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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi, just got some pamela's amazing wheat free bread mix and want to try it in my new programmable zoshirushi bread machine. Problem is it asks for 2 eggs, cant eat them. Want to tyr flax / water substitute and wondered if anyone has tried this and could post results, or any other substitutes. Bag mentions egg free recipe but says better not in bread machine. Thanks, Russ
  2. Just want to add to that that I am no stranger to being as precise as possible with my baking measurements, I used to do all sourdough "artisan" type breads before starting gluten-free for my wife. So I am not going into this half hazardly. Russ
  3. Well now I have tryed the exact recipe from zojirushi the one for gluten free raison bread, though I did leave the raisons out. I contacted zojirushi first and they said to use the adjusted setting posted earlier in this thread. I even used the freshest yeast (flieshmans active dry from the recipe) from the refridgerated section of the supermarket bought that day. Up until now the all the gluten free "bread doughs" I have used before getting a bread machine were more like cake batter than a firm dough. These recipes seem much thicker. Is this correct? Anyways the dough was very uneven kind of balled up on one side, and the 55 minute rising time was not enough to rise the dough either. Kind of looked like mashed potatoes baking. The manual says there is a way to change a process time while in progress, I was hoping I could even out the dough and increase the rise time before baking, but the instructions are pretty vague on this.
  4. Hi, I just read the posts about getting a zojirushi bread machine and had to comment. My wife has gluten allergy plus egg and dairy, so its tuff making anything. We just got the same zojirushi machine and tried a few home recipes, came out awful, want to try the Pamela's next. I am not putting down the machine at all, problems are probably more with the yeast or flour used. We would really like to hear more from people who have used this awhile and honed their recipes and settings. There seems to be confusion over which settings are best, even after trying to discuss with Zojirushi service (I did use the gluten-free settings posted). Russ