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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. What Would You Eat

    I suppose the gluten is effecting my brain more than I thought. Hubby just brought home hot glazed doughnuts and a fresh baked king cake (sort of a huge twisted ring of cinnamon roll with icing and colored sugar) except he waited for them to bake me a special one w/out icing! <3 I am hurting, though. It's really got me out of commission. Only 1/2 a day left.
  2. Gi Dr. Making Me Eat Gluten

    Well, I don't have insurance. Can't afford it right now. I go to a clinic/hospital an hour away for the (mostly) free care. I had to wait three months for this appointment, it's like that with any of the dr's and you get whatever doctor is available. I'm just glad to get to see a doctor at all in most cases. It took almost exactly a year for my Rheumatologist appt. By the time I got to go, the symptoms that I had then were mostly gone.
  3. What Would You Eat

    Not going to cracker barrel for breakfast, hurting. Hubby is going to doughnut shop for a French crueller and a cinnamon bear-claw type thingy without icing. Also, not making bbq shrimp today either. The rest of my family are so used to the routine. Take out plate, scoop Gluten-free things first, use dedicated spoon for gluten, put plate down, wash hands, eat, wash hands and face. I keep catching myself putting gluten on the Gluten-free side of my kitchen, making a sandwich in the wrong order, forgetting to wash my hands or wipe condiment bottles etc. before putting back in the pantry, Oh! and the cardinal sin... I ate something gluteny on the sofa.
  4. What Would You Eat

    Just had my first Guinness in five years! not what I remembered.
  5. *Y*E*S* Get yourself a little cheap toaster and hide it in a cabinet (like I do) so no one else will use it. Those little gluten buggers will definitely get you in the other one. So, do you know about checking for hidden gluten in your toothpaste, face wash, shampoo, vitamins, prescriptions etc. ? That stuff is everywhere. Good Luck
  6. What Would You Eat

    I was thinking of exactly those things. Tomorrow's breakfast will be Cracker Barrel's biscuits w/coffee and sourdough wheat grilled toast. Or possibly French toast. Does Cracker Barrel make that? Today I've had a bite each of an almond croissant, a chocolate eclair and an apple turnover (hubby & daughter helped w/the rest) I Loved the texture of the turnover, nothing Gluten-free makes those puffy, flaky layers. The other two were not good at all.
  7. Gi Dr. Making Me Eat Gluten

    I went to my GP today and he gave me shots of Toridol(anti-inflam) and Depomedrol(steroid) that have helped alleviate much of the pain. I am still SO constipated and have terrible twisting pains in my gut. My belly is very distended, I look pregnant. The Dr. told me to take Gas-X and Miralax. **Anyone know the Gluten-free status on these meds?** The tests are supposed to help rule out some other auto-immune stuff he thinks it may be. In the past year I've been developing new food intolerances. First was dairy, then red meat, potatoes, and now I think soy is starting to hurt me. Also been suffering with unexplained sharp pains in my gut that wake me up. Plus I've lost about 60-70 lbs (which I needed to do anyway) since last year. My husband brought me to the best pastry shop in town today so I could have a farewell to gluten treat, but nothing looked appetizing, nothing. I went in thinking of a croissant, she had almond croissants, which is what I wound up with. Terrible. It tasted terrible. He got an eclair, it tasted rotten. I keep trying to find the bright side...I just can not convince my brain that this food is anything but Draino. One more day left.
  8. What Would You Eat

    Dairy and red meats are off limits still, So far I've had a Chick-fil-A sandwich, a slice of cinnamon raisin toast, and today Popeye's chicken, a biscuit & 3 onion rings. None of it was as good as I remembered, certainly not worth the pain and stomach turmoil they've caused. But that biscuit was damn good. I still can't decide what to eat tomorrow, but Saturday I'm making Barbeque Shrimp and dunking hot French bread in the sauce. And I am drinking a Guinness!
  9. What foods do you miss most? If you could have a 'free' day or your Dr. made you eat gluten (like me) what would you choose? I can't decide. I'm also not happy about this.
  10. Gi Dr. Making Me Eat Gluten

    I can hardly type. Still in bed, feet hurt to touch the floor. Swollen, painful, tender joints, headache, brain fog, plus nausea, bloating and gas, but no D yet. That part I don't understand except that I was already constipated the last few days so maybe there is a dam holding back the 'flood'. Sorry if that was too graphic. I'm miserable. If anyone out there ever thinks of cheating... nothing tastes that good.
  11. Gi Dr. Making Me Eat Gluten

    The ultrasound is to check my gall bladder etc. for other possible problems. He said I had to eat gluten so the antibodies would show up on the blood test. I told him that I thought, since I've been Gluten-free since late 2005, the test would be negative anyway. He said those gluten antibodies are strong, they stick around even if you eat gluten free, but eating it for a few days would be better. There's going to be lots of other tests, to rule out other auto-immune issues plus, next month an upper and lower GI and colonoscopy plus biopsies if necessary. I ate a Chick-fil-A sandwich this evening. It's no where near as good as I remember, probably because my brain equates it as Draino. Now I am sick, sick, sick. Everything hurts so bad. Cramping, bloating, GAS, ugh! And my joints are all swollen, red and painful. I am scared to see what shape I'll be in in the morning...I know I will hardly be able to stand.
  12. Today was my first visit w/ the new GI Dr. and he is making me eat gluten! I have to go back Monday for a load of blood tests and an ultrasound. He said even though I've been Gluten-free for over four years, five days eating gluten would be enough for the antibodies to show up in the test. Does anyone agree? At all? Been through it? I am so nervous and just afraid to do that to myself. I am dreading the pain.
  13. I am finally getting to see a Rheumatologist! An appointment opened up for Thursday and I am not prepared! I have been on the waiting list for a year and now I am having anxiety over going. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. I am having major brain fog and can't even make a list (which is what I always do best.) I also feel I should be tested for Addison's, anyone out there with advice on that would also be great. Is that the Rheum's department as well? Please help, I know someone here can relate to a frustrated, scatterbrained..... you know what I mean. Help!
  14. I am so happy! It gives me great pleasure to feed people, I'm a mom. That double layer idea sounds great. I am positively going to start working on a dairy free version. Any ideas for subs for the cheeses?
  15. I used to use only full fat ricotta, mozzarella, sour cream and most other dairy products. Cream cheese, on the other hand, I always got Neufchatel because I preferred the texture and taste, same thing with lo-fat cottage cheese. Neither of those are compromised by being the healthier option. IMHO. I think either would work fine.