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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. i have to back on my gluten-free diet and im looking to goto my local health food store and stack up on some things. can anyone reccomend some great things to pick up? is there a list on here with the best bagels, cereals, muffin mixes, etc?
  2. can anyone reccomend an AWESOME gluten-free bagel, bread or english muffin?
  3. i just had this bloodwork done and im wondering how accurate it is. my allergist/immunologist said its very sensitive.
  4. Had My 'hive' Biopsied Today!

    my doctor removed 2 hives from my leg today to test for DH. how accurate is the test and how 'new' do the hives have to be in order for the test to be accurate? im asking bc he took 2. he took one itchy welt that was new from yesterday and an old one that looked like an ingrown hair of sorts.
  5. has anyone ever done this to test for a gluten or wheat sensitivity?
  6. bumping. can anyone offer thoughts?
  7. if it says less than 0.35 for gluten, that means i'm not allergic to it, right? what are IGM levels and is there anyway to tell what IGE levels are actually causing reactions? i went to an allergist and he told me i was allergic to apples and bananas and i'm not.
  8. here were the results from last weeks bloodtest: igg - 1307 (normal range 700-1600) iga - 194 (normal range 70 - 400) IGM and IGE came back red: IGE - 331 (normal is under 25 IGM - 234 (normal is between 40 - 230) gluten - <0.35 (normal is 0.00 - 0.35)
  9. Wine And Gluten?

    i just want to know WHAT causes the hives. doesnt food that have wheat in it always contain gluten as well? so a positive IgE DOES mean an allergy, right?
  10. Wine And Gluten?

    I had an elevated IgE for wheat. Does that mean I am allergic? My doctor told me it was 'tricky.' that i tested negative for wheat but positive IgE for wheat. doesn't that mean im allergic to wheat?
  11. Wine And Gluten?

    its a wine from italy.
  12. Wine And Gluten?

    ive been trying very hard to get to the bottom of my hives and it seems they aren't going away; this is with a gluten-free diet of a week. i know it's only a week but i generally see vast improvement. i've been drinking a cheap wine and was wondering if it had wheat in it. i tried to google it but they dont have a website.
  13. Wine And Gluten?

    then why does whole foods sell, 'gluten free wine?' the only reason i ask is because i saw it at whole foods, then googled it and it said it could.
  14. 1. does wine contain gluten? 2. i've been gluten-free for about a week now and STILL breaking out in hives. i am now wondering if it's this red wine i drink a couple a nights a week. 3. how do i know if the wine i drink has gluten? i looked online and it says some wines contain gluten.
  15. The Hives Are So Bad

    this was this morning. now they are red, and look like little bumps that i picked open.