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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. They only meet the FDA requirements so if you are sensitive I wouldn't trust them. See here , http://www.cheerios.com/Articles/Gluten Free Cheerios.aspx , they have a voluntary recall and state this. The codex to label something "gluten-free" is up to 20 ppm. The more I have noticed being on the gluten-free diet I am more sensitive. Good luck
  2. Yes, it doesn't seem fair. I even tried goat cheese but found to just stay away. It appears to be common depending how reactive your body is to it, and it seems enough that its a problem. I even tried lactose free, but I think it is the casein. I'd suggest looking at food "diet by blood type" that may help.
  3. I've been eating them, they are certified. And i normally won't eat anything made within 50 miles of something with wheat in the name because I react to any gluten.
  4. A blood panel would give you an idea of most of your levels to lead you in a direction of lacking specific vitamins minerals etc, or if you're say high in iron which could be related to energy problems. Most people go through these symptoms related to this. Also keep in mind it may take 6-8 months to detox your body of any number of things. It may be a good practice to also to keep a diary of what and where you eat. After being on this diet for about 14 years it does help to reference food and health remarks. Also to reference with your doctor what symptoms: digestive, neurological etc. It would be a good practice I don't know what the standard practices and procedures are of food production are there, but if your change in eating habits has worked I'd keep track of, again, what foods you eat and where, especially say restaurants and products. If cross contamination wasn't a concern there would be no standard and practice in the industry. It would be a good idea to consult a doctor and do tests especially if you had digestive issues, not only to see if you have other related diseases but to see how well your digestive track healed, which karen pointed out you could be deficient in areas because your body wasn't absorbing the food you were eating. Its like a double edge sword, if you have coeliac and are affected then not only is your body fighting itself, it is also not absorbing the food you eat
  5. Watch the salt also. You may be reacting to the iodine which causes "DH". Also coffee, stay away. I'm still on it but it is likely a cross contaminator. Migraines and neurological symptoms are the indicators responding to gluten more over the digestive, from what I've researched. I'm reactive lower then the test limits of 6ppm so I understand what you're saying. Its difficult so I've been going more into cross contamination and possibly similar gluten proteins that your body may react to in a defensive way.
  6. Best guess is cross contamination. While on a diet you'll become far more sensitive and susceptible, possibly to another proteins as well like dairy maybe. We're dealing with an auto immune syndrome where your body is going to fight itself. I stick to Boar's Head ham Read this article http://www.med.uio.no/klinmed/english/research/news-and-events/news/2015/solved-coeliac-disease.html
  7. Please Take A Peek For Me?

    Well, good luck to you. Study and learn. Diet Coke has gluten in it. It takes time to build up as well as leave the body (usually 6-8 months to exit). I just did a weekend in Chicago to meet up with my Daughters. Trip was great, with "Find me gluten free" app. Got home and went to Chipotle and had tacos with sour cream and cheese yesterday. Yeah, Im done with Dairy Again good luck and hang in there. The Insanity is just temporary. Study
  8. Please Take A Peek For Me?

    Hi and welcome. I have similar break outs or continuing ones that just don't leave. I hate to throw another allergy your way. I am Celiac for umm 8 or 10 years now. My family has a history now consisting of this, Crohns, a couple other things and DAIRY. Dairy I have recently unwillingly accepted has affects of being tired (also high iron does this) and hives or breakouts similar to DH, also digestive problems. Just throwing it out there. I went dairy free this morning and feel a lot better just 7 hours in. I don't want to admit it as much as add it to the list of stay away. I'm going to Chicago for the weekend, gluten and dairy free. Try it and in a couple of hours, out of your now routine schedule, and see if it works for you. Good Luck And research iodine and dh, if you have dh stay off iodine, that means salt, sodium etc......., go sea salt
  9. Withdrawl Y Or N

    Sorry to hear about the soy sauce. Look into salt triggering dh also. I use sea salt, no iodine. And theres a lot of different types of sea salt, go figure I dont even use surgical scrub on my hands or I break out.
  10. Withdrawl Y Or N

    Give it about six months, so ya got 5.5 months to go. I read in a couple of places thats how long, about , for it to get out of your system. GL
  11. Ive been off the radar, seems like forever.

  12. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  13. Dating

    I hate to push a site on here. But glutenfreedate.com i just found today lets flood it please!!!!!!!!! We need it
  14. Anyone In Tampa Fl? Dog Lovers A Plus :)

    And now that you mentioned bakery,............cannoli's came to mind...now your killing me. And Im willing to bet someone has the right formula of flour to make them.