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  1. I have similar problems as well. Have had them for the last two years. I've seen physical therapists, reflex therapists, chiropractors, foot doctors, knee specialists and my own personal doctor. No one has been able to make a dent in the pain and frustration. I will say that stretching seems to help temporarily, so my problem could be a matter of poor flexibility. Do you have pain anywhere, all the time? Even mild numbing pain? Does exercise make the pain worse?
  2. Any Bartenders?

    Ever since I was diagnosed I quickly found a love for hard ciders. That's been over three years ago. I learned to like rum and coke or a martini as well. I was never really much of a beer drinker but a few bars in my area have started to serve Bard's Tale gluten-free beer. And a local brewer (Widmer) has been experimenting on thier own with a gluten-free beer which they have on tap. So I've been lucky enough to have no problems finding something to drink when out with friends. I definitely miss Chambord though... a black martini used to be my favorite. And I definitely agree with the tipping conversation!
  3. gluten-free Restaurants In Portland Oregon

    Yep... I don't know the name of the place either but I know exactly where you're talking about. It's a big gingerbread looking house on the left hand side of the road if you're traveling south on SE Milwaukie and is right around the intersecting streets of SE Harold or SE Insley... I believe. I've had thier chocolate chip cookies before and they were pretty tasty! I haven't been there for about a year but back then the gluten-free goods were very random. One of thier chefs would experiment with baking ideas during off hours and sell the results. Supposedly they were going to make it a regular thing to have several different items on hand at all times. So maybe now they do!! Thanks for mentioning it... I had forgotten all about that place! And for those that don't know... If you stay on SE Milwaukie it eventually becomes SE 17th, and if you stay on that for a bit just past SE Tacoma on your left had side is a small bakery house called Piece OF Cake. Gluten Free cakes and tasty treats!
  4. gluten-free Restaurants In Portland Oregon

    So last night I went to the Widmer Gashouse on the corner of NE Russel & Interstate. I had received an email, from a friend who is a beer smarty-pants, telling me about Widmer's Hooligan IPA on tap from time to time. It's a Gluten Free beer. So obviously, not having had beer for about six years, I had to go and try it. I called ahead to see if they had the Hooligan on tap that night and they did. When I ordered the beer the waiter asked if I had before. After telling him no he said he would bring me a sample glass to see if I liked it before getting me a full pint. He said it is just an experiement and needs some TLC to bring it to full flavor. Now, I haven't had beer in so long that I kind of forgot what it tastes like. But it reminded me of an IPA... and at the same time a Horsby's Amber Cider. Maybe if you could mix the two drinks and add some honey & lemon... you would have a pretty close version of the Hooligan IPA. That's my take though. That's the good part of the story for those of us who used to enjoy a beer from time to time. The bad part is the food menu leaves us with very little choices. Very little. It seemed kind of silly to me to go through the efforts of creating a gluten-free beer for the public enjoy in your restaurant... but not offer much in the way of tasty treats. However, like the waiter said, it's just an experiment. Which means it could be temporary. So if you're interested... give it a try. Also, in the same email there was this note : There is another Gluten-free beer on the market which is scheduled to be available to us here in Portland at the end of the month. It is called Bard's beer. We're set up for it, just waiting for the shipment to arrive at the distributor. Our stores with the largest beer coolers will get it first: Concordia, Seven Corners, and Arbor Lodge. The remaining stores, Sellwood, Mtn Park and Raleigh Hills will bring it in if it sells well or if there are customer requests. I'm happy to pass on the Bard's beer news letter so that you can learn more about this beer. In the meantime, we recommend the great local ciders made from 100% free run apple juice like Ford Farms, Wandering Aengus and Hard Rain. Take care, Claudia Claudia Knotek Community Relations Manager New Seasons Market 1954 SE Division Street Portland OR 97202 503-473-8714 claudiak@newseasonsmarket.com www.newseasonsmarket.com I believe the distributor she is talking about is Columbia and I've seen written word that they will be carrying several different gluten-free beers. There's also a guy in Eugene who is brewing his own gluten-free beer that has won several awards (I think) and he is looking into selling his beer locally and here in Portland to Whole Foods, Wild Oats & New Seasons. Portland is looking better and better for the Celiac community...
  5. Have you considered physical therapy? The problem may be slight but some minor adjustments and working through could well do the trick to bring you back to full strength. Do you still hike with a heavy pack? Is there anything you don't need to take with you that you can lose to lighten the load?
  6. No... just a work horse for a cycling team. My team mates get all the glory, I just bury myself for them.
  7. I use these - http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/store/en/brow....jsp?id=IZ-1002 - and they taste fairly good and have a really good ratio of carbs to protein and give a good amount of energy. I only use these prior to races or afterward... never during, but that's my own call. I just can't handle solid foods when pushing it hard. You can usually find them in Whole Foods markets in all kinds of flavors. I've been in contact with Hammer Nutrition several times and they have assured me that their Hammer Gel and Sustained Energy is Gluten Free. I've been using the gel mixed with some of the Sustained Energy and have had great success with that combo. The problem was figuring out the right ratio of mix. Once I figured out what worked for me I've never looked back. Clif Bar is a sponsor of mine and they just informed me that they're coming out with a couple new flavors for the Nectar Bar line.
  8. gluten-free Restaurants In Portland Oregon

