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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm gluten-intolerant and have adhered to a gluten-free diet for three years. Prior to going gluten-free I was extremely ill. You all know the side-effects. I was on Celebrex for rheumatic conditions and always had an overall ache in my body. One year ago I was diagnosed with hip-dysplasia and had reconstructive surgery at the Mayo. The recovery will take a year to get to 100% I'm 29, live an active lifestyle (as active as my hip allows) in a Colorado mtn. town. Anyway, my recovery is going very well. However, the other day I got glutened. I ate yogurt (Safeway's new O Organics brand) that was questionable. It might have been the natural flavor. I immediately had that stabbing feeling in my gut, and this was followed by severe pain in my hip, and it still hurt the next day, as did my stomach. I'm wondering if the gluten I ate caused my joints to be inflammed and aggravated my hip pain. Has anyone else had an experience where a bad joint has become worse following the ingestion of gluten? I'm hoping it was just the gluten that caused my hip to hurt so bad, and not that my hip is just getting worse. Any shared stories would be great! Thanks! Casey