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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Joss, I suffer the calf and toe cramps! So painful! I have only learned I have celiac disease the 15th of Nov. 2007. My stomach is huge and I have very thin arms and legs. I just wanted to say I understand your frustration. My family and friends seem to think its going to be easy to simply avoid bread and flour products. They have no idea! By the way I am 66 years old.

  2. Small Rant

    I live with my sister and she always leaves crumbs around. Somehow they get everywhere and she thinks I am paranoid by insisting that even one crumb can cause trouble. Yesterday she made me some relish from beets I prepared earlier. She made a big fuss about not using malt vinegar in them. I told her red vinegar would be fine because the beets were red. She still fussed about not using the malted variety. Anyway today I had diahrrea so something must have crept in somewhere. I am dreading her making her christmas shortbreads. Joss
  3. She has had a lot of change in her life. It is hard having been an only child and now having 3 other kids to deal with. This was not her decision and she needs help. Instead she feels she is being punished for being grumpy. I would be too if I was her. You will get further by givng her love and understanding than by making her write assignnments on gluten issues. Encourage her to talk about the way she feels and try not to be dismissive or judgemantal, just listen. Tell her you care so much about her that she is NEVER allowed non gluten treats at home or out. Tell her you trust her to remain gluten free. Also tell the teachers at school. I have a sister who everytime I tell her how I feel about some issue, tells me to stop focusing on it and that's not right so forget it. All I want is for her to listen to me and not force her perspective onto me. Being gluten free can be hard enough without being shunted off to the rellies, no matter how nice they are.
  4. Oh great thats anther symptom I have. I was diagnosed with spondylitis and acording to the site linked they are all much of a muchness. And yet my idiot doctor does not believe me.
  5. Thank you all so much for your great replies. I am checking out that email address and Nyxie I actually have some smoked paprika on my spice rack. I completely forgot about that. It's just that I am vegan and I love sweet potatoes with barbeque sauce drizzled over them instead of butter as I am casein free too. I ate some fries yesterday that must have been cooked in with the battered fish as today I Have diarrhea again Joss
  6. My main symptoms are asthma, excema, chronic low feritin levels, atrial fibrillation, osteoporosis, Graves Disease, migraines, depression and tiredness. I also had gas and bloating coupled with constipation. I have been on a gluten free diet new fo 6 weeks and I feel much better. I did eat some gluten at 2 weeks and I came out in a generalised itchy rash all over my body, but mainly on my back. My current doctor won't accept that I had a positive antibody test done in 2001, so she considers me self diagnosed. I don't care much as I feel so much better. For goodness sake stop eating those suspect foods. It seems that dairy is a problem at least. Maybe you have multiple food allergies and react to additives in foods. I have to eat carefully or I get palpitaions called atrial fibrillation. This is caused by monosodium glutinate and artificial colours in foods. when I abstain, the palpitations go away. Maybe if you switch to a vegetarian diet and stop eating highly processed foods for a while the condition will correct itself. Clinical depression can lead to feelings of impending doom. I know because I often feel that way. It's then I realise that I am getting depressed. Joss
  7. That's a great idea as it really is only a tomato based sauce with brown sugar in it. But I like the smoky flavour and living in Australia, I can't buy liquid smoke here at all. I will try to experiment as I love sauces. Some tomato sauces are ok though. I keep searching the gluten free items in the stores hoping to find a bbQ sauce, to no avail. Maybe I will get lucky tomorrow. I did buy an expensive balsamic glaze to put on my sweet potatoes though. The main ingredients are balsamic vinegar, sugar and dried figs. I think it will taste yummy. Joss
  8. I agree I need to have an emergency stash of food on hand. This bout of hunger took me by surprise, because I never used to get hungry. Now I have been REALLY gluten free since October this year and things are changing fast. I think I am actually starting to digest food properly for the first time. I am starting to get hungry so this must be good? I live in Australia, but I think I can find a suitable margarine here for my sweet potatoes and I bought a balsamic glaze today to use in place of the barbeque sauce. I am on a steep learnig curve here so thank you all for your advice. Joss
  9. Today I did the silliest thing. I missed eating lunch because a friend was here and we got talking for quite some time. I was so hungry I wanted food immediately. I didn't have anything at all that I could eat straight away and my sister left a loaf od great freshly baked bread out on the kitchen counter. I thought that eating anything was better than felling so hungry, so I grabbed a sliced and bit off a corner of the slice. As soon as it was in my mouth I came to my senses and managed to spit the bread out. I went into the kitchen and put some sweet potatoes on to cook. Less than an hour later I got really bad stomach pains and I was very surprised to see my belly was really distended. I can't believe that it could happen by just tasting bread and that it happened so quickly. I quite enjoyed the sweet potatoes and I added a small amount of butter on them. Also not a good idea as I am casein intolerant. Somehow I can manage a small amount of butter without to much damage done. I am still trying to find an alternative to barbeque sauce. Joss
  10. Mouth I have reduced my asthma meds by three quarters now that I am gluten free. My inhaled steroids have dropped from 1600 IUs a day to 400 IUs a day. Next move is down to just 200, whoo hoo! Also my poops have gone from the sticky clayish stuff to normal looking ones. Now they even SMELL like poops.
