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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I was at Walgreens last night picking up a prescription and wandered through the appliance section. Right now almost all of their appliances (toaster, small toaster oven, waffle iron, blender, mixer, small rice cooker, and a lot more!) are on sale for $6.99 each after a $3 mail-in rebate. I'll be the first to admit that these are probably not the best quality... BUT, if money is the reason you're still using that old gluten-infested toaster, this is a good chance to replace it!
  3. I have a friend who has Crohn's disease (and I think celiac too, but she won't consider it) who is getting iron injections. Her doc said that they could either do IV or a series of 15 shots over the course of 3 days. I believe that she said that the IV would have been done every 4 weeks, but I'm not positive.
  4. I Feel Lightheaded... Should I Call Ob?

    I asked my OB about the dizziness last week when I went in for my normal appointment. She kind of laughed it off and said that it's just part of being pregnant! At that point it wasn't as bad as it had been, so I figured it was fine. Today has been REALLY bad. Every time I stand up (even slowly) I get dizzy. I decided that I needed some answers so started researching. I kept finding references to salt and caffeine causing an increase in BP... well, guess what has decreased in my diet since I became pregnant? Salt and caffeine!!! My celiac is mostly non-symptomatic when I'm not pregnant and I had always heard the "eat what you want, as long as it doesn't make you feel bad" line. So, I was not gluten-free until I got pregnant. We used to eat a LOT of "box meals" that are VERY high in sodium. Now, I eat very little pre-packaged food and don't add salt to anything, so my sodium intake has probably decreased by at least half. I still drink caffeinated beverages, but I've cut down by about a third, replacing it with plain water. I'm thinking that the combination of decreased sodium, decreased caffeine, and increased blood volume has caused my normally low blood pressure to periodically drop even more, causing me to be dizzy. Any thoughts on this? I figure if I start adding a little salt to everthing (including my plain water), it may help.
  5. They Are Out To Get Me.......

    It's fall. People are baking... trying to perfect their recipes before the holidays. If possible, hide a stash of something yummy and gluten free that you can eat when you just can't stand it anymore. I recently found Glutino Vanilla Wafers - Chocolate covered. They taste wonderful! The box has 16 cookies, and each cookie has just 40 calories (serving size is 4 cookies, 160 calories per serving). I took a whole box and put each cookie in its own baggie. I've got them in my desk at work. I figure I can politely decline anything offered, and if I decide I must have something, go back to my own desk and get a cookie. I wrapped them individually so I'm not tempted to eat the whole box. Someone with more will-power than I have could probably just bring the box to work and eat one at a time as needed. btw - the cookies I mentioned have soy and dairy. If you are soy or dairy free, I apologize for possibly making the temptation even worse. But no matter what your food restrictions are, find something that you truly love and would consider a treat, not something you eat every day. It really does help.
  6. Sleep Eating - What Can I Do To Stop?

    Damn... I was hoping to keep this quiet from hubby... no chance of that if I start seeing other docs I have never actually seen a specialist for an eating disorder. I overcame my anorexia with the help of a very caring boyfriend (who is now my hubby) and a couple of good friends. I generally hate having to see doctors, so I only go when it's something I can't handle myself. What made me see the light for the anorexia was when my bf showed me two pictures of myself, taken about 18 months apart. The first was taken shortly after we met. I was plump (I thought) but had great skin, and shiny, healthy hair. In the second, I was 30lbs lighter. I happened to be in a bathing suit for that one and I looked like a walking skeleton. Also, my skin was blotchy and my hair was stringy and dull. He told me that the first was the woman he had noticed at a party and decided that he just had to meet. The second he wouldn't have even given a second glance. Unfortunately, I don't know if there is anything that strong emotional support can do for this one I guess I'll ask my OB for a referral to someone this week.
  7. Sleep Eating - What Can I Do To Stop?

    Well, the snack apparently didn't help. And the bags next to my bed didn't wake me up. Last night before bed I made sure the sink and trash can were empty so it would be easy to tell if I was up in the night. Then I went to bed after hubby. When I got up this morning, there were candy wrappers in the trash and an ice-cream bowl in the sink (at least I'm neat and clean up when I'm done). I asked hubby when we got the half gallon of ice cream, he said Friday, but he hasn't had any yet. Well, as of this morning it was all but empty (maybe a half cup left). I haven't eaten any during the day, and my daughter doesn't like vanilla, so I know she hasn't had any. So, I have gone through a half gallon of ice cream in one week. I still haven't told hubby. I'll probably start with telling him that I'm sleep walking again. I'll see what I can do on my own over the next few days to stop it. If, by next week I'm still sleep-eating, I'll go see a doc about it.
  8. I'm going to play devil's advocate and defend your doc a little here... I'm assuming your doctor is at least 30 years old. Which means her sister is probably at least 20? If she was diagnosed at age 3, that was 17 years ago. Not very much was known about celiac then (at least not in the US). There has been a LOT of research just in the last 10 years. If your doc is basing her knowledge of celiac on her sister's experience, she needs an update (she probably learned next to nothing about it in med school). I just had someone email this site to me today. I don't know how accurate some of it is, but it includes an interesting time-line (pages 24-25) of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. I don't know how to go about educating your doctor, but several of the references listed are in respected medical journals.
  9. Sleep Eating - What Can I Do To Stop?

