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  1. There are a lot of schools that follow the new wellness policy in regards to snacks/food in class. Our school will only allow one treat per party, all other food items have to be "healthy". Usually the kids end up with fruit trays and veggie trays with dips. Have you considered being the room parent for your childs class, then you pretty much are in control of the food brought in for parties. I have 3 kids and the youngest has food allergies and celiac. He is only 3 and home with me now, but I read this site all of the time and am dreading sending him to school. I have the thought of homeschooling in the back of my mind because I'm sure the school would not approve of my standing outside his class all day. Maybe I should be remodeling my dining room into a little classroom now.............
  2. Hi, just reading some of this........its been months since I was on this website. My now 3 year old had the biopsy and it was not bad at all. I am glad we did that because this gluten free diet can be hard at times and I have confirmation with the biopsy and will just keep moving forward gluten free. Also, my husband tested positive....good luck at your appointment.
  3. I found Little Einsteins at Walmart (in Ohio) recently and called General Mills regarding food allergies. Good news was they were okay for him to eat (yahoo a cereal that does not cost $6.00 and hopefully he would actually eat it)! Bad news was they are no longer making this cereal (I think she said they still make the Dora one). But, I did pick up a box of Trix cereal and called on that one as well, I guess they changed the recipe not long ago and that one is gluten-free and okay for his allergies too! I used to try to get my kids to eat the boring raisin bran type instead of sugar colored cereals and now I am actually excited my son can have this type of treat! I think I may go back to the store and buy all the boxes of Trix on the shelf in case they stop making that as well
  4. Hi, I noticed you have a child you say as not showing signs of celiac yet. Has she been tested and if so how often do you have the test repeated? My 6 year old tested negative with the blood test, but has some of the issues I've read on this site, none of which are digestion related, but they are things I do not know the cause of and I have this fear he may have celiac and is being damaged in ways that are not showing yet because he is not gluten-free. Thanks, Laura
  5. I've just read more postings on this site and there is so much info, I really never thought about cc with plastic bowls/plates. I currently use the same for my 3 kids and only one is gluten-free. I thought I was being so careful. I wash everything in the dishwasher, but it does make sense that if the plastic is scratched, why take a chance? I worry about my son feeling like an outcast because of all the stuff he can not eat. How do I organized my already disorganized kitchen? Keeping all of his eating utensils in one cupboard makes me worry he will feel like not one of the gang. I have one nice big pantry and I keep everyone's food in there including Owen's gluten-free snacks naturally at his eye level, so shelves above contain gluten crackers/pasta, should I be worried about crumbs falling onto his unopened boxes? I must be terrible at this!
  6. I tried making a safe list and a no no list. It seemed to get out of hand. I even ordered that $30.00 binder from the celiac website, which did not help all that much. I pretty much ended up banning everything and starting from scratch. I call companies all the time to see if their product is gluten-free. A lot of them are happy to send me a list, but some will not saying they can change ingredients at any time. It actually does not take all that much time to call those 1-800 #'s and I even do it while grocery shopping. It is nice to see some "regular products" list gluten free on the packaging, like Philly Swirl pops, my son loves those!
  7. It Took One Week To Be Calm Enough To Write This

