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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks! I think you guys are right. Seems most likely the Celiac, or because of the reflux and perhaps gallbladder but I am not in much pain so we will see. Thinking it's not liver because i'm not itchy, jaundiced or dark urine. Thanks for your opinions.
  2. I just posted a new topic on this, then I saw your post. I'm experiencing a very similar problem to what you are experiencing. I also had a pale stool yesterday, it was light yellow or clay colored. I too went to the internet for answers, and as usual scared myself. The only thing I can think of it that when I went out to eat Friday that I was glutened, or theres another problem. When they say liver I get very nervous. Could it be that you are inadvertently getting glutened? I'm wondering this about myself. However I am also sore under the ribs so I am wondering if its gallbladder. Do you have any symptoms of reflux? One of the signs is yellow stool. Do post and let us know what the doc says, if they are able to help. That's been one of my biggest struggles with Celiac, finding a competent doc.
  3. I ate at a restaurant Friday evening, ordered from their "gluten free" menu. I had a very strange bm yesterday and was wondering if the two could be related. Not sure how long the travel time is from eating to eliminating. Here's what it looked like: (warning, gross part) It was a very pale yellow or light gray color,was hard to tell really, and it was foamy and had holes in it. There was also a little oil on the top of the water. Everywhere I searched on the internet says liver disease, gallbladder disease, and then they mention celiac or ibd. I don't remember having this in the past, perhaps something similar but nothing to this degree. Has this happened to anyone else after being glutened? My liver was checked in October so I wouldn't think it is that..but gosh who knows. I don't trust my body anymore. The other part, I am pregnant and have been having horrible reflux the past few weeks. Again, related to the bm? No clue. Hope someone knows!
  4. I have Celiac, diagnosed in 2007. I am also pregnant, 24 weeks. Recently I have developed several red, pin prick looking capillary dots on both hands (2 or 3 on each) and one on my shoulder. They fade when pressed and return. They are singular, not rash like at all. They are not Petichia (sp?) I visited my fam practice doctor who did not know what might be causing them except for possibly a liver issue. They ran blood work to check my liver and said those tests came back normal. I visited my OB today and she said they very well could be a liver problem manifesting in my skin. I am confused since my liver lab was ok? and she saw the labs and said they were fine. Wouldn't that tell if there was an issue?? I do suffer from intestinal issues, likely Crohns that is yet to be diagnosed. I hate Celiac. I feel like I am always waiting for the next big problem. Has anyone else had a problem like this? I am going to make an appt with a dermatologist anyway, but just curious.
  5. Gluten Free Wedding Cake In Dfw

    Thanks very much! I will look into those options. I actually saw on that list that there is a place near me!! That's great!
  6. I am going to get married this June and wonder where I will find a gluten free wedding cake in the Dallas area. I found one bakery in Ft. Worth, but would like to know if anyone has found any other bakeries that can do it. I have thought about having only a groom's cake or making a little cake at home for me. Doesn't sound very appealing though.
  7. Fireside Pies - Plano, Tx

    That's exciting! Thank you for the info. I live near Plano and had no idea about Fireside Pies. I eat at Bostons now and then, and it's pretty good. It's always great to have options! We Celiacs usually do not have very many.
  8. Boston's Gourmet Pizza - Mckinney, Tx

    I too, live in McKinney. Thank you for sharing this info!!
  9. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  10. I was told a few years ago that my vision is 20/30. I don't believe that to be true anymore, and it seems to be decreasing since I was diagnosed with Celiac in June of 2007. I can't see at a distance very well, or up close either. My eyes are also very sensitive to light. I too would be interested to know more info about this. It is so easy to blame Celiac for everything!
  11. I tested 3 out of four (i think..) on the Celiac Panel. For about a year everything was fine on my gluten-free diet. Then suddenly I became very ill with fever, diarrhea, bloating and pain the lower right quadrant. They thought initially that I had appendicitis so they gave me a cat scan, and it revealed inflammation in my ileum. I wrote it off as a fluke until a year later when it happened again. I have now had a colonoscopy that revealed only 1 ulcer on my ileum. The next step to diagnose Crohns is an endo so I figure I would like to know the truth about the Celiac either way. I am mostly a gluten free home, I am very careful about what I eat, and what it has been around or touched. I don't think milk could be to blame for the problem, but I could be wrong. I find all of this to be very confusing! The Doctors I have been to, for the most part aren't helpful. I have struggled with the issue of whether to eat gluten or not since December and decided that I would really like to know the truth. You are right..I dont know if I would eat a gluten diet even if they tell me I don't have it. I just worry about getting proper nutrition.
  12. I was diagnosed with a positive blood test in June of 2007. I have been on the gluten-free diet ever since. Now..they are suspecting that I have Crohns too, and want to make sure that I truly do have Celiac also. I will be having an endoscopy in two weeks, which the Dr. says is enough time if I eat gluten to get a diagnosis. I am uneasy about starting this up again, but feel that I must. I can't help but picture how I used to feel before I stopped eating gluten. I still must go to work each day in the mean time and try to act like a normal person. Any tips? How much of the poison am I going to have to eat? I almost wish I could take a pill of gluten instead. So I won't have to think about it as much.
  13. Thanks to all those who have responded. I will look into your suggestions!
  14. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in June 2007. For a while I have been having elevated temperature (usually 99.2-99.7) and slight swelling in the lower right of my abdomen. The worst part is I get so drowsy, like something heavy on my face. It feels different than the old glutened feeling. Also, I have been very strict with my diet, no cheating. Does this sound familiar to anyone? My Dr. said I need a Colonoscopy, which would be great if I didn't just get laid off, and I have bad insurance..sigh..she said it could be Crohn's. Thanks!!
  15. I bought this ice cream..should have researched it first. It seems a little suspicious. Does anyone know? It is sooo tempting to just eat it!