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  1. I've been going to the doctor since January. He diagnosed me with IBS, and told me to watch my diet and take Fiber supplements. He really didn't do any tests and hasn't been much help. I had a upper GI and it didn't show anything. Now about a month ago, I started getting sores in my mouth, and the doctor told me it was glossitis or geographic tongue. I'm beginning to wonder if I have Celiac Disease. I've also been having muscle twitching or twitching under my skin where I can actually see my skin moving. I also sometimes get dizzy when I lie flat down on my back, sometimes it feels like the room is spinning. I've been more tired than usual, and sometimes I get slight muscle cramping, and tingling in my feet especially when doing yoga. At first I thought all this was in my head, but now I don't think so. Why do you guys think?