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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. New To This

    Ooh, I miss Santa Barbara! It's my hometown. God, i miss the restaurants. I've never been glutened in a restaurant in SB. Probably because they are not chains, and they have higher standards for thier employees! It is hard to find gluten-free groceries there, though. When I lived down there, my strategy was to try products at the expensive local prices, and if they were good, buy them in bulk online at a discount. There is a great health food store in SLO that has lots of gluten-free stuff, but like Lazy Acres and Lassen's, it is really expensive. As to bread, I love Ener-G light tapioca loaf. It's not dense like most gluten-free breads. It is especially awesome for making grilled sandwiches and garlic toast. I buy it by the case on Amazon. They [i]might[/i] carry it at Lassen's (in the Magnolia Shopping Center in Goleta). Whole Foods still says that thier SB location will be opening soon, but it's said that for what, two years now? We'll see. Good luck!
  2. California?

    Try seasoned rice vinegar instead of soy sauce. It's not bad.
  3. I lost 25 pounds when I first went gluten free. I went from 130 to 105 within three months (I'm 5'6"). My whole family kept telling me that they were worried about me, and my boyfriend (now husband) was constantly telling me that I was too skinny and that I looked awful. I really didn't care what any of them said. For the first time I could remember, I felt good! I had energy, I wasn't sick, and I didn't spend nearly as much time in the bathroom! Luckily my GP was very supportive. He told me that if I felt good, that was the most important thing. Within 3 more months, I was back up to 120, my normal weight, and I've pretty much maintained that weight since then. Well, except when I was pregnant. I lost all of the baby weight within 3 months, which I'm sure would never have happened if I wasn't gluten free (and breastfeeding).
  4. Insensitive Spouse

    Thanks again everyone. I really do appreciate everyone's advice. I did remove the auto password complete from my browser. Frankly, I've been really surprised at the response. You don't know me at all, but so many seem to really care. To answer some questions, I am not religious, although I did attend a very conservative Christian school for 11 years. I have had some counseling, but not for a few months now. Things were going okay until we lost a renter, the housing market crashed, and my husbands industry slowed down significantly. When I say that my husband is a good father most of the time, I mean to say that he loves our daughter, and she loves him. He is a good dad as long as he is not sick or tired or angry. Then he ignores her or gets very annoyed with her. I don't think that's unusual, but then again, our perceptions of what is normal are based on our experiences. The worst thing he does is verbally abusing me and/or fighting with me in front of her. He just does not get that that is totally unacceptable. Our is a strange situation. I've studied psychology, and neither of us is what one would call "normal." I tend to dissociate myself and my emotions from conflict and negativity and overanalyze. He has all the symptoms of a borderline personality. He is very emotionally dependent on me, while I am self-contained. I think a lot of his anger and negativity are caused by his feelings of inferiority and frustration. Those feelings seem to be his natural response to anything that goes wrong. There are so many factors that play a part in my situation... It's complicated, and too personal to go into on a public message board. I'm sorry that I haven't messaged everyone back, but it's hard to know what to say to people that I don't know.
  5. Insensitive Spouse

    Wow, thank you everyone for your concern. I'm fine, really. They are just threats. Still not okay, I know, but he's only like that about 5% of the time, and most of the time he's a really good dad. My daughter loves him and he is good with her most of the time. It would be really hard for me to walk away from that.
  6. Three times in the past month my husband has threatened me with wheat contamination! He says that he will hide bread crumbs or wheat flour in my food to "punish" me. I think he does this to control me and upset me. He knows that very little that he can say or do will upset me (I am a very mellow person, while he is wildly mercurial), but he has unfortunately discovered that threatening me in this way will never fail to upset me. Now, because I don't keep the house perfectly spotless at all times (no, most of the time is NOT good enough for him), he says that he won't be careful about wheat. I was out job prospecting all morning while he was at home with our daughter, and came home to this: There was a slight mess in the kitchen (three pans left over from dinner the night before, and the counters needed to be wiped down), so he intentionally contaminated the counter with wheat pasta and left a huge wheat pasta mess all over the dining room table and floor. "It was a mess anyways," he said. For goodness sake, it wasn't enough that I did all the rest of the dishes, the night before, not to mention that I cooked him dinner. And that I do all the dishes and all the cooking (and all the childcare) every day, regardless of whether I worked all day or not. Recently, he threatened to contaminate my food on purpose to see what would happen to me, as an "experiment." I waited a day, until we had both calmed down, and then I calmly confronted him about his gluten threats and told him that it is unacceptable for him to threaten my health under any circumstances, that this amounted to threatened physical abuse. He immediately got very angry and told me that I'm a "crazy f*ing b*tch" and my gluten intolerance is "all in your head." This, when our 2-year-old daughter was standing right next to him. Then he laughed, probably because he has seen enough of my illness to know that that is not true. What the heck am I supposed to do with this man? I don't believe in divorce, and he doesn't believe in counseling. GRRRR!
  7. Toasters

