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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Thank you Franceen for your feedback, I think i will stay gluten free for now, but let her do the allergy patch testing. I took myself off the dapsone back in Jan. I didn't see any change in the rash, meaning, i didn't get worse. I had told my previous dr. for weeks that the dapsone was making me to tired and terrible feeling, he didn't want to hear it..so that is the reason for the second opinion dr. every dr. i had told about the DH and how it was diagnosed said, " no biopsy?" my GI dr. said what you said, you can get negative results and still be a celiac, if the diet is working...stay on it..but i think its mental to me? Like I keep asking myself..am i? or not? is that normal to feel that way?
  3. I was diagnosed with DH back in August of 07 by a dermatologist only by sight no biopsy , negative blood work done by GI dr. I went to another dermatologist 2weeks ago, she did a biopsy, that came back negative, it said contact dermatitis...so now she will do allergy patch testing. I'm confused as to what i should do? should i go back eating gluten? i've had "some" positive results with the diet and the dapsone..but my rash never completely went away, that is why i went for a second opinion. any suggestions would be helpful, thank you
  4. Can't Sleep And Itching....

    I have had tons of blood work done..my thyroid shows fine in all..my sugar is fine, I am going to see a rhuematologist in April. I have changed Dermatologists, had my first visit last week..she did a biopsy finally..my last derm, diagnosed me with DH by sight..although the diet and dapsone did help me, I guess to have a piece of mind, i want a positive diagnoses..and I know that even a biopsy can show a false negative. I also have seen a GI spec. had the blood work for Celiacs, which was negative..but all the GI problems have pretty much gone away, after 15 yrs of chronic "D" I'm still on the diet..but not the dapsone. I don't like Dapsone. Thanks for your reply
  5. Can't Sleep And Itching....

    I ate a grilled chicken salad from arbys once..i did fine..the next time i wasn't so lucky..i woke up at 2am with HIVES all over my body..i tried taking benedryl..but as you know..that really can knock you out..so i finally went to the dr. he said it might have been the preservative they put on salads to keep them fresh..sometimes you can react to that, but other times you won't. Hope this helps you out..PLUS, when i get glutened, i will itch like crazy..get the head fog, feel so run down and tired..not to mention horrible "D", some of these symptoms can last up to 2 weeks. the only problem i have now that i can't seem to get control of is the itching in my pubic area..my dermatologist still says its the DH..anyone else get itchy there?
  6. I was diagnosed with DH in August of 07, i have been on a gluten-free diet since then and was on dapsone up until 3weeks ago..most of my rash is controled now by the diet..but i never got rid of an itch in my pubic area..it's all external, nothing internal. My ob/gyn put me on a med for a yeast infection, plus gave me a cream, its not really helping. I have no rash there..i might get an occasional pimple. It's a pinchy, dry itch feeling. Should i go back to my dermatologist? I may have glutened myself this past weekend, becuase my GI problems have reappeared, i am nauseated off and on and i don't have an appitite. But my itch in my private area has been there for a while..not since this weekend. Just wondering if this could be Candida or a form of it.
  7. How do you make your swiss green bean casserole? i'm looking for a good casserole to make as a side dish and can't seem to find anything, Also do you have a cheesy potato casserole recipe? Thanks,Lori
  8. Hives Now

    so the elixir is the liquid? thats the only benedryl listed to be safe. Thanks momma goose and Merry Christmas!
  9. Hives Now

    i was diagnosed with DH in August, was put on a gluten-free diet and dapsone..My DH has cleared up pretty good since then. I stopped the dapsone a couple weeks ago..I do not like the effects i get from it. I still did pretty good keeping the rash under control with my diet. Thursday night I got a salad from Arbys..grilled chicken, Friday morning early,3 am, I woke up itching like crazy..from the bottom of my feet, to the top of my head, i had huge HIVES all over me. I know i could take benedryl for the itching, BUT i can't take it during the day, it makes me to sleepy and loopy. Has anyone else gotten hives due to being glutened? The salad is the only thing i can think of that i ate different, i haven't changed any products, like detergents or shampoos, and i'm thinking if it was something i came in contact with, the hives would have been gone by now, i think its internal like a food allergy. PLUS, is benedryl ok to take? I never thought of it having gluten in it, i read it, didn't see anything i recognized. Thanks for any help, Lori
  10. Here is a fudge recipe my girlfriend just gave me and its really really good! 1 can Sweetened condensed milk 1 12oz. pkg milk choc. chips 1 tsp. Vanilla chopped nuts (optional) heat milk and chips together until chips are melted Add nuts and vanilla, pour into greased pan and chill until set.. ENJOY!!!
  11. Wendy's gluten-free Menu Update - Nov 07

    I had wendys ceasar chicken salad last week and got very sick from it..not sure if it was the salad or just a bug..but i'm not trying it again.
  12. Does Dh Itch All The Time?

    i was just diagnosed with DH and i had it on my lower back, across my belly, neck, scalp and shins of my legs....after going gluten-free and dapsone it all disappeard, now it went to my face and pubic area recently..so i'm guessing every one is different..the ones on my face don't itch as much as it does/did everywhere else. I'm starting to think this is a never ending battle anymore ;(
  13. My Turn- Dh?

    NO, my doctor never did blood work before i started taking it nor has he taken any since i've been on it, I wonder if that is why my face is breaking out..its not the DH looking rash..it's not even itcy, it's more like bumps all over, like a reaction to something, but not even hive looking..hmmmm I showed him my face first part of November and he never said anything about it. I take 50mg a day, at one point i had cut them in half, cuz i was getting so tired and wasnt sure why, after i cut them in half, i felt better after a few days. I go back in January, at that point he is supposed to take me off the dapsone, if he doesn't i'm going to tell him i want blood work done first before i think about going back on it, last thing i need is another problem. Thanks so much for the info.
  14. My Turn- Dh?

    What happened to you that Dapsone was so dangerous to you? i'm just curious..I've been on it since end of August, i was very sick in Sept with bronchitis and i actually thought i was dying..no joke..i was sick for 3 weeks...i had migraines real bad too..but it seems to all be gone, i wasn't sure if it was the dapsone or that i was just that sick..thanks, Lori and Happy Thanksgiving
  15. My Turn- Dh?

    I too had the rash for over a year, My family dr. treated me for contact dermatitis and he put me on predisone 2 times..both times the rash went away and came right back as soon as i stopped the med. I had it on my lower legs too and yes it itched so bad it bled at times..i had it on my lower back near my butt, my neck, hairline, head, pubic area and across my stomach..i finally went to see a dermatologist in early august, he put me on dapsone i went back in a few weeks..the rash wasn't gone, but definitly i felt better and it had gone away in most areas, just not compltetly gone, then he told me what he was treating me for (no biopsy done) put me back on dapsone and the gluten-free diet..went back in a few weeks, it was completely gone..now i'm having flare ups..in certain areas..my face, my pubic area AGAIN and my head. I'm still on dapsone and he wants to take me off of it in Jan. either i'm not following my diet well or i'm getting glutened in some unknown way..I try my best with the diet..Goodluck.. OH ps..i went to see a gastro spec. but i was still on the diet by then. my blood work was negative, but the dr. said the diet is working stay on it! I was diagonsed with IBS 16 yrs ago..no more gastro problems..just the rash now..