at meal time now and I think that has been a huge help too. I also read that drinking more water would help, but its been my own experience that the actual weight of the water in your stomach can stretch out that espophagus and make the acid worse. Sugar will make the acid reflux much worse I do know that. One other thing I read was that Magnesium might help with acid reflux too, but I've not actually tried that one yet. Good Luck to you and I do hope you find some relief and get well soon.
  9. I'm A- and have Celiac disease, dead thyroid gland, MVP (mitral valve prolapse), and have food and other skin sensitivities (make-ups and even our chlorinated water makes my skin break out).
  10. You won't want to hear from me then. I ordered these oats about 3 months ago after I was first diagnosed because our Gastro gave us a sample to try. The first time I ate them I had a reaction, but I thought perhaps since I was so newly diagnosed at that time that perhaps it was just my over sensitive stomach. So about a week later maybe 10 days later or so I tried them again and the Same reactions. I wasn't going to try them a third time. I guess some of us just can't eat oats period ! They did say there were Gluten-Free and everything, but they didn't work out well for me.
  11. Oh hoooray I found your orig. message about the Tostito's...I just responded to your Follow-Up but hadn't seen this message yet. Thank you So Much for sharing this info and for calling Frito-Lay. Are they ever going to have GOOD clear Labeling? This is crazy stuff...now I'll have to make Notes to take with me to the grocery store to check for Coded Messages imbedded into the packaging. That's really crazy isn't it? Why don't they just say, This Product could be made on machinery that has gluten or whatever? To me that would be simpler. Oh well...thanks again so much.
  12. Thanks for posting this about the Tostitos and Fritos. I wonder if the Restaurant Style Totitos are treated differently because when I've eaten them in the past....Yeooowwwyyy my stomach hurts. Perhaps you already posted about that somewhere else, but I found this message first so pardon me if I've missed something, I'm new here so trying to gain as much info as I can. You all are so very helpful. Thank You.
  13. I am freaking out here because I am newly diagnosed with Celiac disease and have read so much on this website today that describes Many and most of the symptom I have been suffereing with for years and chalked it up to just getting old! I am a product of the 60's hippie scene so am probably a lot older than most of you are, but we still suffer the same problems and symptoms which are not age specific. I've had dizziness for the past 2 years which seems to coincide with what I now know was probably the worsening of my celiac disease. I never would have thought that now when I get the dizziness that it could be due to Cross Contamination. Cripes, I have a lot to learn with this I can see that right now. Thanks so much for posting about this.
  14. Well, since I have seen others post about "Bathroom" issues, I guess its okay, so here goes... I am newly diagnosed with Celiac so perhaps this is all part of the healing processes too, but my problem is that I seem to have lost the "ummmppphhh" or ~push~ for lack of a better way of describing it when going "Number 2"! (BM's). Its like, I've Got to go Now, but then its difficult. This is something I might expect during the winter months when I don't eat as many fresh fruits and veggies, but I'm eating grapes, watermelons, canteloups, 'cukes and 'maters, squash etc. and all sorts of things that I think Should help the Pooh make a good Exit, but it isn't. I'm to the point now of searching out a gluten-free stool softener. Has anyone had this before? Thanks
  15. Bloating

    Try cutting out the Dairy completely for a while and see what happens. Also you may have an allergy to Corn or the SOY! I cannot tolerate Soy at all and I have read some not so great things lately about Soy so perhaps its part of the culprit too. I switched to Rice milk but then found out that the very brand I was drinking contained barley malt, a No No for us Celiac's so I now drink no milk whatsoever and feel a lot better. Since dairy products are known mucous stimulants (causing things from runny noses to ear infections in children), it could be that the cheese is adding to the bloat or may be a part of the irritant to your stomach. Just a suggestion and worth a try. Also other food allergies could be causing the bloat too. Good Luck to you and I hope you find some relief.