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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I sell Avon (well really just buy for myself at this point) so I have access to Avon's site for a list of ingredients and I can call them (well really anyone can). If you have a list I can look it up for you to get the ingredients if that helps any. I use their products and have no problems. I know some of their things do list wheat..so obviously I don't use that. Just trying to help..let me know!
  3. I actually have never had a chance to post on here yet, although I've been sucking up loads of knowledge (thanks!) for a few months now. Just wanted to add in that if there is a Shoprite near any of you they have a deli meat line called Black Bear. It's a really good quality and all of it is gluten free. My mother ordered 2 different meat/cheese platters for Christmas for the whole family (I was busy away in the kitchen making the gluten-free rolls,lol) and they really went out of there way to make sure everything was perfect. They sent a list of all the ingredients (just wanted us to personally check it), made sure the slicers were thoroughly sanitized (yeah, they suppose to be anyway but it was nice to hear), and was on the phone with my mother several times to make sure everything was ok. And it was great to know that my kids, me and the hubby didn't have to cook a whole spread for everyone and were safe to eat away. We are so extremely satisfied with them! Just thought I'd pass along the goodness..