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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hunger Pains =(

    Quick Summary: I had a possitive blood work and a negative biopsy. So its been about a year since then and I havnt been gluten free. However, I have really got myself into studying nutrition and raw foods and stuff. Sunday I decided to try going gluten free just to see how I felt. Some believe if you have positive blood work then you have Celiac regardless of the biopsy. I have been gluten free for 4 days now and I feel sooooo hungry. I think I have been eating more then normal. I always feel hungry. Does this go away after being gluten free for a long period of time? I mean I just ate dinner and its been about 2 hours and I am alrdy starving again. And within that 2 hours I had a salad that did nothing for my hunger lol So do the hunger pains go away?
  3. Thanks, This forum is so reliable and fast. Have a good one!
  4. Is Quaker Instant Oatmeal gluten free? Ingredients say: Whole grain rolled oats (with oat bran), also say oat flour! so im pretty sure it isnt....
  5. Thanks for all the unput... You all have made some really good pounts
  6. Well weather I have Celiac or not back to the topic I just came across this tonight... There is a podcast on youtube about raw foods that has like 30 episodes or something. Im on episode 4 right now. Some of it is a little corney lol but they are giving recipies for all of these high protine snacks and stuff. And guess what... its all gluten free. This may be healthy tips for anyone on the gluten free diet. I havnt got real far but i figured i might as well post it... Search Raw Food Episode 1... With all my food allergies and possible celiac... Im thinking about switching... lol shows a yummy looking trail mix - i wish it was so dorky lol If your actually interested in the diet im talking about David Wolfe has alot of good points...
  7. I just dont seem to have all the serious symptoms that alot of people on here seem to have... If I have been eating it for a whole year, I would think it would get worst... Also the symptoms I do have could be caused by other things... Thats why this disease is so hard to classify. I have a appointment to talk to my doctor on Monday to talk about a world of other things lol. You think I should bring this up again and see what she thinks? I remember her saying there are like 4 different types of blood work that can be done. 2 are more comonly done and of the 2, one is more acurate then the other. They did the 2 for me and it came up negative on the more accurate and positive on the other, also had a negative bioposy. So I guess there is a shade of grey in there because one came up positive...
  8. Ill look into the celiac thing... But as for the diet... There is alot more too it... Lke i said, dont take anything I said too seriously. Im not providing the details. You cant just go to the store and get any meat and eat it raw. You would get sick lol. You have to get it from somewhere special or something... But im not guna provide any more details about this because I dont have my facts straight. I was wondering if anyone else knew anything There has to be something right about it if all these people can do it and not get sick... lol Also... if what you say is true about my celiac, switching diets might help me , Only reason I thought I had it was because of some dryness of skin I get under my eyes, and inability to gain weight. which I still have... Also I think anxiety is a symptom too isnt it? I have that, I hide it and dont really show it, but I feel it alot.
  9. Hi All! I hope everything is well with everyone.. I don
  10. Im not sure if I follow your specific logic. I would like to know what mine were. What do u ask for these numbers? My doctor said there are 4 different blood works and they did 2/4 of the tests on my blood and I came back negative for 1 and posative for the other. I had my biopsy this morning... it was something ive never experienced lol. Ill have my results in a few days.
  11. I Need To Take Cross Contamination 101

    Lets keep updating this topic! http://www.glutenfreeforum.com/index.php?s...mp;#entry356622
  12. I had my biopsy today and the doctor said my intestines looked ok and my results will be back in 3-5 days. Is this something you can see visually or something they can only determine microscopically?
  13. Drink alot of beer this makes me go to the bathroom nonstop some nights! Try redbridge for gluten free beer. J/k about above comment. Try drinking more water? Could be dehydrated.
  14. Test Results Were Negative But.....

    I am newly diagnosed and I talked to my doctor and he said there are 4 different types of blood tests. This is why they are inaccurate unless u like tested positive for like all 4. They did 2 of the 4 when they tested me and I tested negative for one and positive for the other. People disagree but I am going with what a really good doctor told me and he said that having a biopsy done is the only way to know for sure weather you have celiac. Think about it. Celiac damages the small intestines so if they find damage to your small intestines what better way to know? PS: I go for my biopsy this thurseday. Steve~