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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Learning Curve

    It will get better! Having been sick/misdiagnosed for 10 years, it is taking me a while too! I am so thankful that I can think (by that I mean that the brain fog has lifted) and believe me the day will soon come that you spend much less time in the bathroom! Now, I'm gaining weight and actually having to monitor my calories and what I eat because I'm actually gaining weight!! I never thought I would have that problem. If you are reading about celiac, you know that the depression and "blues" are par for the course. I am now learning where in the realtively small town that I live in I can eat out safely. Not being able to go out to eat or even have a few drinks was a major bummer for me. If you are really depressed to the point that you are crying and having a miserable time, maybe you should talk to your dr about that. There are mild antidepressants that can help you get through this if needed, and no you will not be the first person with celica who has had to go there!! learning that you have to live gluten free and dairy free in your case, is much like dealing with loosing someone that you love. I thought I was crazy when i was feeling so sad when I was first diagnosed. It was like I was trying to cope with the loss of a family member...then I logged onto this site and realized that it is something that almost all of us have delt with! Hang in there, I promise better days are headed your way!!
  3. Kidney Stone Or Gluten ?

    I have been having these achey feelings too. Mostly back pain for me. I am also low in vit D and calcium. My doc has me on supplements now to help. I have been having horrible constipation now (i'd honestly rather have the 'D" than this), nutritionsit says most likely due to taking these supplements. I am beginning to wonder if I am intolerant to soy. I had gluten-free stir fry the other night and have had this achey feeling since then. I feel like I'm getting a cold/flu and it mostly hurts in my back. I never really thought that I could have been glutened (I did have a milkshake the other day and could have been glutened) or it could be the soy that I am reacting to!? I can tell you that I have had the pain similar to kidney stones and had none. I;ve had stones before, so I know what that feels like...it's hell! My kidneys were functioning poorly at the time I was dx'd with celiac. I was made to drink massive amounts of water while in the hosp. and given iv fluids. You really may want to have your doc check that out just to be safe..it is nothing to play around with and can be very serious if left alone too long!!
  4. Restaurant Frustration

    I am having a really hard time too with the situation that you are describing. It always seems to happen around lunches or dinners associated with work and I am given hardly any consideration as to where we eat. Sometimes it can really get to me when I have to be the odd one out, eating something different at family and work functions. Then when someone offers you cake and you say, Sorry I'm not able to eat that, they just look at you like one peice of cake wouldn't kill you. Perhaps it wouldn't, but it would make me wish I were dead if I ate it! Sometimes it makes me so say watching everyone else eat the things I would love to be able to have. For me the psychological aspect of sitting there even eating my own stuff is hard. I opted out of thankigiving with my significant other's family because I knew that I was not ready for it yet! You could sneak stuff in you purse, like someone above suggested if you felt comfortable doing that. Maybe you could give your newly licensed coworker a choice of a few places that you know it's safe for you to eat out at and the two of you can celebrate on your own. Most non celiacs just don't seem to understand what we go through when we are glutened and in your case you have other restrictions added to your "medical nutrition therapy" (that's what my nutritionist tells me to say because you get no respect using the word diet!) Good luck with your decision:)
  5. Celiac Disese "bible"

    I have the Gluten Free Grocery Shopping Guide 2007 ed. They produce one each year. It will give you brand name foods that are safe for us to have. it is pocket size and very easy to shop with. it has helped me a lot and was well worth the purchase price. FYI, if you have a WalMart super center near you, they well clearly denote when the great value brand of products are gluten-free...I've saved tons of money shopping there! Thank God I am not sensitive to dairy. Be cautious of fat free dairy products as they may have fillers that contain gluten. Otherwise most dairy products should be ok as long as your system is able to tolerate it:) Good luck to you!
  6. Yet Another celiac disease Question

