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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Thanks again for the input, it's good to know other Celiacs are using it. I do tolerate soy, contrary to popular belief on this forum. I'm curious as to the ppm in the soy sauce now... I suppose this has become my pet project for a few days. Anyone else have experience with it?
  3. I agree that quality vitamins (especially for Celiacs) and wholesome foods make a big difference in how one's body works. As for the Mangosteen - it's 30 calories in 1 oz - which means the D you get from it is probably osmotic. Coke has 11 calories per oz, for some comparison. Antioxidants are a great thing, but remember companies like these that market themselves under the "Supplement" category aren't regulated by anyone. They don't even have to keep their products consistent, and typically don't claim ingredients correctly. BE CAREFUL.
  4. I appreciate the advice and thought. I'm a dietitian and I keep a food record, every day, of exactly what I eat (anal I know). But it comes in handy in times like these. I tolerate wheat-free tamari (had some about a week ago in fact) without issues at all. Soy-based and corn-based products are the staples of my diet. Nothing I ate that day was anything I had not had before, on a regular (daily) basis - and 90% of it was from a package or something that had already been open, so that means the batch did not contain gluten. I reacted within an hour of eating the soy sauce - that's typical for me. That said, I have found 3 other posts dating back to 2005 that had issues with wal-mart brand soy sauce. It's fishy, to say the least. I'm waiting to see what Corporate Wally has to say.
  5. I wouldn't go on a Casein-free diet until you have given the gluten-free diet a solid 3 months. It takes your intestines that long to completely heal. Lactose might be something to consider, though, only if you are noticing difficulty digesting dairy products. This may or may not resolve once your intestines are healed. I agree it could be contamination with the Quaker products. Also, bratwurst is notoriously high in fat. Fat is the first thing that is malabsorbed when intestinal damage is present.
  6. The labeling laws for listing wheat on the food label are mandated by the U.S. FDA. In New Zealand, different rules may apply. I have never heard of issues with vanilla extract.
  7. Dextrose is a type of sugar and is not a gluten-containing ingredient. Dextrins and maltodextrins used to be of concern, but they are typically corn-based now, especially when manufactured in the U.S. Natural flavorings, as well as most other ingredients, should be safe if the label does not claim wheat ingredients - this is mandated by law. It might look like this: Pork, Corn Syrup Solids, Natural Flavorings (Wheat), ....etc This might be helpful http://www.celiac.com/articles/182/1/Unsaf...ents/Page1.html
  8. Just made a Thai Pork Noodle Bowl with our "cool new find" the great value soy sauce. This is the worst reaction I've had in a while. I eat soy ALL the time, so I can vouch, at least for me, that it is not that. Perhaps we should contact Great Value.... I'm very disappointed as I have never had trouble with GV brand before either --- although they label things that should be gluten-free anyway...
  9. Shampoo/conditioner

    I concur with the other responses. I bought a giant economy bottle before I was diagnosed (last summer) and was still using it. Well, I had this nausea that just wouldn't quit for a few months. I went on a tear through my bathroom and found 9 products that had oat or wheat. Once I got rid of those I felt better in a few days. Based on the articles I've read, skin absorption of gluten is not real, though some may have other opinions on that. But, like angle and darlindeb said, you'd be surprised how many times a day your hand makes it into your mouth. I.e. do you wash your face after you wash your hair? Do you ever feel the shampoo run down your face? I think we've all had that bitter taste of shampoo/soap in our mouths at some point where you have to spit and rinse, yes? I came home the other day, kissed my boyfriend, and was told my lips tasted like hand sanitizer (which I use at work). So it happens... Can't be too careful.
  10. Marathon Training Help

    Just a note - Ferrous Sulfate is the most easily absorbed form of iron. Best of luck!!!
  11. I just read an article in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association that discussed the shortcomings of two types of "highly sensitive" R5 ELISA assays. I'll provide more detailed info should anyone want it, but for those who are very sensitive to gluten, I would completely avoid anything that is derived from a gluten ingredient and rendered gluten-free. Why not be safe? If you are not highly sensitive, then consuming <5-10 ppm will likely not cause a reaction. There's no evidence to support this concern, but I wonder how much damage celiacs are doing without realizing it. I.e. is consuming 5-10 ppm every now and then an issue even without a reaction? Regardless, though, I think in reality most of us couldn't be much more strict. Back to the assays, they are developing a new one that can address the shortcomings of the old ones. If I recall correctly, the only shortfall was the ability to measure barley accurately (which was cited to be of most concern with determing if oats are not contaminated) and the protein fraction in ingredients derived from wheat such as dextrins (not maltodextrin).
  12. You might think about taking a multivitamin for women. There are some vitamins that are scarce to get in a diet outside of grains. Glad you are feeing better!
  13. I remember hearing about that!! Any news on when and where?
  14. Lol - gfp you sure go on some tears! I think richard might have been referring to the cheese bought in grocery stores, not that found in restaurants. Just a guess, though. Things may be slightly different in Hawaii than I'm used to in Texas. I know the labeling laws are the same, but manufacturers may differ. Though they may not. Something you might want to look into Lost? Other than that, I agree with the cross contamination consensus. I've also seen wheat starch in enchilada sauces and very cheap refried beans. A good rule of thumb is to not eat out/eat food you haven't prepared unless it's specifically gluten-free or you are in the position to verify all ingredients and preparation procedures. Otherwise, like myself , you will gluten yourself from here to kingdom come. Sorry you got so sick!! BTW...I tested negative, too. But here I am : ).
  15. Glutened By A Sloppy Drunk!?

    That's by far the most terrible gluten experience.......... Gosh I'm sorry! The closest I've come is kissing someone that drank beer - got a little sick from it. The stuff is potent. Hope you feel better soon!