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  1. Hi all, I live in the uk and was diagnosed with celiac disease last august at the age of 33. I had been having stomach problems for years and always put it down to eating too fast or eating too much junk food. I have read most of your comments with great interest and although my health has improved since being on a gluten free diet. I have found that I do react more severly when I accidently take in gluten. It appears to be good that people are being diagnosed early on in Italy and that they get better care dont know as I have not been there but Portugal was quite switched on when I stayed there last year and was able to eat a wide range of food that was gluten free. In the uk however it is a differnt story when I go into Burger king or Mcdonalds and ask for a big mac or whopper meal without the bun I get strange looks and people laughing at me only on a couple of occasions have I had someone who was switched on and was ok with what I was asking for. I have also been into pubs and restuants where I have been informed that there is nothing on the menu that is suitable for a person on a gluten free diet. Its nice to know that I am not the only one who has problems trying to eat out hope my contribution is of some use to you bye for now lee ps sorry to dana g if she also gets this message I have just joined the forum and it has taken me a bit to work out how to post a message