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  1. Hi! I had been having problems with my digestive system since last 9 years and have lost almost 10 kilos. My health has also extremely deteriorated. No sleep, no appetite and chronic fatigue. Although I knew that some foods like Wheat didn't go with my system, I had no idea about Celiac until now! I tried all sorts of medications but in vain. Though I have not conducted any tests now, I'm sure that I have Celiac and I thank god for pointing me in the right direction. Regarding sleep, since Celiacs are seriously deficient in vital nutrients, many of us might also be deficient of Mganesium. I have read that Magnesium deficiency can hamper lot of vital functions including sleep. Those who have sleep problems can try taking Magnesium suplement or foods rich in Magnesium (instead hormones) and see if sleep improves. Here's are articles on Magnesium deficiency: http://www.digitalnaturopath.com/cond/C78033.html http://www.immunesupport.com/library/showarticle.cfm/id/2892 Best wishes, Vishal