    I've eaten a few times at Five Spice in Lake Oswego and had no problems. The waiter saw me just staring at the menu for quite a while and aske if he could help with a choice. When I told him I could not digest gluten he not only knew about Celiac Disease but he checked with the chef to come up with options from the menu that I could have. Right down to changing ingredients. All with a smile and great customer service. I had the salmon with purple potatoes and it was really good. Really good. They also have several dipping sauces that are gluten-free they will bring to you if you get the spring rolls. They come with a few sauces already but they're not gluten-free. I didn't even ask for extra sauces, I was ready to eat them plain. However, the waiter came out with some tamari sauce and a ginger sauce that were safe. Just wanted to share...
  9. Am I Beeing Rediculuse

    ** Just noticed from another thread that you're from Corvallis so this posting won't do you much good. However, at least try and meet your friend half way by going out and maybe even getting the chips & salsa. At least the two of you are out and having a good time and you're eating safely. Just a thought** Well... if you live in the Portland area you have plenty of choices for going out to eat. Safely. If you want gluten-free safe food go to Corbett Fish House in John's Landing area. Inexpensive and really, really good. Rice battered chicken strips, rice battered fish, sweet potato fries and all sorts of gluten-free items to choose from. Says so right on the menu. Even gluten-free desserts. You have PF Changs. Andina. Grollo. Five Spice will even cater to a gluten-free diet. New Seasons has their "wok bowl" service where you choose as many items from the bar as you can fit into a bowl and they wok it up for you with your choice of meat of tofu... and the plum sauce is gluten free. Whole Foods has options as well. And from what I understand, though I haven't yet tried it, Chipotle has a burrito in a boel kind of thing that is gluten-free. If you're in Portland you have plenty of options for eating out safely. If you want to go to Taco Del Mar and be sure that you're not getting anything you don't want... speak up to the person behind the counter. They're a laid back company and I'm sure they'll accomodate you.
  10. Excercise Supplements

    I just did a Google search using the words - gluten free lean muscle - and a bunch of stuff came up. Do the same and you're bound to find something that will work for you.
  11. Celiac Cyclists

    Hammer Nutrition has updated their energy bars... http://www.e-caps.com/za/ECP?PAGE=PRODUCT&...AMI=10082#info2 Gluten Free Dairy Free
  12. Protien Bars

    Hammer Nutrition makes an energy bar that is Gluten & Dairy free... might want to read labels regarding any other allergies you might have... http://www.e-caps.com/za/ECP?PAGE=PRODUCT&...AMI=10082#info2 This company makes energy products for endurance athletes so they ingredients they use are of the higest quality, and the healthiest. Both of their bars are higher in carbs that protien but the ratio is right where it should be for sustained energy... 4 to 1. I've had the Chocolate Chip one and it's pretty tasty!
  13. Celiac Cyclists

