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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Just an update, I had my Endoscopy/Biopsy yesterday morning. The doctor took 10 samples, he said doing a smaller number while looking for Celiac would be a disservice to me as a patient. (nice, huh!). He said he'd probably have the results back mid-week next week. They also found a "tiny hiatial hernia" but not anything that they are worried about. I'll be sure to keep the thread posted on my results. For those of you worried about the Endoscopy IT WAS A BREEZE! They didn't knock me out, but I don't remember anything, something about my short term memory being sedated?. It was a strange feeling, for sure. One second, I was on the table, the next second I was in the recovery room. Aside from being a little groggy when i left, and needing to take a nap when I got home, it was no problem whatsoever! Post-Endoscopy, I had a few minor pains that felt sort of like a localized heartburn in a couple places, but nothing bad. Roughly 24 hours later, I feel fine and totally normal. The worst part of the whole process was the anticipation. Feel free to PM me if you have other questions about the process, I'd be happy to answer anything I can.
  3. For sure happygirl, I'm not planning to abandon the possibilty. I think he is just saying he would rather have the biopsy done asap, so if it is negative, we can start figuring out a plan b to see what is wrong with me. Thanks for the info on the testing, It is much appreciated, I'll show it to the doctor. I agree Jestgar, the second the biopsy is done, I'll probably get started on the diet.
  4. Thanks for the reply ursa major. I did ask the doctor if I could just try the diet, to see if I feel better. He advised against it. His reasoning, which I understand, is that with Vitamin D levels at 7.8 (extremely low from my understanding), and the IgA deficiency, if the biopsy doesn't officially diagnose Celiac Disease, then we have to keep looking to figure out what else is causing such a deficiency in Vitamin D. That makes sense to me, so I am planning to have it done. They can't get me in for a couple weeks, but I'm waiting for my appt time. In the meantime, I found it strange he didn't suggest any supplements or anything for the Vitamin D level. Perhaps, if it were Celiac as he/we suspect, I wouldn't be able to absorb it anyway? I plan to ask him about it again on friday. But does that raise any flags for anyone? I'm going back in on friday to have my Bone Density checked again, to see what has happened with it since 2002. I'm a pretty nervous about all this, but at least I seem to be making some progress.
  5. Also, an apology, if I asked questions that have been covered before, I really tried to look through old posts beforehand (because I know how annoying that is), but there are a lot! I may have missed things. If I did miss some of the old topics, could you help and post the topic address? Thanks again!
  6. Hello all. A friend of a friend recently directed me to the forum, and I am really glad that they did. I recently became aware of Celiac Disease (a fluke discovery, really), and when I started reading about it, like many of you here (I've been reading posts for the last week or so), was amazed to find similarities between a number of my unanswered health problems and symptoms, and those listed as potentially caused by Celiac. I went to my doctor (a new doctor, as I recently moved), and asked to be tested. He ordered a blood test and called this morning saying the results, while technically negative for celiac disease, had other numbers that seemed to indicate that I still might be right. And wanted to move to the biopsy test. Some background: I am 29 years old, have Selective IgA deficiency (which was diagnosed in 2001), have had HEXA/Bone Density tests reveal Osteopenia, and my recent blood work has shown a really low Vitamin D count (obvious contributor to the Osteopenia?), I also am not absorbing calcium as I should be at this age. In the past, I have had a a number of yet unexplained bowel problems (flex sig revealed nothing out of the ordinary) that have gotten better (worst in 2002), and have become increasingly intolerant to lactose. Other symptoms of note, I have struggled with depression, fatigue (neither of which seemed helped my meds), insatiable appetite, suffer from a lot of canker sores and cracks at the corner of my mouth, frequent headaches and migraines, etc. While I know not all of these may fit celiac disease to a T, I felt it was enough to warrant a test. My quality of life hasn't been very good for a long time, so part of me is really hoping that it is celiac disease, but at the same time, am keeping an open mind about the possibility of it not being celiac disease. (My gut feeling says it is ) Basically, I wanted to introduce myself, thank you all for having such a great community (which I hope to contribute to) But also to ask a couple questions for those that might have similar symptoms. 1) My understanding is that my Selective IgA deficiency puts me in a higher risk category for Celiac Disease, but I'm wondering if that could help contribute to the negative test... my Doctor was aware of it beforehand, so I imagine he would have known to look for that, but its hard to tell. 2) Does the Selective IgA deficiency present further challenges to celiac disease, that i should know about? Are any of you in this same boat? 3) I see a lot of information about Vitamin D deficiency, but not a lot about it being a warning sign for possible celiac disease. Any others with this issue as well? Am I just not finding it? 4) Is there anything, given my symptoms that I should be checking with my doctor on, that I'm not thinking about? Sorry so wordy, just really interested in finding out more, and hopefully, feeling better soon. Thanks so much for being here!