    Hey, awesome picture you have there! You should enter in a contest or get a big 8x10 of that one. Thanks for the idea!!!! This helps get my mind off FOOD!
  8. I have to agree totally. Food allergies and celiac are both subject to invasive tests and for good reason. In my eyes it is totally nonsense to eliminate a food from a child's diet unless medically necessary either by testing with a doc or parent's choice. It seems a lot of people do not have $ for hospital procedures or office visits let alone the cost of gluten-free allergen free foods. I have a toddler with multiple food allergies and celiac. They are both invasive to him and the whole family. If you are not happy with what a physician is telling you than switch. You have every right to do this. I am fortunate to live nearby to what I believe is a wonderful hospital (Rainbows in Cleveland) But it still took persistance on my part to get to the point of diagnosis. And even at the point of diagnosis for his celiac while he had the biopsy they did bloodwork for some food allergies and said that his milk allergy was now neg, which he had as an infant. I did not want to just go home and give him a big glass of milk or cheese, but made another appointment with the allergist and insisted on the skin scratch test, which was what was done originally when he was about 10 months old. It was POSITIVE so go figure. Throughout all of this a lot of mothers instinct played part, so do not ignore yours. But, if I could go back and have to decide whether or not do have my child put through to skin/blood/biopsy tests I would definitely do it again. They are invasive to a point, but he got through it better than I did!!!
  9. It is comforting to hear that there are so many others in the same boat as myself. I really feel that having to make so many diet modifications and restrictions for my little one is so well worth it because of how well he is doing now and of course for his safety. My biggie is the social aspect of all of this. I have no problem making his food from scratch (healthier anyways) we even planted a garden this year and had great results! I am even getting my quota and then some for veggies! It is just soooo hard to do everyday things like grocery shop/library/visit friends & family knowing that I have no control over who just ate a pb sandwich and smeared it all over whatever/I know I can not keep my 2 year old in a bubble(can I? ) I guess this nut allergy really does me in the most/we went to a Bday party at my sis house and she assured me no nuts would be served/of course her mom-in-law showed up with a rice dish COOKED IN PEANUT OIL. Not that I would serve him anything that I did not make, but the thought of everone eating it and peanut oil now all over everyones mouth/hands/whatever. I was close to flying out of there. He was fine, but I know I should always asume everyone/thing is contaminated so how could I ever go anywhere? My son as never eaten peanuts, but I assume the reaction would be horrific/even with the epi-pen. I guess I do need to find some sort of support group, but it seems the celiac/food allergies are either one or the other! and so far no luck finding one in my area(northeast ohio).
  10. my son is 2 1/2 and allergic to milk, eggs and peanuts so far also he has celiac. His milk allergy was diag whan he was an infant (blood in stool). His egg allergy at about 16 months we gave him 2 bites of a scrambled egg and he was one big hive (called 911 on that one) started carrying the epi pen at that point/ not long after that he started with the celiac symptoms and about a month before his pos blood test and biopsy for celiac (Feb/March 2007) we had 2 incidents when I ate pb and my husband ate a pb cup and kissed him then he had hives/itchy red eyes. He had blood test for that peanut allergy while they did the biopsy, which all turned out highly positive. I just asume if he got a lick of pb or nut it will have a really bad outcome. His celiac diag was both a relief and a horror. How could I limit more food from his diet, but he was wasting away in front of my eyes. Before celiac disease I really did not know what it was and he was starting to look prego and frothy diarrhea and pencil thin arms and legs, so skinny he did not even have any butt fat! Now he is actually looking like he has some chunck to him and so far (cross my fingers) we have not had any asthma like symptoms that we were dealing with last year. I can also say that the celiac diet is better to manage than the food allergies, but I never thought I would say that 6-7 months ago. Hopefully with regards to celiac we will not have any new concerns as long as we keep him gluten-free. What kind of nut allergy does your child have and how did you find out???
  11. anyone know of childrens flouride vitamins for people who have well water that is gluten-free???
  12. A Poo Question

    Hi, just wondering if you had any suggestions for dealing with your childs peanut allergy. My son (2.5) also has peanut, milk and egg allergy. The peanut allergy is sooo worrisome to me. He also has celiac. We found out he was allergic to peanuts after I ate pb on toast and kissed him= hives and swollen eyes/he was then blood tested for this allergy. I could easily turn into a hermit if it were not for my other kids who actually need to go out in the world. We got invited to a halloween party/outdoor bonfire type and I would love to go, but would that be endagering my son's life?! Not that he would be able to eat any food/I always have his with me/just the thought of some other child eating a pb cookie and my son touching whatever and then his mouth!!! I drive myself crazy with these thoughts, but I know I can not keep him in a bubble. I'm really beginning to hate food.
  13. Hi, anyone have children with celiac and food allergies. It seems I only find one or the other. Managing both sometimes seems so overwhelming. The food allergies make me so anxious in regards to going out in public, like even to the library.
  14. Hello, my 2 year old had a rash on his face/mouth for over a year before being diag with celiac disease. my ped told me it was from his binky/after starting his gluten-free diet we have yet to have the rash come back/and we did give up binky with no results before that. He does also have food allergies, but would get hives from eating the food he is allergic to. My gastro doc said that the rash on his mouth was def related to eating gluten. He has been gluten-free since March 2007 and has gained 8 pounds and grown sooo much taller. Not sure if this will help at all.
  15. My Poor Son!

    Hi, I have a 2 year old 7 months out from celiac diag and at that time had the whole fam tested. My husband was postive and almost fell off his chair. I wonder about my 6 year old who was neg, but the more I read and found out about celiac disease the more I seem to attribute any stomach or eating problems with this. I will get him tested again, but as for having to change his diet if that were the case it seems like it would be the hardest thing since this child will not eat any meat or veggies, but can consume 2-3 doughnuts if given the chance. As for my 2 year old I was horrified at the thought of limiting his diet since he already has allergies to milk, egg and peanuts, but now that we have been doing gluten-free for 7 months I can say that the gluten-free is not as anxiety causing for me than the food allergies and I am hoping he will outgrow the allergies and just have to deal with gluten-free. What kind of symptoms does your child have? I never realized how much any school function/holiday/sport involved food!