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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    I have been misdignosed for celic disease for about 27 years and very sick all that time. Recently diagnosed Nov. 2007. Happy to know it wasn't all in my head. Maybe my family will now quit being in denial about it. I have been gluten free for 4 and 1/2 years now but still have stomach problems. I will be having different tests and will be seeing a nutritionist soon.
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  1. Does anyone know if Blue Dragon Spring Wrappers are gluten free? I have looked at the label but they don't say. I tried to find them online but their website on their pkg kept coming up with restaurants, tattoo shops, etc. Not sure if I want to try them in case they are cross contaminated, you know? Thanks!
  2. Celiac And Hypoglycemia

    Hi desparteladysaved, thanks for the quick response. It amazes me how many people have the same problems! Ha, right before I checked my e-mail I took a sip from some pineapple juice in the fridg, old habits die hard! Well got a little woozy in my head and felt strange so wasn't sure what to do so I took one of my glucose tablets and slowly but surely it worked, feeling better now. The doctor said to carry them everywhere I go. I also made some almond muffins with almond flour. Used stevia for the sweetner, it replaced the agave nectar. I also added a tb. sp of rice milk to give it some moistness. They look and smell good so I hope they work as a protein rich and fiber snack without the sugar. I also have some hard boiled eggs ready for morning as I am finding out I need to eat at least within 15 min upon waking up. Lots of steamed veggies in the fridg and some frozen blueberries. I think I too may have to just have a couple of berries at a time instead of a nice portion that I am used to. I am going to start writing everything down, test my sugar and see what bothers me.....what we have to go through!! I have a tangled small intestine which gives me alot of problems if I am not careful about what I eat. I will get infection in it and then back on antibiotics. How long have you been diagnosed with Celiac? It was back in 2002 for me. I had misdiagnosed for over 20 years. That's a long time to be sick! Well if you feel like keeping in touch , just write.... I'm living in upstate N.Y. Thanks for the feedback,
  3. Celiac And Hypoglycemia

    Hi, haven't been on this site for some time now but since I have been having the same issues as what I am reading here about everyone else, I guess I thought I would check it out. I see the posts are almost a year old but no big deal , I hope someone reads them and replys! I also suffered for years with candida and found out it was related to dairy and corn products. Same with the rashes. I also would get UTI 's frequently and it was a vicous cycle of antibiotics, and creams and depression! Wow what a rollar coaster ride it has been. I have eliminated dairy, corn most sugars. I started by doing the Eat Right For Your Blood Type which really helped me get a handle on all the symptoms I have had along with the celiac. I am now having low blood sugar attacks. I had the 3 hr. fasting glucose intolerance test in which the Dr. said after I drank the sugary liquid, my sugar went way down instead of spiking high first and then dropping. It continued to drop after that. I was sick for 2 days after that test, had a hard time recovering from it. I now have to go to an Endocronologist next week for more testing. I have changed my diet so many times, and I guess this will be one more time, but like others I have been baking with the nut flowers and using Stevia if I have to sweeten anything. I hope we all get the diet under control...... Take care and write back if you get this! Sister Golden Hair
  4. Does anyone know if Loreal , Maybelline or any other brand name lipstick is gluten free? I am really missing my lipstick. I have been using lavera lip gloss and neutrogena lip tints but they are just not the same! Thanks...
  5. I went to an allergist to see if I had enviromental allergies as I am always congested, extremly fatigued. I take all kinds of supplements but haven't been tested for food allergies like dairy, soy, etc. They said I was allergic to mold and dustmites. The doctor wants to put me on shots, an inhaler, and nasel spray. Does anyone else out there have an opinion on allergy shots for celiacs? Just curious. Thanks....
  6. Opposite Iron Issue!

    Hi, I have also had lots of problems with low vit. D, can't seem to store any iron, also very low potassium. I feel like a zombie most of the time. One day lots of energy and the next day very wore out. I guess it comes down to absorbtion of nutrients.
  7. Opposite Iron Issue!

