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  1. Hi juliebove, I replied earlier, but i think I did it wrong! I'll try this again. ( i'm not that computer savy, yet!) I did some research and found out some info. The paskesz brand of chocolate chips are gluten free. Go to www.paskesz.com/baking.html to see a list of items that are. I would never feel comforable with anyone taking my word for it. Also I found out that anything marked kosher for passover is gluten free EXCEPT anything that says contains Matzoh meal or matza ( sp?) meal/ matza Farfel or cake meal. There is a passover chat going on in the gluten free forum, you might want to check out. To order paskesz products, go to www.parkeastkosher.com. They are $3.59 a bag. Kind of expensive compared to at the Jewish market. Also check out www.chocolategelt.com. They sell the chocolate coins. Yummy! Hope this helps!!! Good luck with your little one.
  2. Hi, I'm new here. My daughter is gluten free, dairy free not including 7 or 8 other things she can't have! (Due to food intolerances) My son is dairy allergic. SEVERELY! Anyway, if you are looking for chocolate that is dairy free, Paskesz brand is dairy free for sure because it is Kosher parve for Jewish people who follow strict rules about when dairy can be eaten. Meat and dairy can never be eaten together, so parve means, kind of like, a neutral food. Can be eaten with meat or dairy. I'm also pretty sure that they are completely gluten free. If you look on their web site you can probably even order soy free. Especially during Passover which occurs near Easter. Soy isn't Kosher for Passover. Jewish markets are a wonderful place to get dairy free products! If you don't have a Jewish market near you, At least theres always ordering online!!!