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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Nyc- By Rokefeller

    Thank you so much! That was such a huge help!! Yeah, we will def. try out non-gluten-free resturaunts, but since I am from Texas and dont know of anywhere that serves gluten-free pizza or anything, I figured that I might as well try a couple of places out! Thanks again!
  2. For Christmas I am most likely getting to go to New York!! We will be staying by Rokefeller (you can see the ice skating from out the window!) Are there any good gluten free resturaunts around there, or actually anywhere in NYC? I will be with 4 people that eat gluten, so it would be great if it was somewhere that specialized in gluten-free but tasted super good! Thanks for any sugestions!
  3. OH! I forgot about everything you can do with corn tortillas! My fav. with those are to layer them with sauce, pizza, and cheese to make pizza
  4. Yeah, I get laughed at, or a grossed out look just about every meal I eat. Since going gluten free I believe spaghetti sauce can go on anything! Veggies, cheese, and spaghetti sauce, mashed potatoes and spaghetti sauce, rice and spaghetti sauce, etc. I add chese to everything. Sandwiches made out of van's waffles. And I eat veggetables all the time...Like, ALL the time. Oh, and not to mention bringing my own hamburger bun to burger resturaunts. They think it is so weird, but its no big deal to me since its my lifestyle!
  5. My grandma always told me to swish peroxide around and then after that swish around mylanta or pepto. Praise God I dont get them unless I get glutened! They were horrible!
  6. Olive Garden

    Olive Garden will subsitute plain rice for any pasta entree. At our Olive Garden, they use cream for there thickener for most sauces, but you have to make sure you ask someone in charge. The weird thing is, at our olive garden, you have to tell them that they have rice. The waitress that we got the other day was like, "this is a itallian resturaunt, we dont serve rice" I told her, "Your manager said that yall have it in the kitchen. If you tell them that I have a wheat allergy, they will make sure that they use rice and dont contaminate it." She looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Ok, well Ill check on that. If they dont have rice, would you like to have spaghetti and with noodles?" Seriously...some people worry me. I had to go find my friend that works there and have him explain it to her! Then I asked her for salad with no crutons, and she came and said, "Here is your salad with extra crutons. Enjoy"
  7. So does that mean that caramel apples at the fair contain wheat? I sure did chow down on those a couple of weeks ago...I would have never guessed that they had gluten!
  8. Mentos

    so do they not have to put "wheat" if it is glucose syrup? I thought if anything was dirived from wheat it had too...
  9. I found them at HEB, Market Basket, and Walmart for $1.98.
  10. Usually you can get the recipe on the back of Skippy brand Peanut Butter. I didnt know that they made gluten free chex mix- Ive been craving puppy chow also!
  11. The mickey mouse cereal is also gluten free and some boxes of Lucky Charms are gluten free!
  12. Worst: -These Health Valley rice bran cookie/cracker thing. I dont know..I guess it was more of a non crunchy graham cracker. I dont know how to explain it except nasty. - Annie's Mac and Cheese - Ener-G bread. This was the first bread I tried post-gluten free and got so upset thinking that they were all going to taste like this! -Nutty Rice cereal Best: -Midel oreos - Kinikinik hamburger buns. Ive been known to go into a resturaunt and order a bunless hamburger and put it on one of these. - my grandma's cookies. She can buy any brand of gluten free cookie or flour mix and make it perfectly taste like a gluten filled cookie! -Mrs Leppers boxed meals. They are like hamburger/tuna/chicken helper. Great for college when you need a quick meal!
  13. Ive been wondering the same thing too! There products are so much cheeper!
  14. I was so excited to go to Kroger today! The regular food was labled like you said, plus in the organic section they had brochured and instead of the gluten-free food being mixed in with the organic it was separate! Oh, and today I saw that walmart now carries Gluten Free Bakery muffins, brownies, and bread mix! Im so glad that people are finally giving us help in mainstream stores!
  15. Gluten Free Brownies @ Starbucks!

    I just called and they said that they are looking at all the foods that they sell and seeing where they can satisfy ALL costumers needs. She said that they are acutally looking to incorporate not just gluten free foods, but others as well. She said that are accounting for everyone that calls...kind of like voting in a way I guess. She also said that they are looking at the possibility of gluten free cookies, muffins, etc. SO EXCITING!!