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  1. I thought I'd share a very positive experience that my family and I have had with Domino's Pizza located in Leesburg, Virgina (NOVA). Some history first -- when I first learned about Domino's "gluten free" pizza crust -- I called the location closest to us (in Ashburn, VA) and grilled them with the usual questions. Do you use a special cooking/baking sheet, separate utensils, separate sauce, cheese and toppings, change gloves/wash hands, etc.? I was told yes to everything - person sounded quite knowledgeable and not just a "yes man". BTW - had not visited their website, so I hadn't seen any of the disclaimers. So -- excitedly we placed our first take-out pizza order in years! It was delicious! Everything I could have hoped for! (Actually, I wonder if they are using Venice Bakery's crusts?? Tastes very similar. My freezer is always full of Venice's crusts -- but nothing like a pizza hot out of a true pizza oven!) Upon trying to place another pizza order a few weeks later -- this time from a different Domino's location (Warrenton, VA) -- I was told NO to every one of my questions. Then I was told the corporate response that Domino's pizza is not recommended for people for Celiac. I told the person on the phone - that happened to be the manager -- how truly ignorant that was! Seriously -- what's the point?!? He, of course then adopted an attitude with me. So, buh-bye! I then proceeded to call the location that had been so helpful previously (remember? the one in Ashburn) Was met with the same obstinate "NO"! So frustrated and angry now -- and frankly scared, but relieved that my daughter did not have a reaction with our first Domino's experience. (When she is glutened -- is it painfully obvious as she starts to vomit about 1-2 hours after and continues to vomit for the next 4-6 hours.) So sadly, it seemed that was our first and last experience with Domino's. Until just recently! My husband, running errands with our two girls -- tired from a long day and not wanting to come home and cook a meal -- called me at work and asked about the Leesburg Domino's location. I told him he could call and ask, but not to get his hopes up. We couldn't take any chances with how severely our youngest reacts. He went inside the store and spoke to the manager -- Ejaz Amjad. Mr. Amjad was more than happy to help and listened carefully as my husband listed all of the requirements for a safe and truly gluten free pizza. Not only did he say the pizza would be prepared in a separate clean area -- he would open a brand new cheese, new sauce, and new toppings (with the exception of their alfredo sauce and philly steak toppings -- they are NOT gluten free). He said his restaurant goes through 8-10 bags of cheese each day -- and opening a fresh one for us would be no problem at all. After my husband ordered, left, and called to tell me about the experience -- I waited with baited breath for a gluten reaction from my little one -- didn't happen!!! Of course, I can't promise this excellent experience for everyone that may try a gluten free pizza from the Leesburg Domino's -- I wanted to be sure to pass on the manager's name (Ejaz Amjad) and our positive experience with him and his restaurant. I told him I was going to rave about him on this forum! While we understand that eating out anywhere is taking a risk -- it is so nice to see the smiles on my kids' faces while they're enjoying their take-out pizza. It is amazing how something so small and seemingly insignificant can bring such joy and normalcy to our family! Good luck and in case anyone wants to know -- this is the Domino's on Edward's Ferry Road in Leesburg.
  2. Just tried Venice Bakery's gluten free pizza dough! It is amazing! So amazing, that I had to call the company just to confirm that I wasn't accidentally sent their gluten containing pizza crusts. They assured me it was indeed gluten free. I cannot express how wonderful this crust is!!! And fairly affordable compared to other gluten free crusts that don't taste nearly as good. $45.00 for a pack of 18 5" crusts. They also make larger sizes - looking forward to trying those next! Also, just noticed on their website (that is the only way to purchase this crust) that they now have free shipping with a minimum purchase. Wish they had that when I ordered! Oh well -- guess I'll have to buy more. It's so good -- I'm trying to think of other ways to use the crust instead of just the traditional pizza. Please post if you have any non-traditional pizza ideas. Think I'll try a breakfast pizza! Mmmmmmmmm! Not sure if I'm allowed to post a website -- but just google Venice Bakery gluten free pizza crust.
  3. Where's The Google Search!?!

    Thank you. Is that a recent change? The Google search used to always be there whenever I first would pull up the forum? Now it seems I have to take extra steps to get there.
  4. Seems like something has changed with the format on the forum -- there used to be a Google search field and now I can't find it anywhere! All I can find is a small search box at the top right. Anytime I search for ANYTHING in that field -- nothing ever comes up. Always comes back "no results". Please help! Seems like I remember the Google search box being on the left maybe down about a 1/4 page??
