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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I eat the plain potato chips cause I'm allergic to milk and all but the plain have whey in them. And according to the allergist I'm not allergic to any oils. Someone mentioned that potato chips might be dipped in sulfites but I couldn't find any mention of that on google. What a mystery this is! lol
  2. Does anyone have any idea why I would get sinus infections when I eat potato chips. I can eat fried potatoes at home just fine. It says there's nothing in the bag but oil and potatoes. I have been really sick with sinus pain, runny nose and when I stopped the potato chips I got better. I ate the chips cause they seemed like the safest. I have been allergy tested and I'm not allergic to potatoes. Thanks!
  3. She says they aren't itchy though but very painful. When she lived at home, her feet would be so cold , we were always trying to find ways to warm them up. I think I have Erythromelalgia which is a step up from Raynauds but I've never had sores on my toes.
  4. My daughter has Hashimoto's and she's away at college and emailed me, saying that her toe is killing her. She sent me a photo of it and it doesn't look that bad but cell phone images are sometimes not accurate. Previously her little toe was red and swollen and still is I think but now she is getting little sores on the top of her toes that are very painful. I've had my share of odd autoimmune things going on but never that. I'm coming here just in case someone else might've had something similar. I know it's a long shot because I did a google search and all I found was chillblains and because of the Hashimoto's her feet are chilly but she swears her feet have not been cold even though we are in the single digits. Thanks so much!
  5. I think because I'm allergic to dairy I cannot take enzymes that have lactase in them because I can take Pancreatin without any problems which digests proteins, starches and fats, so I am happy that FINALLY my problem is solved! So sharing this in case it helps someone else. :-)
  6. No pineapple doesn't bother me.
  7. So I did try the digestive enzymes with food. One time I didn't vomit although my stomach wanted to, the next I vomited. So no more enzymes for me. Both times I ate a big meal and still I vomited. It feels like it's burning in my stomach so not sure why I cannot take them. It's very disappointing.
  8. I have a lot of muscle weakness...my muscles are disintegrating basically. I read that SIBO can cause problems with digestion of fatty acids and amino acids and I see bits of stuff not digested in the BM so figured it would be a good idea. When reading about how to heal the gut, they say that adding in a digestive enzyme is a good idea too.
  9. lol Gemini that's not a dumb question. I used to take some digestive enzymes and they said that if you take them between meals it digests inflammation so I didn't take them right away after I ate...so that might be it. The company, I just talked to them, said to open up the pill and take a smaller amount. However, right now I'm afraid to take them, after spending a couple hours vomiting last night. But it did feel like my stomach was burning....so you might have the clue to my mystery...hehe When I get up the nerve to try these again, I will do so but I wonder how I would be able to take a smaller portion..unless I sprinkle it on my food.
  10. I know this is an old post but I bought Digest Gold and it makes me vomit everytime I take them. I also did the same thing with a Garden of Life Product...So I am stumped trying to figure out why. It takes several hours before it happens but this is the second time I tried to take them.
  11. The biopsy said it definitely was not shingles.
  12. I wish I knew what a biopsy of DH showed if it wasn't taken adjacent to the rash area. I tried to google that lol but didn't work. I agree with you...They don't want anyone being smarter than they are. The minute I mentioned a diagnosis, they shut me out completely.
  13. I got the results of the biopsy. She said it was a food allergy of some sort. sighs............ When I know what foods I'm allergic to and hadn't eaten anything that I tested positive for. So that's the end of that. At least I was right, it wasn't shingles. Cheryl
  14. I'm sure it was a relief when you figured out it wasn't cancer. That's kinda neat yours was an identical, mirrored image, did a doctor get to see that? Mine sorta looked like braille dots on one side of my torso and poison ivy every where else. I always have to be different so the docs have no clue. lol Cheryl
  15. I would've died if mine had been identical on both sides...yikes! For years I thought I had poison ivy too, and just found out those are not poison ivy plants but boxelder saplings around my yard. And when the rash would show up somewhere else the next day and the day after, I thought I was somehow spreading the poison ivy. I did discover that very hot tap water was the only way to get any relief from the maddening itch but it works although drastic. Cheryl