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  1. If you like Italian food, try Pasta Pomodoro in Voorhees. It has a separate gluten-free menu, is certified gluten-free, and is DELICIOUS. Here's the website: http://www.pastapomodoronj.com/ Try the gluten-free garlic bread ... it's done on a pizza crust and is incredible.
  2. Thank you so much! The heating pad & tea are a great idea.
  3. I've been diagnosed and gluten-free for a little under a year, but I still have some trouble eating 100% gluten-free. I try very hard to make sure everything I eat is gluten-free, but sometimes I still get sick. I assume it's because of cross-contamination or some ingredient I didn't know had gluten in it. Does anyone have any advice for how to feel better after accidentally eating gluten?
  4. Here's what I've heard about Everclear ... it is distilled from grain, but since it's distilled so many times, all of the gluten is broken down in the process. Since I've been in college, punch made with Everclear has not upset my stomach at all, so I'm thinking whoever I heard this from was a pretty reliable source. Hope this helps Gabrielle