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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Houston, Tx - Tex Mex

    Sorry I have not been to Chuy's since being gluten free. I can recommend Freebirds Burrito - not exactly Tex Mex, but it is burrito, they are fabulous and they have an allergen menu
  2. BJ Brewery just recently added gluten free pizza to their menu. It's okay - don't think pizza of the good ole days think more like frozen pizza.
  3. Epernay Bistro Bridgeport Ct

    Thanks for the info, I'll be in the area next weekend
  4. Came back for another good one: Enjoy Life Soft baked Snickerdoodle cookies - Greatness.
  5. Uggh I just had CAESAR'S gluten-free Manicotti... Worst. thing. ever. I will 32nd the EnerG white rice bread - gag. I do, however, like the Pecan Pie Larabar - they are great. The other flavors do leave A LOT to be desired! HIGH RECOMMENDATION: Hail Merry lemon tarts at Whole Foods - FABULOUS!!
  6. Just wanted to share my experience with two Tex Mex places in Houston, TX Lupe Tortillas: I LOVED this place prior to having to go gluten free. I was so happy to find the staff knowledgeable and willing to help me. I always ask for a kitchen manager and at 3 different locations each manager has been super nice and accomodating. The chips are fried in a dedicated fryer and the fajitas are marinated in lime juice only. The managers have been more than willing to oversee my order personally, and they even heat up my corn tortillas in a separate pan away from where the flour tortillas are made and cooked. I've never had a bad experience there yet. On the other hand: Guadalajara Hacienda: I went there during a slow time when the restaurant was not at all busy. I asked for a manager when I walked in. The hostesses gave me a blank stare and then said my waiter could answer any question I might have. I asked the waiter a few questions and it was very clear he didn't have any idea of how to deal with eating gluten free. He said the chips were fine, but yes they were fried with sopapillas. Yes the fajitas were gluten free but they were marinated in soy sauce. Again I ask for the manager...the waiter disappears for several minutes and comes back to say that I should get something grilled. Still no manager and still the waiter has no idea what I can eat there...Needless to say I won't be going back and I don't recommend this restaurant to anyone else.
  7. Geographic Tongue

    It seems I have it too. WHAT NEXT
  8. Soy Intolerance

    Soy gives me some stomach and back pain. And usually has a laxative effect on me as well. I had been gluten free for a year and doing fine until one week were I consumed a significantly larger amount of soy, combined with an out of the ordinary amount of stress. I then figured out that soy was a problem for me. I am on the SCD and doing much better.
  9. Hi everyone! Just checking in, I've been MIA for a while. I managed to stay on the diet while traveling to London (except for the homemade yogurt - I blew up my fancy new yogurt maker ). The Greek yogurt was a good substitute and I didn't have any reaction to it. Now I am back in Chile, making yogurt again and eating lots of soups and feeling good. The next traveling challenge - home for Christmas! We'll be going back and forth between Texas and FL and although my family is glad I'm feeling better and totally supportive and try to be understanding, they don't really get the whole cross contamination thing. And last Christmas I was just gluten free, so they keep suggesting all these gluten-free cookies and cakes that I was able to eat last year, and I have to explain I'm doing something different now. Slowly but surely... So I am feeling better and I've lost weight - my chocolate cravings are gone which I find absolutely amazing. Before starting this diet I ate chocolate EVERYDAY. Yes really! Partly craving and partly stress/anxiety driven eating. My work is super stressful for me. Another thing that I think is related to the diet, I have a clogged pore on my side, I went to the doctor and he says, oh it's a cyst caused by a closed pore and we'll have to cut it out, it won't get better on its own. Now it's almost completely gone, that gives me hope that this is helping my body. How could it not? I am not eating anything that is even remotely bad for me. Everything is fresh and natural. I'm going to stick with it. I'm glad I stumbled onto this thread.
  10. The first time I tried them on a baking sheet - while baking all of the "goo" started to run, so I transferred them to a shallow dish. The crumble on the sides kind of stuck together, but the middle was just chopped nuts coated in honey. The next time I used the shallow dish again, forgot about them and burned them a little bit, but found they did hold together a bit better. Yesterday I used parchment paper in the shallow dish, same result, only they stuck to the paper.
  11. Almond-Honey Crisps - from BTVC - I can't get them to turn out right. They are more like Almond Honey crumbles. They're fantastic, I put them into the yogurt, but how do I make them stick together? I feel embarrassed even asking this, you guys are able to make some complicated stuff. I'm messing up the one with three ingredients!
  12. I like the Total Greek yogurt, that's actually what I got to eat yesterday. I may go and try to find another yogurt maker, then I'll probably just blow it up in Chile! I'll be here until Dec 5th. ................... Still feeling bettter - the oil is gone, but I haven't eaten any other than what's in the soup. I think I feel better and have more energy. I'm not craving chocolate every 10 seconds at least, and I've stopped eating so much honey because the cravings just aren't there. I've introduced asparagus, mushrooms and green beans, no problems. Fruits: I have eaten grapes and a few cherries, and cooked apples and pears. Today I might try some clementines. I can't believe I'm not falling over from lack of energy or craving potatoes and rice - I used to eat so much of those. The flushing red and fading white stuff seems to have subsided.
  13. Hi Everyone, I made it through the states and I'm in London - still on the SCD! No problems with the gluten free meals on the flights, I just skipped the rice and potatoes. I bought a yogurt maker, lugged the thing from the states to London and then proceeded to blow the thing up by not converting the power properly. Energy and money wasted. I'm making soup, and no yogurt - feeling great actually, despite the lack of sleep. One thing - when I go to the bathroom there is a large amount of oil floating - I haven't eaten a large amount, at least not what I thought was a lot. I've mostly eaten fruit, lean meats, steamed veggies, sometimes with butter, sometimes not. Anyone have a clue about that one??? Since I am out of the yogurt making business for tonight, can I just eat plain yogurt? Nothing is added to it...can't hurt me right, it just won't do me as much good as homemade.
  14. I understand what you mean about the illegals, I am not planning an illegal feast by any means, but if something is overlooked, or I do cave in to those mashed potatoes, what then? Back to intro? I think I don't understand how much or how little can upset the balance and cause more inflammation.
  15. Thanks Sherry, I hope so. I haven't added anything new in two days, I feel comfortable here between Intro and Stage 1. We'll see what I can come up with while traveling. Yes I think baked apples that are somewhat crisp would be okay, and steamed carrots, forgot about that...I can try and they can only make me throw them out. Security here is not like security in the states, so I may be fussing over nothing. Are there any legal gums or candies? Any kind of candy I can make with honey that would be safe? Or any products that are ready-made that I can look for while I'm in London or the states? The SCD sites seemed to be geared more to baked goods that I could order.