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  1. I writting instead of pulling out my hair!LOL! My middle child who has been gluten free for well over a year now was recently given gluten by a friend. Although it was a very small amount and a true acident we are dealing with the results. We deal with all the intestinal issues and for my kids I can know that within 2 days they will have some sort of sickness( this time just bad colds!) But my main concern is what it does to her behavior. She is a busy little girl and does tend to seek out miscief but mostly just typical kids stuff until an exposure. She gets to where she looks for trouble. She can be violent (she is normally a sweet girl) and cannot seem to control anything she does (repeated obsesive behavior). People have described her as pinging off the walls. I can also notice a toungue movement that last while the out of control behavior does. I wanted some insight as to how typical this is and any sugestions- as disapline seems pointless and sometimes even mean. I know the best thing would be no exposure but life seems to happen. Thanks for any insight.
  2. Thank you all for all your help and insight. I sometimes start to doubt myself but just as most of you have always been right to trust my instinct. I didn't know that you could be celiac without a positive wheat allergy. I will continue to do what is right for our girls and appeciate this site and all I am learning from it! Thanks again to all who responded!
  3. I read this and sometimes wonder if I am losing my mind. My daughters both were thought to have some sort of intolerance to gluten so after not much thought we took them off. Our world was different my wonderful girls could focus and had more normal BM's and were just happier more well adjusted kids.They were finally eating normal meals. We have had testing done( a childhood alergy panel) and they said not only does my girls blood not show any allergy to wheat but they seem extra healthy. Only slight milk alergy. We desided to let my older daughter have some gluten ( she had chicken nuggets and a half a hotdog bun) The impact mainly on her behavior was almost scary. She was a different child. Everyone noticed and were concerned. We took her back off of course and will continue the diet. My main question is do you lie and say it is a true allergy or continually just have people think you are one of "those Moms". This is such a cofusing thing but I know it is making our life that much better. I don't understand enough myself to explain it to people. What scares me is that my youngest daughters symtoms seemed to be explained with this diagnosis and now I wonder if there is something else wrong. She was scheduled to go back to the GI doctor but I am not sure if it is even nessesary. They keep saying she should be fine but something isn't adding up. Can they just have gluten intoleance and not full celiac? I read about false negatives and wonder if that is a part of it? They are both very young (16 months and 2 1/2) I just want to do what is best for my girls. Thanks for any insight.
  4. Wow to read this and realize I am not alone and the problems I am dealing with are somehow all related to celic. It really does ease my mind. I have been up against a problem that I am not sure is related... My 15 month old is believed to have celiac and has been on a gluten free diet for months now and we have seen huge changes. The problem that we can't seem to end is cronic ear infections. The current ear infection she has we have treated with five yes five rounds of antibiotics. 3 different kinds and a shot. They keep saying that kids sometimes need more then one dose and on and on. She will be getting tubes however they can't until her ears have healed. She has had ongoing ear infections since turning one and some prior. Is not responding to antibiotics related to celiac or just something unique to her? They said none of the antibiotics given had wheat perhaps it is an absorption issue? If anyone can give me some insight I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much.