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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I just wondered if anyone else gets "cold sores" or cracked lips from eating corn or citrus fruit/drinking orange juice.
  2. The adhesives often contain colophony - a pine resin. As I'm allergic to the tree, the bandaids cause a rash. http://dermnetnz.org/dermatitis/rosin-allergy.html
  3. Sweating, Blushing And Increased Appetite

    I have a few million food allergies. I get that red, instantly sunburned face thing whenever I drink alcohol, eat wheat or rice, or anything super-yeasty. It actually hurts like sunburn.
  4. Feel The Burn

    My son gets D and "the Burn" from tomatoes - both cooked and raw. I don't know if he gets it from other nightshades (he's an adult - I haven't asked lately).
  5. Dermatitis Herpetiformis Question

    So, Ravenwoodglass, would you say that in appearance it's not unlike chickenpox? Only in a few locations rather than all over one's body?
  6. Confused About The Pumpkinpie, Lol

    No, don't bake it first. You'd do that if you were making something like a coconut creme pie in which you'd basically be filling it with a pudding or other no bake filling. However, I'd suggest checking the crust after a wee bit to see if it's browning too quickly around the rim/edges. If so, cover the rim with tin foil. And note that this is what they call a crumb crust -- you don't roll it out, you press it into place. Think cheesecake. You might want to look for a different pie dough recipe if you want a traditional pumpkin pie.
  7. I have rice and yeast allergies in addition to a wheat allergy. Today I found at Wild Oats a line of baking mixes which are gluten-free, corn, dairy, soy, and rice free. Some products are yeast free and nut free as well. They had pie crust mix, pumpkin and banana bread mixes, yeast bread, and some others I can't recall. They are expensive, but to me it's worth it as I pretty much only want baked goods on the weekend or for a special occasion. The brand is "Breads from Anna" and their website is www.glutenevolution.com.
  8. Some Good News, Some Bad News

    Well, I've been off the Elavil for almost two weeks -- I feel energetic, but not manic -- the issue is the manic mood made me EXTREMELY irritable -- I got a verbal reprimand at work. However, I've also noticed that espresso, which never made me jittery before, now makes me jittery. So, I'll just have to ride it out and see what happens. Yes, the allergist knows I can't do a gluten challenge and that I don't need to eat wheat for the gene test. I do understand that the gene test will show only a propensity toward gluten intolerance or celiac, not the disease itself. The sublingual B-12 sounds interesting -- is it yeast-based? I have a yeast allergy as well. I'm gearing up to go gluten-free next payday. I'm already gluten-light -- it'll just mean no hot barley cereal when the weather gets cold, no Ry-Krisp w/peanut butter for lunch. I'm allergic to rice as well, but there's always corn and quinoa and gluten-free oats.
  9. Dry Skin

    I use Dr. Bronner's liquid soaps which are coconut, olive and hemp oil based. Some have a fragrance like peppermint or lavender. They can be used as shampoo as well. However, on my face I usually use Cetaphil. I did notice when I went wheat-free (I have a wheat allergy, am waiting for insurance approval for gene testing) that my winter eczema completely disappeared.
  10. Feeling Hung Over In Morning

    I second the carbon monoxide check. Most utility companies will come out for free to test your stove and furnace.
  11. Saw the allergist yesterday. She agrees that I could have had a false negative response to the bloodwork bc of my wheat allergy, so I'll do my genetic testing as soon as I know how much BlueCross-Blue Shield will cover (or perhaps, more correctly, won't cover). The bad news is that the Elavil the neuro prescribed for my migraines has made me manic. They don't know if it will resolve on its own now that I'm no longer taking it, or if I'll continue to have manic episodes. What do all those boring neurologically typical people do for fun?
  12. Support Group Near Lagrange Il

    Go to the Wild Oats Market in Hinsdale. They're VERY celiac friendly and I know that a woman who runs a support group in the western suburbs teaches there often.
  13. One of my Irish friends says that in Ireland (tho' I don't know if it's urban-myth or backed by medical opinion) that the high rate of celiac disease is attributed to the Great Hunger. Maybe people with the celiac disease genes were more apt to survive the famine? She didn't say what the reasoning was. If I get a chance, I'll ask her the next time I see her.
  14. You are STILL a great cook. You've just got to adapt to using some different ingredients.
  15. Chicago Derm Or Doctor?

    U of C should have some good recommendations -- they ALSO recommend gluten-safe restaurants AND have free blood testing every October for celiac disease. They have quite the support group, however some of their benefits are only available to those diagnosed by endoscopy (for example, when you get a positive endo, they send you a HUGE gift basket of gluten-free food to help you adjust to your new life). However, my favorite derm is Omed Memar at 30 N Michigan - www.drmemar.com. If money/insurance is an issue for you, let him know upfront -- he treated my daughter's acne for free when she lost her insurance. His website makes him look like he's the derm to the stars, but doing face lifts on aging beauty queens is what makes him able to cut people like my daughter a break.