    I don't really know that I can agree with classifying celiac as a spectrum disorder. My understanding, and I am newly diagnosed too so please correct me if I'm wrong, is that any amount of gluten is "posion" to someone with celiac disease. Are there people out there who are diagnosed who can actually tolerate certain amounts of gluten in a safe manner? I can say from my work in the mental health area that I have worked with parents of autistic children who go gluten free. I know some children with autism who are doing much better as a result of no Gluten. Especially in the area of concentration or attending to tasks. I wonder if children and adults with ADD, ADHD would fair better in that area if they went gluten-free. I can say that I was having a tremendous amount of brain fog and just unable to think at the time I was diagnosed and first came out of the hospital. Thank goodness I am doing so much better now! I would say as far as brain power goes, I'm better able to concentrate and think than I have ever been!!! I will have my first visit with a nutritionist on Monday. I am looking for better ways to snack and how to eat out safely?? I am putting on weight (20lbs since my hospitalization). It's a good thing, but now that my body is able to absorb nutrients, I am actually going to have to watch what I eat!! Did anyone else deal with that and did you feel like you could just not eat enough? What did you do turn things around?
  7. I have found it easy to shop gluten free at walmart!! when the Great Value aka walmart brand is gluten free it will be clearly labeled as such near the bottom of the ingredients label!! The Great Value soy sauce is gluten-free! I shop for all I can find at walmart, even though I hate to fight with the crowd there. It has saved me $$, so I take those savings to splurge for the things I like in specialty stores:)
  8. Probiotic Help........

    I use Flora-Q. I have been doing well with it and my dr wants me to take it 2'xs daily for the next few months. I think once daily is the normal dose. It's pretty easy to get at almost any drugstore. you don't need a prescription but they keep it behind the counter at the Wal-Mart pharmacy I use. Good luck. Can you tolerate gluten-free yogurt? That can help too!
  9. Probiotics

    I use Flora-Q. Due to some nasty stuff I had going on, I am taking it 2x's daily per my dr's orders. It is an OTC drug. Seems to really be helping me:)
  10. I was able to find an awesome toaster oven that also has 2 slots for regurlar toast. That's the only appliance I have in the kichen that is designated for me ONLY, since I am the only celiac in the house! But we all must be careful with the wooden stuff, many do not think about rolling pens and even flour sifters have residue that just won't seem to be gone. Anyone who does a lot of baking may get a new set that will be safe. keep stuff like that and your new collander in a cabinet that's designated a no wheat zone:)
  11. How Much Weight Can I Lose?

    Lost another 15...what does your dr say about this!? I only seem to be able to gain about 1lb per week and am 2 weeks into my dx. as you said those "trips" have stopped, thank God! I am slowly learning to love gluten-free breads that I am baking, only the easy recipes. I really do think that is what is helping with those extra couple of pounds I have gained. I also believe that I am having trouble tolerating artificial sweetners, so any sodas that I have had are the real deal. Ditto on the sweet T (I'm a southern girl)! Good luck with your weight gain, but it seems if the trips have stopped you should at least be gaining a little weight? I would be asking my dr about that??
  12. Leg Weakness

    sharon, I have had thie feeling too and an a newly diagnosed celiac. I just feel sometimes like my feet, well basically like you say from the knees down are not going to hold me up. Especially true near the end of the day or if I have been out shopping/running errands. I have not made it back in the gym yet. I just know that I'm not strong enough for that. I guess our newly diagnosed bodies are malnourished. I know that with my weight loss, my dr says that I have lost muscle mass. Don't know if that's true for you!? I am also having cramps in my hands, feet and calves from lack of potassium (despite the fact that I eat 1-2 bananas daily and am taking potas. tablets along with my multivit.) Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in your symptoms!! Teri
  13. I was just diagnosed with celiac disease last week during my very first (an 8 day) stay in the hospital. I had never even heard of celiac until after my endoscopy confirmed that I have it and Barrett's esophagus. I am so malnourished, even after a transfusion, many IV's potassium, calcium and all the other things that were supposed to pep me up in the hospital. I still feel tired and run down! Now I'm on more vitamins and medications than my Grandmother is! I am concerned that I am taking so many things that cause can constipation that I may not be able to tell if I have eaten something unsafe. I am also having the wierdest feeling in my head. I'm often dizzy, having headaches and just can't concentrate/seem to get my brain to work at times. How concerned do I need to be with cross contamination? Do I really need to get rid of the pots and pans that are in my kitchen?? Please anyone give me some words of wisdom on how to begin to tackle all of this!