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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My Poor Son!

    [quote name='mom with gluten-free toddler' date='Oct 23 2007, 09:53 AM']Hi, I have a 2 year old 7 months out from celiac diag and at that time had the whole fam tested. My husband was postive and almost fell off his chair. I wonder about my 6 year old who was neg, but the more I read and found out about celiac disease the more I seem to attribute any stomach or eating problems with this. I will get him tested again, but as for having to change his diet if that were the case it seems like it would be the hardest thing since this child will not eat any meat or veggies, but can consume 2-3 doughnuts if given the chance. As for my 2 year old I was horrified at the thought of limiting his diet since he already has allergies to milk, egg and peanuts, but now that we have been doing gluten-free for 7 months I can say that the gluten-free is not as anxiety causing for me than the food allergies and I am hoping he will outgrow the allergies and just have to deal with gluten-free. What kind of symptoms does your child have? I never realized how much any school function/holiday/sport involved food![/quote] Thanks for the reply. Sounds like we are on the same page. My son's only symptoms are excessive gas, foul smelling mucousy stool, frequent abdominal discomfort, and small stature. His pediatrician set him up with a GI doctor this Thursday (pending my insurance approval... the doc is not covered by my insurance, but there is no peds GI in our plan and the adult GI's who are in my plan do not take kids under 18). His doctor said he needs to have a biopsy done and she thinks he will take off growing when he goes gluten-free. We both attended a local Celiac meeting today and he was able to taste a few different foods. Some he liked, others he didn't. All of the things they had were "junk" type food though. He does love meat, fruit, and veggies thank God! Hard to send fresh meat in a lunch box though. Can't use the processed meats that the stores sell. Hopefully the GI doc will have some suggestions for that type of stuff. P.S. My son loves doughnuts too!! :-) (And poptarts, cereal, etc.) That will be hard for him!!
  2. My Poor Son!

    I took both of my kids to the doctor the other day. I told her that my GI doctor highly suggested that I get them tested for Celiac since it is hereditary. I was thinking if either of my 2 boys were positive, it would be my youngest. My oldest son's tests were all within normal range. My youngest son's tests were: IGA 176 (Greater than 31 positive) IGG 107 (Greater than 31 positive) Endomysial titer 1:320 (Normal none detected to <1:10) TGG AB IGA 26.3 (Greater than 7 positive) Waiting to hear what the doctor suggests that we do. Not sure if they do the endoscopy/ biopsy for kids or not. Also not sure if he should have some basic labs done for a baseline. He will be 8 next month. I think this will be a struggle for me for a while... just thinking about having to make cold lunch everyday and being able to give him a variety seems like it will be difficult. Interested in any suggestions...Thanks!
  3. The Beginning

    What symptoms are you having? When is your GI appointment?
  4. Oops..i Ate Mac & Cheese

    [quote name='Mosaics' date='Sep 29 2007, 03:35 PM']No. I have no desire to be sick and there are plenty of good things to eat, including gluten-free macaroni and cheese, without cheating on the diet.[/quote] Thanks for the advice. I had a really good weekend with my diet. I had to go to a small party and they were all bringing food and eating together, so I ate steak, corn, and pineapple for dinner prior to going. I took my left over pineapple with me to munch on while they ate cake. I think the symptom I am sick of having is the fatigue!
  5. Oops..i Ate Mac & Cheese

    I know better, but I ate Mac and Cheese last night. Now I am paying for it!! Does anyone else have these uncontrollable urges?