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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'm not currently on a high-fiber diet because a lot of it consisted of gluteny stuff. But I was eating a whole lot of beans and some whole grains--a lot of brain and whole wheat. Also, fruits and veggies, which I am of course still eating. The high fiber diet doesn't seem to affect me negatively--it just doesn't clear up my symptoms. Only fiber supplements seem to make a dent in my symptoms. The whole oat thing seems very complicated! I suppose I will just keep it out of my diet until I figure out if the gluten-free thing is working for me.
  2. I don't have celiac disease--I tested negative while on a regular (well, dairy-free) diet. BUT I thought I might still have a gluten sensitivity. I'm trying to figure out if gluten is causing my "IBS" symptoms. And I'm CONFUSED. Because although my doctor thinks I should try a gluten-free diet just to see if that is what is causing me problems, there are only two things that I have found make my "IBS" or whatever it is less terrible: a dairy-free diet (which I am still maintaining) and fiber supplements. The one fiber supplement that I've found that works for me cotains oat bran. I've heard mixed things about how oat bran affects gluten-sensitive people, so I haven't been taking the fiber supplement. So far, I've been on a very strict and careful gluten free diet for a week with zero improvement in my symptoms. In fact, I think I do much better (although still not all that great) when I just take a lot of fiber supplements (although I do NOT see improvements when on a very high fiber diet--it has to be the supplements). Has this happened to anyone else? Does my improvement while on fiber supplements containing oat bran mean I'm NOT gluten senstive? And most importantly, should I be seeing results already from a gluten free diet or should I maintain the diet for longer? How long should I try to maintain the diet?