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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. This may sound a little strange but how much water do you drink? I am a natural health consultant and when I deal with clients who are having cravings I tell them they need to quit drinking ALL sugary drinks..including juice..but especially sodas (diet sodas too!). I dont know what you have access to over their beverage wise, but something that I can tell you works, is if you drink only water, or at least 80% of your beverage intake needs to be water. And you need to be drinking a lot of it...im talking half your body weight, in ounces. So if you weigh 130 lbs, drink as much WATER (other drinks dont count) as possible, trying to get as close to 65 ounces a day as possible. I hope that made sense?! Water cuts cravings incredibly..if you are properly hydrated you body will stop craving sugars (which is what bread is mostly broken down into in your body when it is processed). Also, stop eatting other sugary things. Good luck over there, my brother was in Iraq serving for a year so my heart goes out to all of you over there.
  3. also dosent take me too long. If its a small amount I feel it quicker ironically. And it usually is just a massive headache within 20-30 minutes...but if its a larger amount I always have D within a 2 hour time period..usually by the 1 and a !/2 hour mark.
  4. I would stay on the diet if I were you. It won't hurt, and you will know for sure as soon as you accidentally eat gluten, or do a challenge. Like the above poster said, a positive result from the dietary changes is really the true indication of what your body is trying to tell you. I have not seen a nutritionist because after I read up on what I could and could not eat, it was fairly easy. Not easy at first finding the things I could eat, but you get use to reading labels and before you know it you will be a pro at scanning for gluten ingredients. If seeing a nutritionist would make you feel better though, go for it.
  5. Test Confusion

    Your response to going gluten free is really all you need to feel better. But a lot of people feel they need more then that..or at least it validates them to get a test positive. One thing you could look into would be going through enterolab. Enterolab is semi-controversial on here as not everyone believes Dr. Fines tests should qualify as a way to test for gluten intolerance. I however believe that until I read otherwise, his tests are on the cutting edge for testing. Blood tests and endoscopy exams, like others have mentioned, may or may not show you what you are finding out on your own by going gluten free. If you feel you want to try another route, I would try enterolab.
  6. if I eat a lot of gluten, maybe a half hour...but normally about an hour
  7. I just read somewhere the vanilla is not gluten free if it has an alcohol base?? Does anyone know this to be true? A lot of posts I have been looking at on here for the holidays have receipes that use vanilla extract..so I am confused.
  8. Headaches And Sleep Problems

    I have gotten pretty bad headaches being gluten free. Someone else mentioned on here it being connected to the liver. I have heard that a lot as well. There is a liver cleanse you can find directions for on the internet (it involves apple juice, epsom salts, and olive oil, its easy to goggle and you can find differen variations) that is short and not too terrible to do. It rids the body of gallstones (that sounds far fetched probably) but it really does work and has made a huge difference for me when it comes to headaches.
  9. Haha.. I saw the name of this post and I had to check it out..and when I read 'wow this stuff is FOUL' I could not help but laugh. I was SOO excited to try my first gluten free bread (I must have been high on some left over gluten in my system) and that is what I bought. Needless to say, I thought it 'wasn't that bad...maybe' but Im pretty sure I was trying to think reallly positive. I tried it a second time, and I couldnt keep it down! Very disappointing...I have however discovered some glutino english muffins that I find to be soo delicious! They are soft and squishy and taste actually good when toasted! Im still on a search for excellent bread though...
  10. I am new to being gluten free..only about two weeks in. I have been experiencing daily headaches which I imagine could be from withdrawal? Ive read about other people experiencing that sometimes too...or possibly they could be 'liver headaches' ive read...but anyway....I am new to this and I have had a few times where I have still had digestive issues after being gluten free. People talk about being 'glutened' on accident, and I wonder, is it possible that is happening to me? Or since I am so new to this I could still be experienceing symptoms from things that I ate before going gluten free? I went to a 'gluten free' restaurant last night (which was featured on the news for being so great and really careful with all their food because the owners children have celiac) and right after I had major digestive stuff, very similar to what happened to me before going gluten free. And then I wonder about the headaches too....am I possibly getting those as withdrawal symptoms? or could I be getting 'glutened' by mistake. Since going gluten free I make all my own food (in a kitchen I share with 3 other non gluties) but I am careful. And this was the first time I had eatten out since going gluten-free. I guess I am just confused. Would getting glutened really have such a strong effect on my since I have only been doing this for a little over 2 weeks? I just wonder if other people still had digestive issues after going gluten free and if that is normal, or if you think I am eatting cross-contaminated things. Thanks for all the help. *confused glutie free girl
  11. I thought cocoa pebbles had carmel coloring in it? Can't carmel coloring contain gluten? I recently tried fruity pebbles since going free, just today actually, and had some interesting digestive stuff happen. I am new to being a celiac (2 weeks) and it may be too soon to tell if it was from that, or something else. I was just recently glutened (i think?) because I had really bad stomach cramps and gas after eatting at a 'gluten free' restaurant last night, so who knows, maybe my stomach stuff was still left over from the night before. I have no idea how long 'being glutened' symptoms last..but I am not going to eat fruity pebbles again.
  12. I love love love no bake cookies. They taste the same I think, with the gluten free oats. My recipe is a little different then the one above so I thought I would add mine to the pot since I love it so much. Chocolate p.b oatmeal no bake cookies 2 cups white sugar 1/2 cup powdered baking cocoa (I prefer Hersheys) 1/2 cup milk (or soy) 1/2 cup butter or alternative 1 teaspoon vanilla 1/2 cup natural peanut butter 3 cups gluten free oats add the sugar, cocoa, milk, and butter in saucepan. Stir regularly bring to a low boil, be careful not to burn mixture. Turn heat off, add vanilla, then p.b. When peanut butter is completley melted into mixture, add oats. Set globs onto wax paper, put in fridge to chill. Use fingers to lick saucepan clean.. (optional).
  13. Thanksgiving?

