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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Missing Rome..

    Ciao...you know Cereal is not one of the best one.....next time you come...maybe in Venice, where I lived, I will be happy to suggest you very very good brands!!!! ciao Veronica ps: la soffitta is great...I have benn there once
  2. Gluten Free In Venice-Italy

    ...amd in 3 months...it will be carnival? Did somebody ever heard abiut it?
  3. Chrismas In Venice

    Yes during summer it is very crowded but you can also enjoy of our Adriatic sea....we have beautiful beaches vith many cabanas....
  4. Chrismas In Venice

    yes, un Italy it is very easy and we have a lot of products you can not ever imagine...of corse some of them are not so good but most of them are reaaly great....I live on Lido which is a safe pplace to stay....I also have a 13 years celiac daughter....in case you would like to stay in my friend
  5. Chrismas In Venice

    Ciao, have you ever thought to come and spend you Chrismtas holiday here in Venice? It is a good season.....not so many tourist, easy to walk and if you are lucky you can walk in S.Marco square in the high water.....
  6. Gluten Free In Venice-Italy

    if you plan to come to Venice-Italy here is the link of a new chocolate and gelato place...n
  7. Gluten Free In Venice-Italy

    In Venice we have just one real gluten free restaurant; then we have places we often go and for this reason they know how to behave.....and they are safe....Pizza place there is only one On Lido, which is an island in front of Venice. Both Lido and Venice, we have gelato places......Always at your disposale for any information Ciao Veronica
  8. I live in Venice -Italy and I think that it is easy t be gluten free expeccialy because we have a great range of products and we have a little book, printed every 6 months with all the normal items you find in the grocery store.
  9. i am italian and i must say that here it easy. In every city we have at least 1 gluten-free restaurants or pizzeria, in the supermarkets we have a lots of products and we have a little book called prontuario with whom we can buy also '!normal' food shopping by brand. We have a lots of products a good brand of pasta, piza ecc.....write me more and i will explain you everything
  10. Any Spanish/ Italian Speakers Out There?

    ciao, My name is Veronica.I made the translations for you, but in Italy you can have almost any cheese and also salads. It is not our habit to put bread in the salads. What it is very comon in italy is to eat prosciutto crudo, like parma o san daniel. If you are pregnant you shouldn't ieat it , even if it is gluten-free, because is rare. Should you have any questions write me Ciao veronica
  11. Anxieties When Travelling As A Celiac

    ciao, I am italia and the fear of security is mine too. Once I was in Cancun airport I had some salame slices snacks to have with crakers.....they took it even thought I was trying to explain them it was for my daughter.....but they did not know the word gluten in qny language.......
  12. Gluten Free In Venice-Italy

    Ciao, my name is Veronica and I live in Venice. Here in Italy it is easy to live and travel gluten-free. Should you need any informations, such as restaurants, places to stay, where to buy foods, famous brand........ it will be my pleasure to help you.... Veronica
  13. gluten-free In Italy-Venice

    Here all the informations: Mestre: - Al Corso restaurant, this is a pizzeria Corso del popolo 37 tel 041/981642 closed sunday and monday - Novotel this is an hotel and restaurant Via Ceccherini 21 tel 041/5066511 Venice: - Ristorante da Poggi, this is completely safe and it is close to the railway station Cannaregio 2103 they also have a www.ristorantedapoggi.it - Trattoria Do forni: this is a very expensive place, but they know very well the problem....I go there often...it is close to san marco square....everybody knows it We also have a Hard Rock cafe and they are informed. Remeber that prosciutto crudo is gluten free and if you are hungry you can buy in the shops everywhere. I will get back to you with more informations tonight Ciao Icecream in Venice: the best is Grom...you can look in google...Venezia-Grom
  14. gluten-free In Italy-Venice

    Ciao, sure I will give you names of restaurants and gelato places. I also would like to tell you that if you go to the pahrmacy you will find a lots of good items, such as pasta ( the best is asolane brand, coookies and snacks ). The only problem is that they are a little expensive for you, because of the dollar change. As far as a massage therapist I will try to give you some name. I will get back to you tonight Ciao Veronica