    No drugs. The only non-food items that go into me are prenatal vitamins, sublingual B-12, and occassional Tylenol. I'm going to try eating a high-protein snack before bed tonight. I'll also try putting a few paper shopping bags on the floor next to my bed. If I step on them on my way out of bed, it might make enough noise to wake me up. That's what my mom used to do when I was a kid to keep me from sleep walking.
  10. My Ob Put Me On A Diet!

    Well, I think I know why I've been gaining so much weight. Please see my new post in the sleep forum here. Thanks for any suggestions on how to deal with this. Btw, I weighed myself at home this morning and I've gained another 3lbs since last Thursday. I've got my ultrasound tomorrow and I don't wanna go because I know they're going to weigh me.
  11. I had the strangest thing happen last night. I woke up at about 3am to find myself sitting at the kitchen table with the wrappers from more than a dozen Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (full size) in front of me. Apparently I was sleep walking (which I've done on and off since I was a toddler) and raided the Halloween candy. Luckily I had already separated the stuff with gluten, so I didn't gluten myslef. The worry is, I don't know if I've been doing this a lot, and I am the only gluten-free member of the family, so we have "normal" bread, crackers, cookies, etc in the house. Every couple of days for the last several weeks I've found dirty dishes (usually large bowls with traces of ice cream) in the sink in the morning. Several times it's been containers with left-overs from the night before. There have also been times where I was sure we had a whole package of lunch meat or cheese, and it's gone when I go to make lunches in the morning. I had been assuming that my husband (who usually goes to bed after me) had been having a snack before bed. Now I'm thinking that it's actually me who's having the late-night snack without even knowing it! I haven't said anything to my husband about it. Hubby is a deep sleeper and probably wouldn't notice me getting in or out of bed, or making noise. I guess I've just been lucky so far that I haven't glutened myself. I am pregnant, and have been gaining weight a lot more rapidly than my doc would like me to. I thought that I was eating healthily, but now I'm not so sure. I don't really know how often I'm doing this, or how much I'm eating when I do. But, based on the number of candy wrappers I found in front of me last night, I'm thinking these are probably full-out binges. The weird thing is, I'm generally hungry in the morning, so I eat a normal breakfast. After my candy binge last night, I assumed that I would not be very hungry for breakfast this morning, but I woke up just as hungry as usual. Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop sleep-eating? Is this something I need to see a doctor about? We have a large dog (90lbs) who wanders throughout the house at night, so I don't want to set up motion detectors or anything like that because he would set them off. Please help. I don't want to keep doing this. It's really scary to think that I may be doing this almost every night without even knowing it. Also, it's probably only a matter of time before I eat something with gluten (I'm assuming that I'm not checking ingredients) and make myself sick.
  12. I got Kozy Shack Tapioca pudding at Target this morning! YUMMMY
  13. One of the teachers in my dd's school is collecting stuff to send to her son's unit in Iraq. She said that she has sent chocolate and other candy and not had a problem with it melting. I personally think this is the best use for it because it gives the guys (and gals) a great reminder of home. The kids are also making cards to send with the candy.
  14. Ain't That The Truth

    This is me! In just 2 months I've brown-bagged it to a bridal shower, a wedding, a baby shower, a fall festival, and countless meetings for work where "lunch is provided".
  15. My Ob Put Me On A Diet!

    I have thought about getting a new doc. I ended up with this one because I was due for my yearly checkup a few months after I moved. I didn't know anyone well enough to ask who they went to, so I had my husband ask a few of the women he worked with. Two of the three recommended the same doctor so I called her office. She wasn't taking new patients, but another doctor in the practice was. So, that's how I got her. The thing is, I like her, except for the weight thing. She had absolutely no problem with putting celiac on my chart, even though I'm self diagnosed. She even spent 10 minutes digging through all the prenatal vitamin samples they had to find one that was gluten-free. I think for now, I'm going in for my ultrasound on Friday, but won't actually see my doc. They'll weigh me then, but after that I'll wait til my normal appt to go back in. If she asks about the weigh-ins then, I'll explain why I don't think they're a good idea for me. Luckily, my hubby did not go along to my last appt, and probably won't go to the next one because he's scheduled to be out of town. As long as no one mentions my weight at the ultrasound (I doubt they will) he doesn't have to know that it's a "problem". He totally does not understand my emotional issues with food, and ALWAYS tries to follow the doctor's orders. So, if he knew I was supposed to be keeping a food diary and going in for weekly weigh-ins, he would probably try to make me, and wouldn't understand why I didn't want to. He would also give me a "look" every time I ate something, healthy or not. Thank you all for your responses. Definitely made me feel better about how I'm dealing with this.