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  1. hey- i need to get an endoscopy pretty soon, and i have to say that i am a little freaked out. i have heard that you are completely put under, but i have also heard that you are just given stuff so you wont feel it, which i definitely dont think i could handle. whats the whole procedure like? is it painful? thanks! oh ya, and i have one more question, do any of you have thyroid problems? i have recently been told i need to have my blood tested for thyroid problems. i was just wondering if this is common in celiacs. thanks!
  2. hey everyone. im 14 years old and have just recently been told i tested positive for having the antibodies related to celiac. im going to get the throat thingy, and lately ive just been really depressed about the whole thing, no matter what i do. 1 weird thing is, ive never had any of the physical symptoms. the only thing is that im tired more than normal, and thats why my brother suggested me gettin my blood tested, to see if im anemic. i was a tiny bit iron-defficient, and i know that thats related to celiac. 2 other people in my family have celiac, my older brother and sister, so im very familiar with the diet and everything. i never really thought of it as a big deal until i realized that i could possibly have this disease, and that it could change the rest of my life. if anyone has any words of encouragement or advice i would love to hear from you! thanks.