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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Eric_C, I too, have this reaction! When I read your post, I was in shock! I saw this time only on the clock and I saw it 2 times a day BEFORE my official diagnosis. When I saw this time on the clock - I would get sick. I saw it for about 7 months before I even told my husband that something is just not right. I stopped seeing it for a few weeks now and then, however, It has been a year and I am now starting to see it again, not to mention I have new symptoms. I cannot relate this time with anything either. It only recently hit me that my official dx date was on Sept, 11 - this is the day that they gave me the news. I got worse and the Dr. that gave me this info was a GI that did not help me at all. At first, I was ok then- I became worse (I vomit when glutened). My husband searched for Dr. Gary Gray at Stanford Medical who gave me second testing and guess what? Anti-bodies where so high that he could not understand if I have been on this diet as they call it - I should be better. Now, I am still very carefull (own microwave, fridge - you name it) Yet its like starting all over again. I do not know what to say to this. Only that I completley understand the strange behavior and I am so fustrated, as I do not look at the clock on purpose - I feel maybe it is a warning like "Emergency something bad is going to happen to you". Please, keep me posted on your findings as I will do the same. May the Lord help us, MrsG
  2. Eric_C - please check your private messages (e-mail) Thanks, MrsG
  3. Thanks to all of your replies! I cannot express how much I appreciate all the wonderful people on this forum. I have more to write but the ataxia makes it difficult off and on. I have a funny to share. Thanks for listening and all of your replies, -Lucy (Mrs.G)
  4. Thank you - for your invite to send a message to you it means much to me!
  5. Thank you for your warm replies- I am sorry that I did not send message sooner to say thank you. I was in the hospital (feeding tube for a few days and some additional test- mild heart episode). I want to say thanks for the advise you both gave me. I can deal with the food part its more the "unknow" stuff and the physical & emotional episodes. Your replies have been very helpful. My husband went out and got me a binder that includes files folders to keep list of safe and not safe or not clear names of things, and items that may have been made from an unsafe item, along with a "daily journal" and made copies of online prints and information forms and so on. He also got me sever books - and just listened as I was making sure that it all stays together (he is so sweet he even go a nice 'safe' cart to keep it in ) put those easy slides on the feet of it so that my arm will not drop a thing. And my Billie (I met here on this site), always checking in on me - (if I up or down). Thanks Billie. Thanks to all of you here!
  6. Hello, I am a newbie- diagnosed on 9/11/07 but I have always had many heath problems (migraines, anemia, hiatal hernia and on and on). For me it has been a vomitting issue and chronic mirgraines until the list kept developing to the point of chest pain and constantly being tired yet unable to sleep or rest. I left the GI's office on 9-11-07 with a little brochure with nothing else to follow up on he said just follow the diet and don't worry about the arm pain or the hiatal hernia if you just remove the gluten it will go away. Yeah- I came home and followed what ever was on that list but the list didn't say that cross contamination could make you sick nor did it say what is other forms of gluten-wheat. I continued to thow up and my husband said what did we do wrong we followed the list? Then I contacted Barnes and Knoble for books and the internet to be my own doctor (so to speak). I started the diet on Monday after a terrible spell of throwing up and crying for no real reason, the muscle aches and feeling of dizzy (stuff I had always thought to be "in my head"). It is to the point that I am so scared to eat at all (as it is I never really did have much of an appitite)- It is also the emotional trama that goes with this (I never know when it will hit me nor what to do when it does) I get scared and my heart feels like it is actually going to jump right out and I will have to catch it. I realize that it is going to take a long time to feel better as I have symptoms for as long as I can remember (childhood and I am now 38). They have recently sent me for more test because my blood pressure was very low and my heart beats irregular. In addition, the test is checking for cancers and to see if I had a heart attack that I man not be aware of. I am sure that I am not the only one (duh) scared of even testing to see if something will make them ill but I am always scared to even have a bite of stuff on the safe list. I do eat a handful of stuff that I have not thrown up and if I keep it down I consider it a Yeah moment - I end up just drinking water all the time thats what I had been doing before the biopsy. Sorry to make this long and if I repeated myself somewhere here it is my mind going in space. I just want to vent and hear about anyone else scared of eating and the physical and emotions you are dealing with as well - or what your doing to make it thru the day. Again- sorry (I am in a panic mode and angry as well) Plus-I have been reading all the stories and I want to listen to your venting or ideas or whatever it is you wish. I want to be there for someone (I am tired of having a pity party)! I am looking toward helping and learing more. Thanks for listening.
  7. Thank God I Now Know

    Hello, I too am new here- just found out on 9-11, My story goes way back that it all starts to make some sort of understanding to it... meaning that I had so many things wrong with me that I simply didn't want to complain to anyone anymore and I really just thought I wanted to end it all. I can truly understand what you are dealing with and that if you ever need to just vent please do so - I hardly ever sleep and I am always (shall we say Upshucking) so I thank you for your story and I will share mine with you as well. EMAIL ME AT MRSGRAZIANO@AOL.COM I would love to talk to someone that understands the emotions that go with this. I am here for you-24/7 I Understand You. much love and I hope you are feeling ok now that you know YOU ARE NOT GOING CRAZY!!