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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you to both of you! When Simon was 2 months old he developed severe rashes that by 6 months had been linked to food allergies- dairy and egg. He had wheat for the first time at 12 months- birthday cake- and of course it was constantly introduced after that .....and over the next six months was sick with "stomach bugs" that never completely healed on 3 week cycles. He lost weight but it was hard for the doc to be concerned because although he had been in 10Oth percentile he was still in 80th percentile. He was a good nurser still and did not get dehydrated but had the distended belly and constant tummy upset. Our doc checked w/ the allergy doc who said Simon had not tested positive for a wheat allergy and it was not likely food related. But at the scheduled followup visit and "recheck" of allergies wheat and rye revealed themselves as allergens. We did a blood test that was "absolutely positive" and stopped gluten in any form. After 2 days the diarrhea slowed and vomiting ceased. After a few weeks the belly went to a normal shape. After a month Simon was eating us out of house and home! And for 2 well checks now he has gained "weight but not height". This summer he has SPROUTED up tall. He is happier, sleeps better, is learning and talking quickly,and healthy!!! I appreciate your input on the age thing! Crystal
  2. I have heard if one is diagnosed young they are extremely sensitive. My son was diagnosed w/ Celiac at 18 months. THe doc mentioned this and I have heard it again from somewhere, but cannot locate any info. THe thing is that he was sick w/ vomiting and diarrhea and distended painful belly while on wheat/gluten products. But he was never hospitalized for it. I have heard many tell of that experience.....Anyone know of resources or research that discusses sensitivity or severity of disease related to age of diagnosis??
  3. Our First Dining Disaster!

    Hey! I saw a restaraunt card on gluten free pantry's website...www.gluten free.com Hope you can find it!
  4. There is so much to learn here! I have read controversial things about Gelatin, Millet and Oats.....maybe some other stuff too I cannot think of right now, but anyhow, it is my 1 year old child I have to choose for not me so I am VERY concerned about what he eats. Can anyone tell me about a definitive and exhaustive source for safe and forbidden foods? I have read the info on Celiac.com. Thank you.
  5. Modified Corn Starch

    I wonder the same thing about modified corn starch but primarily because it was in a food I gave my son who is celiac and he reacted. Hmmm....maybe it was something else in it that he reacted to?