    Since we are on this topic, I have read somewhere that not all turkeys are gluten-free. Has anyone heard of this, or what it means? I think it said something about butterball turkeys and the 'butterball' part uses wheat in its butter mix. I dont know much about this, has anyone else heard of having to be careful about the actual turkey purchase?
  14. Grrrr...Well I read about this happening. I just spoke with my mom for the first time about celiac disease. I sent her info over email so she could learn more about the diet I would be venturing on...so she in turn did her own research and told me that I must not have any problem with wheat because I did not have the 'gold standard" tests preformed for diagnoses. I explained how I went through enterolab, and sent her info about their tests. My tests came back positive, so I was not sure why she believed I didnt have it. She told me they were not the 'official' tests so they must not be right. I inturn let her know that those tests may be the 'official' tests, but it dosen't mean they are the most accurate. This whole conversation would have not been a problem if she would have called me sounding concerned, but that was not the case. She called me to accuse me of making it up. And then proceed to yell at me for what I was about to embark on with this diet and how I don't need to. I told her I would send her more info so she could further understand my reasoning but we ended on a bad note. I didn't think I would have this much of a problem with one of my parents. But, what are you going to do I guess. I am just frustrated with her right now and am going to have to just follow on my way without her support, which is doable, but not ideal. So, I thought I would vent here instead of taking it out on my boyfriend later, which Im sure he will appreciate. Thanks for listening to me vent.
  15. Soy Intollerance

    I am soy intolerant, er have an allergy to it...whichever, I can't eat it. However I did eat it for a very long time (I was a vegetarian for a while and ate lots of tofu) and I can attest to the D. I have found that if I eat a good amount of soy I will have D, but if I just eat a minimal amount I get an instant headache. Sometimes its mild, but its obvious it is still there. I also will get a 'sour stomach' feeling when I eat small amount. One way I found out for sure (other then being tested) that I have soy issues was when I hadn't eatten much one day and then my mom had my try this new stuff called 'soy milk' (this was a while ago before soy milk was popular) and right after I ate it I had a major reaction. For some reason soy in liquid form effects me much quicker then when its mixed in with other foods as an ingredient. Maybe if you went a day without eatting too much else and then just had some soy milk and see what happens you could know if you had a reaction more easily. Also, something that always effected me was tofu. I dont know if you have ever had it, its really not bad at all (like soft chicken) but I ALWAYS would have D that night or the next day when I had it..it took me a while to figure out what it was from though. Good luck!