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  1. Hi all I've only just found this site, and it seems really helpful. I've read through quite a few posts regarding test results, but after a while everything starts to merge together in my head. I've just had some blood work back and I'm not sure what it means, nor does my local doctor - and I don't see my specialist for a month (for various biopsies). Basically my results show a low Ab IgA (<11) and a low Ab IgG (<11) and a low transglutaminase Ab (<5). At the bottom of the test it says "GLIAD: Low transglutaminase Ab suggests non-specific raised" I have no idea what this means. My usual doctor is away at the moment but has been helping me with my symptoms for the past 5 months. Since getting ill I have had various symptoms but both of us are sure it is NOT celiacs - mainly because I've actually put on weight (dramatically) and cutting out wheat, and then gluten, from my diet has not really helped. I'm booked in to hospital in a month, this has been speeded up as I have now developed anaemia, with my FBC level continuing to fall. Obviously at the moment my stomach symptoms are affected by the treatment I'm taking for my anaemia, but hopefully that will settle down. I'm sorry for writing so much - I just really don't know what is going on. I'm sure it is all fine, but just wondered if anyone knew what the tests meant, or had had similar experiences. If it is not Celiacs (which I think is definitely the case) what could it be?!! Thank you so much