  5. Just thought I'd share -- just got the latest King Arthur catalog and they are now offering gluten free flours, mixes and specialty bakeware! Always loved this catalog -- now I love them even more!! Now I wish they would start carrying a gluten free sourdough starter!!! Mmmmmmmmm!!
  6. My daughter will be having her first slumber party for her 10th birthday soon and I have no idea what to make for food! I'm good with snacks -- but would love some ideas for dinner. I'm not able to have the party at my house (we'll be at a kid's musuem) and therefore will not have access to an oven - only a microwave and a fridge. I thought I could just pick up ZPizza or Uno -- but the closest one is 40 miles away. I thought about making finger sandwiches -- but while my daughter loves my homemade gluten-free bread - have a feeling her friends are used to squishy Wonder bread and won't eat them. For breakfast I thought I'd just bring a few boxes of different cereals. Please help with dinner! Oh yeah -- one of her friends has a peanut allergy -- so nothing with peanuts. Thanks!
  7. Just called the Mars company and spoke with an actual human being to confirm the gluten free status on 3 Musketeers. It IS gluten free. Their website states so and this person confirmed it. I told her that the recorded voice message when you call the number from the back of the candy bar does NOT list 3 Musketeers as being gluten free. She said she had heard that before and she would be sure to let the powers that be know of the mistake. Just thought I'd put some minds at ease for all of those that received these trick or treating! On a little bit different note they DID list the M&M's Mint Crisp as being gluten free! I haven't heard of those exact candies, but I have heard of the M&M Crisps and I always thought that they were NOT safe. Though I don't know if they make either one still because I did not see any "crisp-type" M&Ms on their site.
  8. Yes -- PLEASE tell us which products you found at Costco that were labeled gluten free! Thanks!
  9. Does anyone have any program settings using a Zojirushi BBXX20 and using BetterBatter flour mix? I'm just looking for settings for a regular sandwich bread. I've been in contact with them via email -- but they haven't been the most helpful, which surprised me because I read so many positive things about them here. Under the recipes on their website, there were comments from several people that were trying the BetterBatter flour in their bread machine and they weren't having much luck. I can't afford to experiment at $22/5lbs -- so I would really appreciate any advice! Thanks!!!
  10. Would LOVE to know how you make buttermilk from it -- do you just add vinegar??
  11. I just saw the Rice Dream ad here on the forum (it's advertising a recipe for Rice Dream cupcakes) -- so I thought I'd look into Rice Dream again thinking that since they're advertising here on this site, that maybe they're actually TRULY gluten free now. Doesn't appear that way! Very aggravating that they're advertising here!!! I wonder if we could talk to the site moderators/web masters and get Rice Dream ads excluded! I'm sure there are a lot of people that see those ads and since they're listed here on this site -- they assume that they are safe products. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! I don't trust ANY of the Hain products all due to this trickiness with the Rice Dream. They also make WestSoy, Soy Dream, and Imagine -- so I wouldn't drink any of the rice milks under those names either - like the WestSoy rice beverage! In the past I've spoken with a rep from Rice Dream and he actually got an attitude with me about the "minute particles" of gluten that is in their products!!! BOYCOTT!!!
  12. I've gotten their milk at Whole Foods. I LOVE their yogurt and their ice cream too!
  13. I bought a bag of her flour at Whole Foods and I love it for muffins!!! She has a banana blueberry muffin recipe that is so delicious! I've also tried her beer bread recipe, (using gluten-free beer of course) and that turned out really good. But for just regular sandwich bread -- it misses the mark. Seems like it's missing something. I've made it two seperate times and while the texture comes out very nice, it tastes rather bland. If I was a more adventurous baker -- I would experiment a little, but I'm too scared that I'll ruin it! I love Annalise Roberts recipes for just regular bread -- best flavor that I've found so far, though it tends to dry out quicker than Jules'. BTW -- sign up for Jules' newsletter on her website and she'll send you a recipe every week. There is one for pop tarts that I can't wait to try (it uses her graham cracker flour - which makes really good graham crackers - they were sampling them at Whole Foods!)
  14. Thanks for catching that Carrotcake! I missed that one. Ironically my kids LOVE the pure maple -- it's just so expensive and they go through it like wildfire -- I get a huge one at Costco! I grew up on Log Cabin -- so I have missed it tremendously!!! The maple is hard to get used to once you're hooked on that corn syrup junk! Have to check on Mrs. Butterworths next! It is also made by Pinnacle. It's my second favorite after Log Cabin. The ingredient before they went gluten-free was barley.