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  1. Our French Fries at McDonalds in Australia are different!! Potato, Canola Oil & Sunflower Oil, Dextrose, Mineral Salt (450), Antioxidant (320). OR Potato, Canola Oil Blend, Antioxidant (320), Food Acid (330), Antifoam (900a), Dextrose. Note: French Fries are cooked in canola oil blend, salt added. I have never had a problem eating fries from Maccas here in Australia!
  2. gluten-free In Atlanta

    thats sounds great, as Im going to Atlanta next month!
  3. I have always kept away from all of the Don products. "Is Don Is Not Good".. My preference is Hans (www.hans.com.au) as everythng from them is gluten-free.
  4. Hello From Australia

    another hi from Melbourne!!
  5. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  6. I got mail today from the "Centre for Clinical Studies" where I volunteered for testing out a medication for people like us with Coeliac Disease. In this mail was a press release from "Alvine Pharmaceuticals Inc." which was good news from the trials I was in. Here is what the press release said... There is more to that press release, but its about Coeliac Disease and about Alvine Pharmaceuticals. IF anyone wishes to see a copy of this press release, please PM me a message with your email address, and I'll send it over to you. Cheers Ty
  7. The trials I volunteered for was to see if any reaction to the Nexvax2 vaccine. It wasn't at this stage to see what happens eating gluten foods after the injection. I suppse the next stage will be to see Nexvax2 vaccine reation to gluten. I was called into the research hospital (Centre for Clinical Studies) for a day once a week for over 3 weeks, also going in for just blood tests. During the days I was in, I had to fast food, so no breakfast in the morning. I arrived at 6:30am, were I met a few other people volunteering for the same study. First thing we did was asked alot of questions from a nurse to see how we are and making sure we have been on a strict gluten-free diet. After that, we had the usual medical tests (PB, temp, weight, ECG, urine sample, etc etc) and then a blood tests, and wow they took a bit of blood. I was given the vaccine at about 10:30am and was asked to stay in bed and not move much for 2 hours!!! (which also includes going to the restrooms!!) During the 2 hours, the nurses were just coming over every 60 mins and asking how I was, I just repied "I'm fine". I was still food fasting at this time and I was starving!!! We could drink water and thats it. Was getting a little boring, you can only watch so much tv and without feeling bored, Im glad I took my laptop into the hosptial as we are allowed to use them, we are also allowed to use our mobile phones (Cell phones) too!! At about 2:30-3:00pm they did another blood test and asked for another urine sample. At 3:30pm the research hopsital finally gave me a late lunch, I was SO hungry I could of eaten anything!!! After lunch the nurses did another questionare and asked how I was feeling, again I said "I'm fine", and then finally left the hospital at 4:30pm. I did this at the hospital 3 times, and with each day visit they were giving me more Nexvax2 vaccine. Also duning the time they gave me a "diary" which was a question box list with about 10 questions asking how you are feeling etc. Well this gives you a basic idea how the trials went. I am visiting the hosptial for the last time next Thursday, basically to see if I am ok and letting me know how the testing went and giving me a nice pay cheque!!! If you have any questions about the trails, I am more than happy to answer them! Cheers Wombat (real name is Ty)
  8. I was one of the volunteers in this trial for Nexvax2 vaccine. Have recently just finished the trials! The great news is that with this vaccine given to me by injection, I had NO side affects what so ever. I hope this is does work out as I would LOVE to get onto this medication and go back to a normal diet again!
  9. Its sad that Kelloggs make so many different types of breakfast cerials but NONE of them are gluten free. I find it so annoying going to Coles or Safeway/Woolworths and seeing all these Kelloggs cerials and we cant touch any of them. We should write letters to Kelloggs and tell them its time for them to make at least one gluten free cerial. I went to the USA for Christmas/New Year in 2007 and got the EnviroKids cerial which is Gluten Free and very yummie! well thats my 2c worth!
  10. quick question, do you think Kelloggs Australia will EVER create a gluten free cerial??? Every cerial they have here is not gluten free, I was checking through their website (www.kelloggs.com.au) and noticed that there is nothing on it about gluten free.... Cheers Ty
  11. I was told by the doctors before the trials that ALV003 is NOT a cure for us to eat food with gluten in it. It's just a safe guard against any cross-contaminated foods, e.g. restaurants! I am still glad that I volunteered to do this, and if I was asked again I would say yes!
  12. Its good there is quite a bit of Cadbury choccy we can eat! Milk Tray - Chocolate Mudcake, Hazelnut Supreme, Macadamia Heaven, Hazelnut Supreme, Praline Passion, Dairy Milk
  13. Hi everyone, I recently volunteered at our research hospital here in Melbourne, Australia for trails with ALV003, with about 5 other volunteers. ALV003 is an orally administered combination of two proteases engineered to digest gluten. It targets the glutamine and proline residues that are common in gluten. ALV003 consists of a glutamine-specific cysteine protease (EP-B2) and a proline specific prolyl endopeptidase (PEP). The proposed mechanism of action of ALV003 is to digest gluten into non-immunotoxic fragments. (go to Google and look up "ALV003" to find out more info) I didnt have any problems taking it as I didnt know if I had ALV003 or placebo!! Even the doctors didnt know, I suppose they find out thru the blood tests. Anyway, I just wanted to know if any one else here volunteered to try ALV003?? Cheers Ty
  14. Great!!! I'll check out Safeway next time Im over for that ice cream!
  15. quick question, what brand of ice cream that you can buy in a tub at the supoermarket is safe for us to eat? Streets or Pauls or Cadbury or Bulla etc etc etc? Cheers Ty