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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi In response to following up with a doctor. Do you know what type of doctor would be best for getting the correct blood work done? I have found that a general doctor seems to only be interested in seeing if your vitamin D results are good. There are many many other vitamins and minerals that we are missing now that we are Gluten Free. In fact after being diagnosed with Osteoporisis at 45, my general doctor did not even mention malabsorption issues. He just perscribed Actonel and sent me home. I learned about gluten intolerance from a "Chiropractor".
  2. I find it really hard to find French Fries. But if you are like me and love them then Five Guys is the place for you. They fry in 100% peanut oil and there is nothing else on the menu that could add to contamination. In fact, they already have a price item in their computer for a "bunless" burger or cheese burger.
  3. I am losing weight also. But I really don't want to. I am 5'4" and weighed 126 about 4 weeks ago. After four weeks of eating Gluten Free, I am now 118. It is kinda scaring me because I don't want to lose anymore. I have disovered however since I am not eating nearly the amount of carbs (I really can't tolerate alot of the gluten-free breads) that I am eating more protiens. I guess this can be the contributing factor. Also, I have heard about several people gaining weight when going gluten-free. Have you seen the amount of calories in the GL bagels, muffins, snacks etc. If you are eating those, I bet you would gain weight. In any case, I have not found that balance yet.
  4. Hidden Symptons

    Wow... you are right this is a really hard disease to control. My heart goes out to everyone out there that has to do this. I met my husband 4 years ago and he loves to eat out. I can't imagine depriving him of that. It would be like "changing" him and I don't want to change anyone. I want to learn ways we both can live with this. He has been wonderful at home, we have gluten-free pastas and eat alot of rice so I don't ever have to cook two meals and he has been real understanding. But eating out has been a real chore. I hear most Celiac's just give up and don't eat out anymore. There has to be another way??? Thanks so much for your post and much good luck to both you and your son. VRB
  5. Hidden Symptons

    Thanks Red Bonney Jo for the kind words. I guess I am lucky that I do not have physical symptoms after eating cause it sounds like during this "learning process" I would be sick alot! I do have the restaurant cards and will give them a try. Good luck to you too
  6. I am 45 and work out 6 days a week, lift weights,eat healthy and maintain a 5'4" 125 pound weight since I was 20. I just got diagnosed with Osteoporosis! And to boot , it is pretty bad- a negative 3.2 T score. I was just recently positively tested for Gluten Intolerance- I do not know if I have full blown Celiac because I can eat pretty much whatever I want and not get sick. I went Gluten free 3 weeks ago and it is so hard to know if I am accidentily ingesting the stuff because I don't get sick! I am scared however that if I am not 100% gluten free that I am not ever going to retain the calcium, vitamin D and even the weekly bone density meds I am on. This is totally frustrating. Making meals at home is not an issue. I buy all Gluten free items but eating out is really hard. How do I know the hamburger that I have asked for to be grillled on a "clean" surface is really cooked that way (even though I have asked for it) ? How do I know that the spatula they used was just not used to flip a breaded chicken patty? There are some places that have no clue what in the world I am talking about - even the restaurant at a Holiday Inn. The question is, how much or little Gluten can I ingest? There is no way that even a full blown Celiac does not get some Gluten in their weekly diet. So confused, VRB