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  1. My motehr and my aunt have celiac desease. Five years ago I was tested with a blood test and a endoscopy both which came back negative for celiac desase. I am now considering becomming pregnat and was wondering if I should get retested as I now celiac desease effects fertitly and the health of the unborn fetus. Is it possible that after a negative test that soemone can becoem celiac later in life? If so what are the recomendations on how often to get tested. I am afraid that my docter might be hesitant to retest becasue he might say that I have already been tested and that it would cost the health care sytsyetm extra $s. I therefore am starting to do resaserch before I approuch him. If any one knows information regrading my questiosn or of where I can go for foruther information that would be great. Thanx