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  1. HI! I have been diagnosed since April, 2007, after a stress test showed an irregular heart beat! This was the start of my long journey to where I am today. Upon having prelim. test done for what the Dr. thought would be a stent, the Dr. found out that I was dangerous low on blood. I am admitted immediately, given 2 pints of blood then I was referred to another Dr. for follow up. From there, I had all the test and everything confirmed Celiac. After 60 yrs. of being misdiagnosed. Now, after 2 yrs. on the gluten free diet, I have developed a problem in my mouth. It always feels like its peeling. (that's the only way I know to describe it) I had the stool test from Enterolab and it showed also that I am allergic to Casien. I have to be honest, I have not gotten off dairy. Just wondering in you or anyone else has had this type of problem. I don't even know if it is dairy that's causing my problem. Its very annoying. I want to constantly sort of suck it to make the peeling stop. I am open to any comment or suggestion. I do use soy milk once in awhile. Just wondering of I could be allergic to other foods besides WRB& O"s. My anti casein was 19 units. (I think normal is 10)