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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Blood test came back negative. I'm going to find a GI specialist and get them to start running tests.
  2. Thanks again for your reply! Unfortunately I have to have a higher intake of sodium in my diet. I also have epilepsy and the medication I take for that lowers my blood sodium levels. I just left a message at my doc's office. I hope they call me back today.
  3. Still feel terrible tonight. I had some corn chips (no wheat warning on it, so I assume it's safe) and water. I felt 100% after having those. Fast forward about 2hrs I hade a huge glass of gatorade and after that I feel miserable.....dizzy, nauseous, feel like passing out. What the heck would make me sick from gatorade??? I am pissed. I went through all this getting sick stuff 4 years ago. It took me a while to figure out that I was lactose intolerant and then there have been MANY times where there was unknowningly dairy in something I ate and would make me sick. I really don't want to go through all this again in order to narrow down what is wrong with me!
  4. 2 days later I'm feeling worse. While I haven't had diarrhea like I normally do, now I feel bloated and have not had any stools since being sick on Monday. Also, after every meal I'm becoming VERY dizzy and nauseous. Today I felt like I was going to faint about 1hr after eating. My stomach has also felt really weird, almost like it's churning. It hasn't been painful, just feels like it's definitely not normal. I've also noticed a lack of appetite the past few days. How long did it take to get results back from blood tests? I hate the waiting game.
  5. Hey all. I just saw my doctor yesterday and she suspects this or possibly ulcerative colitis. I became lactose intolerant about 4 years ago at the age of 22. Since then, I have greatly modified my diet to cut out all dairy and have been doing great on very specific and plain foods. Fast forward to about a month to 45 days ago I am now becoming regularly sick on what used to be those safe foods. For example, this weekend I got sick from snacking on pretzels and a soda. Yesterday morning oatmeal made me sick. These are foods that I've had countless times and know for sure that they do not make me sick. I'm also getting sick from plain turkey sandwiches that I have at lunch. It's very frustrating to be going through this uncertain period like I did 4 years ago before I narrowed down the problem to lactose intolerance. I feel like my entire food world has been turned upside down and have no clue what to eat any more. My doctor took a ton of blood yesterday and I should have the results within a week or so. Is endoscopy really necessary? Also a biopsy? I'd really like to avoid those!!