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  1. Hello. I do not know how to use this either but I live in P'cola, Florida and was just diagnosed with celiac. My daughter was diagnosed first in Atlanta and the doctor said I must be the carrier so I went to Atlanta and had the biopsy and that confirmed it. I am also a diabetic. This is very hard for me. My daughter has stuck to the gluten free diet and it has made the biggest difference in her life. I have been very sick for a long time, diagnosed with fibromyalgia, crohn's disease, asthma, acid reflux, iron deficient anemic, B12 is low, been losing hair, gained weight, have sleep aepnea, etc. My doctors in Pensacola told me I did not have celiac. I kept losing blood, staying tired and I was very depressed. The doctors in Atlanta have helped me. I am hoping to find a support group in Pensacola, Florida, or nearby. I am just newly diagnosed and don't quite understand how easy it is to cross contaminate. My son and daughter in law do not feel celiac is anything to worry about. They feel I should worry more about taking care of my diabetes.