    We use a toaster oven with a little baking sheet in it. My husband uses the rack for his wheat bread, and I use the baking sheet for gluten-free stuff. It works for us. I keep the baking sheet separate from the toaster and clean the whole toaster every few days if he is using it.
  8. Resturants In Santa Barbarba, Ca

    I grew up in SB and went to UCSB as well. Your best bets for gluten-free fast food in Goleta are In-N-Out Burger on Turnpike, near 101 and Wendy's on Hollister (in old town Goleta). My personal favorite cheap sit-down restaurant is the Natural Cafe. They have quite a few gluten-free choices on their menu, you just have to ask. They are always very helpful and accommodating. Just watch out for the salad dressing. I'm not sure if any of their dressings are safe. They have locations all over SB and Goleta, as well as in Ventura and San Luis Obispo. I got sick every time I ate on campus at UCSB. Sorry. The French fries were not safe. I usually just resorted to Jamba Juice. Most of the high end restaurants are very accommodating. If you ever really want to splurge (maybe if someone else is paying!), Fresco on the beach is currently my favorite restaurant in the world. It's really not that expensive, considering how amazing the food, service and setting are. The chef came right to the table and went over every ingredient in everything I ordered. The chef and server made me feel privileged, not inconvenienced! For gluten-free groceries, Trader Joe's and Lassen's at Magnolia Center (on Hollister) are cheapest. Lazy Acres market on the Mesa has some stuff, but it is much pricier than Lassen's. They do have a lot of gluten-free stuff in the cold deli case. It can be expensive, but soooo worth it for special treats. They make a flourless chocolate cake in their bakery that is divine and has never yet made me sick. I usually buy a big one, freeze slices in Ziploc bags, and defrost them one at a time for special treats at home. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me. I just moved up to Sacramento, so I know how it feels to be new in town and not know where you'll be safe to eat.
  9. Doctors In Sacramento Area

    Thank you, horsegirl!
  10. Doctors In Sacramento Area

    I'm looking for a general practitioner/family doctor in Roseville or Sacramento who will be supportive of my gluten-free diet at the very least, or, if I'm really lucky, experienced in treating patients with celiac. Any suggestions?
  11. Melatonin

    Walgreen's brand melatonin is gluten-free. I've used melatonin for years with no ill effects, and with considerable benefits. I know when I forget to take it, because I'll be laying in bed wondering why I can't sleep, and then I'll realize that I forgot my melatonin. I only take it when I feel like I will have trouble falling asleep, though. It stops working if you take it every night.
  12. Dreaming About Eating Bread?

    I have these dreams once a week or more. Occasionally, I figure out that I am dreaming and just enjoy it. The slavering monster in my dreams is is my mother-in-law. She is convinced that my problem is all in my head and that I was never sick (no, I did not advertise my symptoms to my friends of their families). I dream that she tells me something is gluten-free, then, after I eat it, she says "HA! That had wheat in it, and you don't look sick to me!" I then immediately either vomit on her or wake up. It's almost as weird as your dream
  13. Gluten Free In Sacramento? Csus?

    There is a support group in the Sacramento area: http://www.csaceliacs.org/Chapter_Pages/SacramentoChpt24.php I hope that helps! BTW, I don't suppose you're looking for a room to rent?
  14. Roommate Near Sacramento, Roseville

    Hello, I'm looking for a celiac/gluten-free roommate to rent one large bedroom and full bath in a nice 3 bedroom 2 bath house in Antelope, CA. I am just so sick of roommates who contaminate my kitchen with wheat! We are near I-80, within easy commuting distance of both Roseville and Sacramento. We are a family with a small child, so we need someone who will be fairly quiet. Our house is very clean- no shoes allowed on the carpet, and no pets. We could try to share grocery expenses as well. This could be a mutually beneficial relationship- we won't make you sick either! Post here or email me if you are interested!