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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. So thanks for everyone's thoughts on the lab issue. I am still trying to get my insurance to pay for the testing....I have submitted a "medical necessity" letter in hopes that they will pay. My doctor had no real opinion re Enterolab, but actually uses Prometheus regularly. I think my plan will be to see what my insurance will pay for and go from there as it would be impossible to have testing done if we have to pay out of pocket. what a wild ride this has been. We have been gluten-free, then back on g, then gluten-free again. not sure what is really helping. i guess if i had seen a really amazing response to gluten-free, i may be more likely to forego the testing all together and just keep on the diet. but since i really am not seeing a wonderful response and it is so difficult for my 1 year old to eat anything at all especially gluten-free i guess it would be worth it to know if we have to keep up the fight or not. so i will keep everyone posted. I am goign to start a new thread and post this response as well because i think this thread has long worn out it's usefullness!
  2. Thanks for the info...I think I am going to try to go with Prometheus if I can get my insurance to cover
  3. Rice?

    My one year old is allergic to rice....it is a very rare thing in this country our allergist says. Of course it is the first thing I gave him for solids and he would projectile vomit it every time. We had him tested (RAST) and sure enough. Also when I found out he was allergic, I gave it up too as I was nursing and his rash cleared up...he had had this rash for months.
  4. Just wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts about testing....My friend who is a dietician recommends Promethius lab for testing. I asked her what she thought about Enterolab and she just said she was not familiar with it. I see that Prometheus is more expensive, but has anyone had any experience with one or the other being recommended? Any differences besides the cost? I am going to argue with my insurance company to cover the cost for our whole family. www.prometheus-labs.com Thanks for the input
  5. Hi there, I am very new to all this too. We don't even have a diagnosis for my 1 year old, but I have learned SO much from everyone here on this board. I wish I could remember all the good postings I have read that sound similar to yours, but I guess I would just say keep reading and reading here on this board -especially the "parents with kids" section and you will soon have many suggestions. I personally am considering the enterolab testing that everyone has suggested, but I still haven't decided yet or I may just stay gluten-free for my little guy for now and see how it goes. It is a week today of gluten-free and we have it a little rough because of a known rice allergy. so many gluten-free foods are made with rice. but good luck and definitely keep reading on here. Everyone has been wonderful!
  6. thanks! Do you use that baking mix alot? I mean is it a good substitute for any flour in a recipe? And yes, eggs and chocolate ok so far....My littlest one just turned 1 yesterday and I hav a 2 1/2 year old that I am considering going gluten-free for as well. and i find looking for stuff like bread and just basics like that is a real pain. Especially for picky eaters! i will try the cake, thanks again!
  7. Diagnosed Yesterday

    Thanks! I am a chocolate chip girl myself...so I will make sure to read closely!
  8. Diagnosed Yesterday

    I am also very new the gluten-free diet....ice cream has gluten???? i have none in the house at the moment to check out the ingredients, but is it listed as something obvious or one of those hidden ones?
  9. Anyone Around Albany Ny?

    Southern Vermont about an hour and a half from Albany....(Not me...at least I don't think so...my almost 1 year old)
  10. I would be VERY INTERESTED in your baking choices in terms of the rice allergy. That has been a tough combo for us. I have not tried the sorghum?? But wow alot of gluten free alternatives contain rice. Any favorites for you? I have a picky almost one year old and a two year old! Also, does anyone have a favorite "Banned food list"? I am really still pretty shaky on identifying hidden gluten. I heard that salad dressings in general are a no-no!
  11. Update: So of course our bloodwork came back negative...I never really had high hopes for that confirmation though. soooooooooooo I am going to continue to keep my little man gluten-free for now and see what happens. still considering the enterolab option, but not sure - maybe if i see no improvement after being gluten-free for a while i'll go more that route just to have some more information. stay tuned!
  12. My almost 12 month old was diagnosed with peanut and rice allergy (rice allergy of all things!) who the heck ever heard of a rice allergy anyway! He was diagnosed at about 5 months. We have been gluten-free for 5 days now- yeeeeha! Most gluten-free food is full of rice. I pull my hair out daily. His rice allergy so far has been just vomitting, but he did have a positive RAST (blood allergy test) for peanut and rice. Of course we got his celiac bloodwork back today, all negative. but we are still trying to be gluten-free to see if we can see some improvement in his growth and poops. Not an easy road. You are not alone!
  13. My 11 month old had a horrendous rash starting about 5 months. (he also has periodic fevers that cannot be explained) First it looked like an amoxicillin allergy, determined it wasn't...kept coming....at one point his poor body looked like someone dipped him in hot water and then painted dots all over him. Saw allergiest and rheumatologist and they tested him for things like rheumatoid arthritis (tests not specific to that exactly, but could point you in that direction) eventually he came back allergic to rice and peanuts...both which I was eating in abundance and nursing. Took about a month for his rash to clear up after I gave up those foods, but he still has some lingering eczema looking stuff on occassion. No one ever mentioned gluten to me, I have been trying to narrow things down on my own. He has horrible gas and nasty, frequent poop all the time, so I am trying gluten free for now. Keep going with elimination of different foods if you can, eventually you will come across the trigger. Good luck and keep us posted!
  14. I have to get in on this poop discussion. My oldest son is now 2 1/2 and poops at least 3-4 times each day. Always mushy and foul smelling. He has never had any other symptoms, but the potty training thing is really becoming impossible. My youngest 11 months is the one I am suspecting celiac in and we have been gluten free for three days....to my knowledge anyway! He also poops 3-4 times a day, always runny and discusting smelling. He has all sorts of other issues too that make me suspect. Anyway, I am now scratching my head about my oldest...No other symptoms, just frequent rotten poops? Anyone else have any thoughts? I will most likely go gluten free for him too just to see....have not done the Enterolab yet for either, but strongly considering. My oldest is the pickiest of picky eaters. So far he hates the waffles, the pancakes (gluten-free ones that I bought for my little one) so I don't think it will be easy for him. So anyone know of celiacs with no distressing symptoms other than frequent, nasty smelling poop?