  11. Hi All! About the avatars, if you like them just right click on them and "save picture" in your photos then you can change them whenever the fancy takes you. Jessica's grandmother, yes I was thinking that juvenile diabeties is a far more serious disease than type 2. Give her a big cuddle from me please. I am a lifelong asthmatic and I control this condition by keeping to a restricted diet. I have allergies to animal dander, linseed oil, pine trees, fish as well as being casein and gluten intolerant. I too have gained weight since going gluten-free. I want to know how my bone density and feritin levels are going? Hopefully they are improving everyday. Now I have nice poops and I am amazed that they are not as sticky/sandy as they used to be. I am thinking I might do another gluten challenge because my doctor still wants to test me. I am also thinking about visiting an allergist. I drink soy milk and enjoy it, so I would be devestated if it turned out that I had allergies to that too. I am also vegan by choice, so my diet is kind of restricted. I am suspicious of the nightshade family too and I cannot seem to digest nuts at all. Maybe it will improve when I am a bit further along with my gluten-free diet. Someone asked if they got flack from their family/support group. My daughter is totally disbelieving and has accused me of developing diseases from what I have read on the net. She thinks she is the only one who has any right to be sick. She is stuck in a whellchair and is fast becoming a pain. The last time I saw her she said that "it was scientifically proven that burping and pain was caused by the way one ate their foods and nothing more". I hate to say this, but if she is ever diagnosed with celiac disease, then she will suddenly change her mind and expect everyone to run around after "poor her". I rarely eat special celiac foods and I don't even eat gluten-free bread these days. I love fruit and vegetables and occasionally I will eat some brown rice too. I think I can eat good quality oats, but I will see how good I am when I stop eating them over summer. I suspect that I will be much improved. but I am still hanging on to them. I will go and hassle my doctor and start mentioning the S word if she doesn't recognise the validity of the positive testing that was carried out in 2001. She will only believe what she sees for herself. Anyway enough of my rambling. I hope everyone has a great weekend and I look forward to catching up with your news soon. Joss
  12. Sometimes this happens when kids don't chew their food enough. However I suppose it could also be a malnutrition problem too. Corn kernals alwys seem to just pass through as do linseeds if they are not ground. Since going gluten free I have noticed a change in my poop too. I hope someone who actually knows anput this subject answers your post.
  13. Your GI man must have gone to school with my idiot doctor because he told me that if I am truly gluten intolerant, there are always detectable traces of gluten anitbodies. I tokld him he was an idiot, nicely of course.
  14. I have been gluten free for about four months now. However I did a gluten challenge for tests, but cut that short when I was told it would take four months to build up the antibodies in my blood stream. I have been able to reduce my asthma meds by three quarters. However after ingesting the gluten, my ears became blocked almost immediately and I had a weeklong bpout of dizzyness. So I am now convinced, especially after eating some fries today that had a malt coating. I started getting tummy pains after just after an hour and a half. Now I am sold. However my idiot doctor still wants to confirm the diagnosis. I think I shall have to threaten to sue if he refuses to acknowlege my condition.
  15. I get atrial fibrillation which is caused by food intolerances. Not sure if its gluten but I definitely react to certain addiitves.