    I asked my coach the same question last year because I just got tired of spending so much loot on scientific recovery drinks and gels. That stuff works okay but is also way expensive when you consider how much you go through in a month. Anyway, here's what my coach had to say... - The post-event diet ... immediately after a race eat or drink some easily digestable carbohydrate and protien, and drink a lot of water. Yogurt / egg / banana / fruit juice smoothies can really get you back in gear for the next day. Then go for a warm down ride for at least 30 minutes if not an hour. Then on your way home grab a bite to eat somewhere that works with your diet. - Now after talking to him further he suggested an energy bar immediately after a race. And if I had a smoothie that would be great. If not, at least the energy bar and a banana. The warm down ride was just as important, he said. And I would have to agree after two years of racing under his guidance. What I've been doing for the last year is get to the car after a race, grab a banana and some gatorade and then go for my warm down ride. Then drink lots of water in the car and grab a bite on the way home somewhere. Unless the race is close to home, then I'll just eat when I get home. The few times I tried the smoothie option... it just didn't look right by the time I was done with my race. Nor did it smell that great. So I wouldn't suggest it unless you want to bring a cooler to keep it from spoiling. I used the Endurox R4 for the week and experiemented with the mix. I found that using a bit more water in the mixture gives better results. Not so sluggish and relaxed later in the day and I felt way better the following day. Thanks for the tip on the GU! I'll have to give it a try and see how it works for me.
  14. Celiac Cyclists

    I have toyed with Endurox R4 in the past and found that it definitely does what it says... a little too much for me. The muscle recovery part of the product really relaxed me. As if I had just downed a whole bottle of Nyquil. Maybe I mixed it too strong or something... I don't know. The product is definitely gluten-free though. It does have whey protein in it so if you have any kind of dairy issues, you may want to consider that. I know they sell single serving packets if you wanted to give it a try. I think to really benefit from it though you'd have to use it at least for a week. Even still... five packets is cheaper than a 30 serving bottle. I know there are several other products out there for the recovery process. I just haven't used any of them. I normally try to eat something healthy when I get home instead. Lean meats and vegetables. I've found that this helps. Which gels are you using? I've found the Hammer Gel to work great as it's the right kind of complex carbs we need... and no simple sugars.
  15. Celiac Cyclists

    I'm a competitive road cyclist and a competitive track cyclist and a Celiac. I was diagnosed about four years ago and I'm still learning what works best for me. I've found that Sustained Energy from Hammer Nutrition ( http://www.e-caps.com/ ) works well but I"m not too sure about the ingredients. I asked them about if the product was gluten-free and they said it was. So I kinda went with their call and continued to use it all year last year. I found that with a shot of their Hammer Gel mixed in with the Sustained Energy... I have fuel for a few hours before I needed to eat something. I usually carried one bottle with the mix and one with just water and would take turns between the two when I would grab for a drink. When I needed to eat something I either went with a LaraBar ( http://www.larabar.com/home.html ) or a Organic Food Bar ( http://www.organicfoodbar.com/usa/usa.html ) which i like better than the LaraBar because of their carb to protein ratio. I have a hard time eating while riding, especially during a race so I really wanted to find something that could sustain my energy levels for a while before having to eat. That's where the Susatined Energy came in handy. I never had a reaction to the mix and I know that I'm pretty sensitive to small trace amounts of Gluten. However, everyone is different and needs to find what works best for them. Clifbar ( http://www.clifbar.com/ ) is a sponsor and I have talked with them about which products are gluten-free. The Goo is and their new Electrolyte drink is. So you have those options as well. Though the Goo you have to eat one about every twenty minutes if you're riding hard. There's also a product called Enervitene that makes a good drink mix. And if you use their gel boost pack with the little twist cap... holy crap! It's like a shot of energy like you've never seen. Though it doesn't last longer than maybe 30-45 minutes. It's basically all sugar, but works like a charm if you need a boost of energy. I used the gel pack during a race last year. I was falling off the back of a break so I cracked the pack open and downed the whole thing. ( I think the whole pack is two servings ) Within minutes I was back to the front group and working hard to place top five in the final sprint to the line. What I've found that works for me as well is eating a good meal before a big race or big team ride. Usually pasta and some meat, then a banana just before we head out. This keeps me going, along with a drink mix, for a bit before I need to really fuel up with a bar. Hope the info helps out!