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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Freaking Out

    Hi everyone! Lola had her biopsy today and everything went great. Her doctor said her bowel looked normal but he is still waiting for the biopsy results for the complete diagnosis. Then he wants to make sure his colleague (sp?) agrees with his diagnosis. I thought that was cool. He is getting a second opinion for me. That's one thing good about living in Jacksonville..being real close to Nemours Childrens Clinic. He even gave me pictures of her stomach, bowel and rectum. All nice and pink...but pretty gross. I will touch base with you all when I find out the results on Thursday. Brooke Florida
  2. Freaking Out

    Sincerest thanks for all the support again, guys. I feel a little more in control. I will let everyone know how the biopsy turns out. I need your prayers though. I still freaking out about the whole "putting her under" thing. I'm will try to pysch myself up until Friday. Brooke
  3. Freaking Out

    Thanks for the suggestions! But I think I didn't make myself clear on my last post. My daughter has had the blood test done. 2 out of 3 came back abnormal. We are now going to do some diagnostic testing (biopsy) next Friday. Her doctor is from England and is very familiar with the disease. I'm relieved to find so many people with the same questions. And so many people with intelligent answers. But to answer some questions: No, she can't have any tree nuts. Unless I shell them. And all of the rice cheeses I have came across have Casien (a milk protein) in them. Plus I believe Oscar Mayer hot dogs are a no no also. They have a milk by product in them as well. But thank you all for your help..I am sure I will have more questions.
  4. My daughter is two and she has diary, egg and peanut allergies. She suffers from possible anaphalaxsis (spell?) with peanut. AND she is soy intolerant. Now she just had blood work done and has Celiac Disease. She goes for a biopsy next week to find out for sure. My question is are there any yummy recipes out there for my poor little girl. My dinner recipes are getting between slim and none. And slim left town as of Tuesday.
  5. I am in need of some serious support. Two months ago my daughter had allergy testing and is allergic to dairy, eggs and peanuts. After going to soy milk her typical three a day poop got worse so now she is soy intolerant. I finally got someone to listen to me (her nutritionist) about her constant diarreha. So she went to a gastrointerologist and now she may have Celiac Disease. She goes for her diagnostic testing as soon as they call for a date to go. WHAT IS MY CHILD GOING TO EAT NOW???? I feel so sorry for my little girl she gone a 1 1/2 with constant poops (2-3 a day). Her peditrician said I was giving her too much juice. I feel like sticking my foot in his butt. Is there anyone out there with all these diet restrictions? Or some of these at least? Thanks.