  8. For those of you who may have acid reflux with celiac disease, do you get it so bad it feels more like you are having a heart attack? I have attacks like this now and then. I'm on perscription prilosec 40mg. 1x daily. I had a stress test 3 yrs. ago. Didn't show anything. Just had another attack Sun. p.m. and should maybe gone to the E.R. but didn't. Went to my cardiologist today though. Set up another test. So I guess I wonder has anyone with celiac have any heart problems stemming from celiac? Thanks, Sister golden hair
  9. Surprised!

    I thought I had been diagnosed with celiac back in dec. of 07. I wondered why when I would go to the doctors RN. for my check ups, ( also had other problems ) she would say, so have you been diagnosed with celiac. I thought that was a little wierd. I asked her if she could write me a letter to my insurance co. to see if I could help with groceries, as our company will do that sometimes. When I received my letter from her , it said i was suspected of celiac disease and tested positive for the following blood tests, HLA-DQB1 DQ2 DNA. Does anyone know if that means it is just an intolerance? Thanks , sister golden hair
  10. Once in a blue moon when I go out with my friends I like to do a shot. Since I am a light weight it seems Tequila Rose is a good thing for women. Does anyone know if it is gluten free. Thanks, SG
  11. Last I knew when I went to buy Lactaid it contained gluten in the ingrediants. Also the beano i bought didn't list gluten on the box where the ingredients are listed but on the inside of the bottle after I had taken 2 pills I noticed the wheat listing. I too had cramps. I guess we really have t be careful and read everything! Sistergoldenhair
  12. How Far Between Exposure & Dh Breakout?

    i also blister usually in about 15 min to 1hr. Watch table salt or anything with iodine in it , I have heard celiac people are sensitive to iodine. sistergoldenhair
  13. I Have Finally Decided To Supplement

    hi paula, sistergoldenhair here. Who told you to take all those supplements? No offense it just seems to be a strange combination of things. Be careful of acidic things. If you are taking the apple cider vinegar for your stomach and it doesn't seem to be working, maybe try a good enzyme supplement to break down the foods that you eat. Also are you on a gluten free diet now? Are you taking the pau d-arco for candida? And as for mouth sores , try a nice mouthwash made with warm water, salt , clove oil, tea tree oil and if you can find a liquid co-q10. They will help heal the sores and stop some of the pain you may have. I am not a doctor but have been through the mill with this disease. Let me know if you have any questions? My e-mail is dipete2@gmail.com How old are you?
  14. Chubby In N.y.

    I have been on a gluten free diet for close to 5 years now and was diagnosed in Dec. 07. I find i gain weight much easier by eating gluten free foods . Does anyone know if there is a special diet for celiacs to use as a guidline such as carb counting or calories. I really don't snack much and am a very healthy eater. It is very hard to get my weight down. Any suggestions ? Even if I exercise I notice I don't lose weight very fast and it is hard to build muscle. I am also having stomach problem again and have to have some more tests done. Thanks for input, sistergoldenhair
  15. hi , sistergoldenhair here. Wow i have had the same problem. I was so tired I thought I was going to die. Started to wonder about my own adrenal system. I have worked with herbs and supplements for years and have learned alot. I take a formula called "End Fatigue" Adrenal Stress-End. It is made by Phyto Pharmica. There is no gluten, soy, dairy, sugar, salt, artificial flavorings or preservatives in this formula. Everything is natural. Has vit. D, C, B6, Betaine L-Tyrosine, Licorise , Adrenal Polpeptide Fractions, mmmm, yummy and Adrenal Crtes Extract, mmm more yummy stuff! I don't know how you feel about digesting glandular organs but I was at the end of my rope. They are derived from Bovine source. Here is the whole address, no phone# on the bottle. Phyto Pharmica, Div.of Intergrative Therapeutics , INC, Green Bay, WI 54311 Hope this helps! Take care sgh